If your neighbor's branches are hanging over your yard, you can prune the branches back to the property line as long as you don't destroy the tree or go on your neighbor's … Some people assume that if fruit falls from a neighbor's tree and lands on their property, they have the legal right to eat it. On the one hand, picking fruit that will inevitably fall onto your property is preventing you from being burdened by falling fruit -- much like you would remove a rotting branch. The apples fall to the ground and roll on my property. Trees can be tricky, but for the most part homeowners are responsible for what falls into their own yard. This is a nuisance to you. Local WSBTV 2/7/2020. Thank you for the question. This page from self-help legal publisher Nolo discusses who has the right to pick fruit from a tree in someone's yard. Ask a lawyer - … On the other hand, it might be safer to ask your neighbor to either prune the fruit tree or allow him or her to collect the fruit before it becomes a nuisance. Consumer Reports explains who pays for the damage when a tree falls. More. I don't know what a tree company advised you to do, but trying to spray selective branches of a tree just to kill the blossoms seems like an unlikely solution. By Patrick Robartaigh Tree leaves are the responsibility of the owner of the land on which they fall. The best tech of 2020: iPhone 12, PS5, Apple Watch 6 … Fallen Fruit. So if a storm causes your neighbor’s tree to fall in your yard, your homeowners insurance could help cover the cost of removing the tree and remedying the damage it caused on your property, after your deductible.. Neighbors and Trees Trees are a common dispute among neighbors. Encroachments: Unwelcome Invaders [PDF] A 2008 article from Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension which briefly discusses the issues a landowner may face with a neighbor's encroaching tree branches, roots or grass. And if your neighbor's tree falls on yours? Our backyard neighbor has been complaining about the pine needles and pine cones that fall from our 65-foot tall pine tree, which has some branches that hang over her yard. If your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, who pays for cleanup? Your neighbor's fruit tree drops fruit in your yard, attracting insects, which is a natural occurrence. Neighbor law Real estate Lawsuits and disputes Filing a lawsuit. "But if it's a paw paw tree with one or two pieces of fruit on it, I think you shouldn't touch it." Whose homeowners insurance company pays if your tree falls on your neighbor's house? Show 1 more Show 1 less . Tree disputes can take many forms, such as trees that fall on a neighbor's property and cause damage or circumstances where a neighbor's tree blocks what would be a scenic or otherwise pleasant view. If the tree rests on private property but the fruit hangs over into public land, residents can legally pick it. People have the right to pick this fruit, regardless of whether the tree belongs to them or not. We asked if you shared home-grown fruit with your neighbours. Am I Responsible for the Leaves From My Tree That Fall in My Neighbor's Yard? 10 New Year's food traditions around the world. When I throw them all over the neighbors yard, the neighbor just throws them back on my yard. Read the discussion in the comments.