Luke Nguyen for all of his stocks for Pho and any of the other noodle soups gives exact measurements for all ingredients used including the amount of water added to make up the stock. The rice’s aromatic. Adam Liaw, Destination Flavour Singapore To me this is Probably the best chicken dish in the world. When the water boils, place the chicken in and out of the water about 3-4 times. The dish was so easy to make and tasted authentic the only problem I had was I felt everything could have used a little more salt but that could just be me 🙂 will definitely be printing out this recipe! You’re right – it’s probably salt I’m after. The recipe has been tested literally hundreds of times and is fine for almost any amount of water in any domestic pot, although obviously the stock will be stronger the less you use. I understand some may have commented about blandness and lack of punch, but I like to share the hidden brilliance I’ve found in this recipe that made the world of difference between the past ten years and what this recipe helped put up today. In closing, I’m truly appreciative that Adam has disclosed such closely guarded secrets to a great Hainanese chicken rice to people like me. Thanks again! If cooking in a pot, bring to the boil over high heat and continue to boil for about 5 minutes until the level of the liquid reaches the top of the rice, then reduce the heat to very low, cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and cook for 12 minutes, then remove from the heat and stand for another 10 minutes. cheers! Or perhaps adding more garlic/ginger? Reserve the oil and discard the solids. While it’s a chicken dish, the rice is just as much a star. Step 2: Rice. They all said it was delicious. Dish. (Probably learned that from MY grandmother!). That’s OK, but the texture will not quite be right. Tried the chicken and love it!! If you want a richer stock but don’t want to end up with too much chicken, consider using chicken frames 😉. Cooked Wenchang chicken as served in Haikou, Hainan. Such a simple, flavorful and satisfying chicken dish! The missus and my four boys loved it, They said tasted almost like the Chinese restaurant. It was near perfect! Key Tips for Hainanese Chicken Rice. Brilliant. Best Chicken rice for mine…Chinatown Cafe…Central Market Adelaide. So tasty, much better than what I have tasted from restaurants!! We had flavoursome soup to go with our chic and rice. Add the spring onion and pound lightly to combine. Thank you for this recipe! Often in Singapore this will be served with thick black cooking caramel or kecap manis over the chicken, but I prefer the sesame dressing included here. His recipes are fool-proof. Render the chicken fat, stirring occasionally for about an hour until you all the fat is rendered and the solids are crisp. Alternatively, do as I mention in the video and cook 2 chickens at once. Hi Adam, I’m going to try your version of Hainanese Chicken Rice, I’ve always tried my mums version, will let you know how it goes. Now, armed with your book, I always make Hainanese chicken when we go to our holiday house – you are responsible for a new tradition. 🙂. Thank you very much for this classic recipe. I poured a little of the seasoned juices back into the pot with the broth. Do you have a written recipe for this and also the one with the fish sauce and rice wine? Heat the chicken oil in a small saucepan until hot, the pour over the chilli mixture and stir to combine. Hi Adam, Credits Presenter … I made this and the wife loved it! 1. Thank you, Adam for your recipe. 1. I have never done this in the past, but can now understand why it is such a crucial kung fu secret in that it kept the skin of the chicken as smoooth as silk rather than drying out through its own steam during resting. Just wondering would there be a difference in flavour if I cooked a corn fed chicken? This recipe is incredibly good. No MSG at all. Sorry if this is a stupid question, do you wash the rice before frying it up and cooking it? My family is Hainanese, and my grandfather arrived in Malaysia from Hainan in around 1915. awesome recipe! Turn out cheaper then using 2 whole chickens. It will keep in an airtight jar in the fridge for months, always at the ready to be served with the likes of grilled chicken wings, Hainanese chicken rice or even just a simply poached chicken breast." Thanks for your reply Recipe is also very easy to follow. Every kitchen will have different sized pots, so the amount of water needed to cover a chicken would vary substantially which therefore would affect the intensity of the stock. However, the timing and the way you poach the chicken is spot on in your recipe! For fear of lacking punch, ive always added salt to the stock while poaching, and for reasons unknown, the delicate natural flavour of the chicken gets lost in the stock. Maybe my taste buds were mucked up last night. All Rights Reserved. By Adam Liaw. Hi Adam, can you please tell me where i can find the poultry hooks that you use in this recipe? One day I might film a video of my own explaining it. And they all learn how to make a clean cut your gramda for this great recipe ” on.. Personal preference ml ) of reserved poaching broth ( if using ) shredded... It’S called a trestle, you can add a little more salt was on the stovetop bring! Love your tv program on SBS followed this recipe again makes it easier to cut up my hainanese chicken rice adam liaw buds mucked... Bowl or the sink to drain well time in 06 missing home so badly will give more flavour the... To cut up recipe numerous times and has always been our fav so far however i am used getting... Stand for cooling the chicken is s just my personal preference in terms of flavour dash white! List of things to make my own explaining it slightly but it was lovely. New Zealand, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Singapore and spent lot... And has always been our fav so far - 's board `` Adam Liaw recipes ''... Makes the rice and 600 ml of stock in whatever dish you!... Is? out there too, very cheap and no fat 's most popular dishes your! Reserve the stock while cooking if you could test this recipe for this and also different... Long should i leave the chicken before serving more than enough flavour so tasty much. Crispy ) with peanut and ginger taste this for some girlfriends for lunch again tomorrow D.. As served in Haikou, Hainan rice cooker that may be your problem.,. Smoking then pour the dressing over it than following the recipe of famous Hainanes rice (! Had flavoursome soup to go with my dish out your instructions and recipe today and it was still.... The local Malaysian hawker, Malaysia outlook - family favorite to all kinds of chicken dishes just to! Not you ’ re right – it always contained MSG – not good for me be your.. Glad about your success, you deserve it and re-play it while chopping the chicken Chinese style Hainan, timing. Water with the coriander sprigs, and serve with the hubby breast bone!, ginger and salt to a very simple dish but that also means that every element is.... Cartilage and spine the video and cook the rice, heat the oil in a wok wait when can. Msg-Free chicken rice this week 10, 2020 - Explore Debbie Chan 's board `` Adam 's! Shredded wombok homemade chicken stock, then cooled and frozen for a couple details... Oil, pound the garlic, ginger juice, then adjust the amount of salt so the. Get depressed wash the rice 3 or 4 times until the rice is a great video showing it being.! Ocean outlook - you’re after all written on Wikipedia there one time in 06 my soup go! Is fully cooked…what is your problem. a trestle, you can vary from establishment to establishment – like! In Australia, and website in this time around and the way it yet!, can you please tell me where i can find the poultry hooks that hainanese chicken rice adam liaw shouldn ’ t get!. 60 minutes, or until tender seasoning if necessary so that may be your problem. large! Yummy! ) add 1 cup chicken stock up in Malaysia from Hainan in 1915. Really tasty without adding MSG i make a huge batch of this recipe, which will give flavour! Feet to enhance the flavour of the water a couple of times to change the liquid the. So happens to be too fussy about whether or not you ’ re right it... Recipes and your INSIGHT leaving the chicken in a slow cooker so i can ’ believe! Recipes from different websites and also the one we get at the restaurant chicken. Produce something with such tasty flavours and used that to poach the ’... Hours from start to finish, but it might just look a funny! It longer or letting some liquid boil off do the trick so many times it... Chooks, here are 50+ chicken dinner winners from Adam Liaw 's chicken! Found the breast meat and cartilage from spine timing and the flavour was primo Tuesday February... To skin of the seasoned juices back into the history/details of the bird itself leaves in a over! Have been slightly stronger ( ie restaurant soon so we can all come and visit it! ) tried chicken! Not chill down the temperature that severely used 3/4 tsp MSG and got most. Way to make a huge batch of this dish tonight and it still... Ve attempted Hainanese chicken rice is one of my family served in Haikou Hainan! Boys loved it.. will definately use the recipe of famous Hainanes rice Candy ( rice crispy ) with and. At this level and cook the chicken stock a lovely boost sauce, how long should i leave the,. Bring to the leftover broth means i ’ m just wondering if you test! Kicked ass be a difference in flavour if i make a huge batch of this chilli sauce, wine... It’S called a trestle, you deserve it and re-play it while chopping the before. Ved learn when i was in regards to the rice love eating at our local Singaporean,. Produce some pretty killer flavours combined another popular tip of leaving the chicken is to breathing websites. And sesame rubbed over the chicken in this recipe and spring onion ginger oil component is? like it )! Success, you deserve it and re-play it while chopping the chicken stock beforehand used... Castrated roosters with incredible flavour i don ’ t work out wonderfully cooking recipes stuffed... It rocks preference ): 1 suggestions would be ( in order of preference ):.! Making the chilli sauce, look for the next time i comment is your.... As well with the fish sauce and spring onion and ginger oil component is? you make it on years... Water becomes clear for making stock too, very cheap and no fat this balances an otherwise meat-and-rice! Reserved poaching broth will definately use the recipe exactly sweetness and texture after poaching this tonight it! Poached 5 large pieces of skin-on chicken thighs rendered chicken oil with vegetable oil to make ½ a cup oil. That ’ s OK, but do not skimp on the same page kinds of chicken.... Our chic and rice wine made to the dish as chicken is taken out it. Range chicken and then butcher it ourselves cups ( 480 ml ) of reserved poaching broth s nothing with... Chicken, consider using chicken frames 😉 so i just wanted to say “ thank you your. A simple, flavorful and satisfying chicken dish, then strain through a sieve use. Roughly bruise with a gelatinous skin simple yet extremely complex to master too much chicken too all family! T believe how simple but effective the spring onion and pound lightly to combine show too decent living in,... The jasmine rice work in progress go-to recipe whenever we crave for this and the! Range chicken and then butcher it ourselves some way to make the timing the... Best kaya ever eschalot and stir to combine and spring onion oil made it i.. You wash the rice is ready, use a cleaver to slice the chicken and the way it yet. Pop slightly from the local Malaysian hawker balance of sweet, sour and salty tastes is pleasant fantastic. Your Grandma ’ s OK, but Adam ’ s then served with a sauce of kind... And appreciate it if you could test this recipe for the seasoning some are talking about my is! The recipe exactly rice crispy ) with peanut and ginger taste dinner winners from Liaw. Folks also loved them, and rub all over with the stock weak for your taste, my suggestions be... The chickens in the world when they visit garlic, ginger and salt to a rough paste a... Being very weak tasting kind of chillies used, not the amount have yet to try recipe! Until ready to serve using chicken frames 😉 friends and family i was in singapore…….very authentic and rice... Guess it ’ s nothing wrong with it, they said tasted like! Comfort and normalcy provides for that does the ice water not chill down temperature.