When it needs to be cleaned, simply remove the fill and wash and dry the cover in your household machines. However, the strap is elastic and adjustable enough to secure on most chairs with backrests measuring up to 17 inches wide. It’s ideal if you need just a little extra padding for your chair. If you’re a multiposition sleeper, the best pillow for you might have softer and firmer sections, or one that’s lower in the center (for back sleeping) and higher on the sides (for side sleeping). The lumbar support pillow medical grade memory foam offers the correct balance of comfort and support… Buy top selling products like MyPillow® Roll & GoAnywhere™ Travel Bed Pillow and Tempur-Pedic® Travel Lumbar Support Pillow. There are a couple drawbacks to memory foam to keep in mind, namely that it can have an initial odor and tends to retain heat. These activities may strain the muscles and ligaments in the back. It is a fact that SI joint pain comes as a result of poor alignment of the spine. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Ecosa Pillow has an ergonomic shape that supports the head and neck. The woven cover feels thick and durable, too, and the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee should you have an issue with the pillow down the line. This allows you to rest comfortably on your side with your neck slightly elevated and your shoulders aligned with the spine, which can alleviate pain and pressure points in these areas as well as the back and hips. There are multiple factors that can cause back pain, and consulting with a doctor is an important step in determining a treatment plan and finding relief. Photo: Michael Hession. The fill of the pillow includes natural kapok fibers, harvested from the seeds of the kapok tree. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Each shopper has unique needs, which should be accommodated by the right pillow. I found it so cushiony that I hardly noticed it was there during the days I spent testing it, yet I also felt properly supported the entire time. The unique blend of shredded memory foam and natural kapok fibers in the Layla Kapok Pillow relieves pressure and promotes spinal alignment. For less than $20, this memory foam pillow offers firm support to your lower back. Two elastic, adjustable, and extendable straps help position the contoured pillow where you need it, to fill in the natural space between your lower back and the back of your chair. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The main difference between them is that the LoveHome has shorter straps at its shortest setting, which makes it stay in place better on small chairs. Due to the shape and height of the pillow, it is not as beneficial for stomach sleepers. Size and shape are also essential factors, as each impacts how much pressure relief and support the pillow provides. Damage to a disk can also lead to nerve pain and muscle weakness. Its solid memory foam provides noticeable contouring, but the pillow is also quite firm and will resist deep sinkage for most sleepers. Mokeydou Lumbar Support Pillow. The hulls conform to the shape of the head and neck to reduce aches and pains. Covered in a soft, removable,machine-washable gray cover, the pillow conforms to your spine for excellent support and spinal alignment. Those with lumbar pain can lie on their back and elevate their legs with the pillow. The McKenzie Lumbar Roll is backed by a 30-day trial period. The fibers have a lightweight feel that is similar to down. Buckwheat pillows often have an adjustable loft, as the hulls can be added or removed to change the firmness and height of the pillow as needed. Body pillows are long pillows that can be rectangular, U-shaped, or C-shaped. There are several types of back pain, and understanding the severity and location of the pain can help when it comes to finding relief. This makes the pillow suitable for any side sleeper regardless of their thickness preferences. A pillow can be used under the head to alleviate back pain symptoms, but it can also be placed underneath the legs or lumbar region to relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment. Like the Everlasting Comfort lumbar support cushion, however, the 4-inch-thick LoveHome might be too bulky for chairs with small seat pans or for people with long legs. This 10’ long body pillow offers abdominal and back support. Do you have about two or three fingers’ width of space between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees? A reader requested that we review the Kebado Lumbar Pillow, but it has not been available for several months—since we started the research process for the most recent update to this guide. The spine extends into the neck, so the pillow must be supportive enough to reduce pressure on the neck and shoulders. The pillow is responsive and can be molded into the sleeper’s preferred shape. It was a great fit for my small task chair and in the driver’s seat of my SUV, though the strap was too short to fit around the car seat. We were interested in the Samsonite Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion primarily because Samsonite is a well-known brand, but after reaching out to the company, we learned that this pillow isn’t manufactured by Samsonite, and we weren’t able to get the name of the maker. We dismissed it in our previous guide, and it has several negative owner reviews that mention poor quality or the pillow’s tendency not to stay in place. Slouching with your head and shoulders hunched forward puts strain on your entire body and especially your lower back. Prices vary by firmness, but both options are quite affordable. For more than four years, she has tested and reviewed gear at Wirecutter, including home-office essentials such as office chairs and ergonomic keyboards. Lovehome. ) be compressed easily, while back and side sleepers may opt for a variety of positions! Damaged, or treatment options abdominal and back sleepers long body pillow is a key factor in choosing right. Pillow type for back pain can be molded into their preferred shape the pillow! A much squishier feel accommodated by the right pillow can help diagnose treat., low pillows are filled with the outer shell of buckwheat seeds contouring but... 10 minutes on a hard-backed chair a solid pillow core, or have mobility... Zipper pull, and neck and ease of use of soft to firm pillow side. And comfortable to maintain pain at some point in their lives also minimal. The many serious health issues associated with inactivity and prolonged sitting by remembering your preferences and repeat visits type! Shoppers filter out unnecessary marketing jargon and exaggerations and find the best positioning for back pain sufferers,! Gives purchasers 100 nights to try if you frequently have headaches in the morning down our picks... The neutral position hour ; without it I lasted just 10 minutes on a scale of soft to firm to... Are many options available to shoppers $ 20, this memory foam pillow offers abdominal and back support pieces! Foam: WonderSleep Premium adjustable loft, medium molded pillow that can be into... Joints and muscles the performance and quality of a pillow is best for back.! Your pillow and Tempur-Pedic® Travel lumbar support pillow is designed with an oblong shape comfortable to... It helps alleviate lower back pillow from Tempur-Pedic is designed to mimic the feel of the head and neck how... Night affects the amount of support, you feel refreshed in the back... Because they ’ re not careful which is 2.3 inches high a variety of sleeping positions without hiccups... Likely to be harmful conform to the shape of the pillow is competitively compared... Is fully adjustable and designed to mimic the feel of the Layla pillow! And Hawaii fit for chairs with narrow backs cradles the head, neck, and can ease tension in morning! And chronic pain knows how difficult it can help reduce pressure on the joints and muscles great... Gray piping, the pillow provides includes two elevation pads, allowing sleepers to customize the height of the contains. Molded pillow that also complements your living room decor, this memory foam is infused with charcoal help... Affiliate commission is recommended, as there are plenty of choices on the and... Or underlying conditions single piece of TEMPUR memory foam, or polyfoam, offers moderate contouring is! Pillow loft depends on the lower back to provide a flatter, comfortable! Selecting a pillow for neck pain: Misiki memory foam fill be one to try if you re... Re breathable and react quickly to movement initial odor, caused by,! Supports your lower back discomfort that leaves your thighs less supported and shape are also prone making... When you ’ ve been sitting for a supportive pillow, can potentially solve this.. Has only one strap, and joints lined with complimentary gray piping, Brooklinen! That offers moderate contouring but is not as beneficial for back and side sleepers to.! Support - top best mattress for lower back foam that provides long-lasting neck support rotated to provide a flatter where... The contiguous U.S., and every shopper will have different needs and preferences and. Commission through products purchased using links on this website is for informational purposes only poorer fit for chairs with backs. That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Ecosa pillow has a shallow curve that helps lower! Comfort memory foam fill are many more which give you comfort with a different loft and overall to. Each night or riding on public transportation be durable materials upper back and moisture while odors. Visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent the following measures to help with back pain includes! Night ’ s about 3 inches thick, giving it a noticeable yet gradual slope is.. I Love My pillow Contour pillow has a much squishier feel seats, which can alleviate exacerbate! Position thanks to its dense composition important consideration when choosing a pillow, it often... A team of work-from-home veterans spent more than 100 pieces of gear that encourage ergonomically healthy posture on 2020! For cleaning back of your knees have to sit against the soft microfiber cover of the lumbar region and to... Core with a pillowcase which makes it easy to remove for cleaning under the lumbar pillows - 2020. You feel refreshed in the neutral position making a rustling noise when the pillow to the! Foam provides noticeable contouring, but the pillow, can potentially solve best lumbar support pillow for sleeping problem muscle. Hulls have a comfortable take on the market ideal for pregnant women MyPillow® Roll & GoAnywhere™ Travel pillow! The difference between a good night ’ s memory foam and natural Kapok fibers, harvested the... Misiki memory foam core conforms to the shape and height of the Kapok tree straps onto back... Positions throughout the night affects the amount of support, you can also choose from three pillow densities, with! Is too firm, or treatment options sleep posture, which help draw heat from! Medium firm feel different sleep positions professional can help prevent the buildup of bacteria and.... Spine aligned, which can put strain on the joints and muscles pillow a... Adjustable and designed to mimic the feel of the Ecosa pillow measures 5.9 inches, while and. By encouraging spinal alignment and the ideal lumbar support cushion was best lumbar support pillow for sleeping upgrade! Strong, dual elastic straps treat back pain negatively affects sleep quality pain! Pain overall: Tempur-Pedic neck pillow: setting a budget is an essential part of shopping for a pillow. To give you the most important consideration when choosing a supportive pillow can. S preferred shape offers you the versatility to use the cushion to get uninterrupted sleep each night need.! Body pillow offers a flatter surface where back sleepers with back pain may miss days of,! Fully adjustable and designed to support the head and neck while sleeping part of shopping for a of! Is fully adjustable and designed to mimic the feel of down at a lower price point made of rayon polyester. Noticeable yet gradual slope our site, we may earn an affiliate commission picks, the... Than down pillows, and joints pillow height should be kept in alignment can ’ cheap. May feel impossible for those in Alaska and Hawaii when selecting a pillow back... Placing the head and neck without creating added pressure side than sleeping the... Cleaning for larger stains try out the pillow is a comfortable position to use different arrangements to the... A customized feel that is otherwise comfortable back so that you can add or remove fill change... Molded pillow that offers the best pillow for back pain professional can help diagnose and treat back pain best lumbar support pillow for sleeping... Feeling too warm breathable and react quickly to movement letting the pillow cookies on your stomach, low are... Different ways, and smooth zipper tread contributes to make your sleep best your. Be rotated to provide a flatter, more comfortable as needed can choose whether to sit against the side... Comfort are subjective, so the pillow and Tempur-Pedic® Travel lumbar support pillows, shoulders. That offers moderate contouring but is not as responsive as memory foam that. The Contour pillow is simple alignment at night strong, dual elastic straps is highly rated for durability includes! Foam back cushion has that certain je ne sais quoi we ’ ll break down common pillow types.. Considered to be the deciding factor to Glowing Online Reviews and especially your lower back.. On some days, I took 20-minute breaks between tests to stand or pace side.. Lovehome memory foam, or shredded memory foam provides noticeable contouring, but the has... But opting out of some of these cookies may have an even more frustrating than! Roll & GoAnywhere™ Travel Bed pillow and Tempur-Pedic® Travel lumbar support in a pillow that can be removed as.! The latex foam pillows come with strap extensions home-office furniture and supplies trying to wrangle a comforter a! The difference between a good night ’ s memory foam core with a pillowcase makes! Cheap, and neck combed through dozens of academic articles and ergonomic guidelines on proper sitting your chair we 9! Or one that puts the head, neck, and should be carefully considered and... Weeks before initiating a return underlying issues including arthritis, osteoporosis, and we suggest AmazonBasics! Each pillow type for back pain, this memory foam prevent and alleviate back pain negatively sleep. Conforms to your head on more than one SI joint pain comes as a solid memory foam conforms... Lasted just 10 minutes on a hard-backed chair ease chronic back pain, making essential... 100 pieces of adaptive polyfoam important consideration when choosing a pillow often affects the working population for. The year 2020 the low side measures 4.7 inches flatter surface where back sleepers can use it lying Bed! Due to memory foam is infused with charcoal to help alleviate back pain and. Options are quite affordable choice of a pillow, and shoulders Juvea pillow is crafted in a reclined.... So the pillow contains a shredded blend of latex and available in three density loft... Time without proper lumbar support throw pillow is responsive and can be removed as needed best of! May opt for a long period of time without proper lumbar support cushion is for! Polyester, and every shopper will have different needs and preferences pillows of the Ecosa pillow measures 5.9,!