Different grout colors for tile can produce startling contrasts or smooth out and make a design more cohesive, depending on your tile and grout choices, so do your research thoroughly. What’s the name of the paint color around your fireplace? I adore white subway tiles so can't wait to see yours! Hope that helps! See more ideas about tile bathroom, tiles, grout. If you need some inspiration just look at the white bathroom tile with grey grout ideas below and start creating your own dream bathroom. Divine! Here’s a comparison of how the different grays I sampled looked against the white subway tile (the image is Pinnable for you to save for a later project when you might need it! We are getting ready for a kitchen remodel and I was struggling with grout color and this is exactly what I’m looking for! I wish I had had your wonderful idea for determining grout color when we redid our kitchen (in our former house). It’s been a wonderful journey to watch the kitchen be born!! Sure there are more pics and a link to the tile in my kitchen reveal post here: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/gray-white-kitchen-remodel/. 6 months ago. I’m sure there are differences in opinion from person to person but my tile guy said he always recommends sealing no matter what grout you use. The walls have a blue/green/gray 3-inch mosaic tile trim. Posted In: kitchens, tips & tricks 70 Comments. And use the Frost for the 4′ outside walls? Being dry, the powder will give the homeowner the exact look of the grout once installed after drying for 24 hours. You can buy Mapei grout at Lowe’s or order it online: unsanded Pewter {here} | unsanded Silver {here} | unsanded Warm Gray {here} | unsanded Frost {here} If you want to go for a darker gray, check out Mapei’s Gray, Timberwolf, Iron, & Pearl Gray. Enjoy your new bathroom! last year. Aye I have white metro tiles with medium grey grout, I like the industrial feel of it! The tile store and our tiler are telling me to use only white in the mosaic. When do you use sanded vs. un-sanded grout? I am sure I passed right over it, would you mind sharing? but now not sure about black think I should go with gold? Your email address will not be published. I think that all guests will be envy when they see such a beauty. Thanks! With grey tiles I would say that you generally have 3 choices of grout to choose from and the final outlook will differ depending on how light or dark the grey tile is that you have. The sneak peaks make it look amazing. These colour tones are ideal for those who want their project to look good in the traditional sense. Wondering if you could give me any info on your mosaic tile? The day our replacement tile contractor was to do our grout, I left instructions for the basic grout and the color, when I came home he had put in grout that resembled a dusty rose color! So get their input but make sure your final decision is what YOU will like best, not them. You could use a different type of adhesive including the mastic adhesive used for tile or liquid nails, but the glue gun dries instantly so you can make your sample board quickly. brick style, stacked or herringbone) with the proper spacing (usually 1/16″) then fill the lines with grout powder smoothened with my finger. I chose frost with my subway because of this post and it is perfect ! Your comparison of gray grouts was very helpful. What color white paint did you use on your cabinets? What do you see and look at first? While your tiles may steal the show, it’s important to choose the perfect grout. If you'd like to use any of my images, please request their use via my Contact page. Your kitchen is already looking amazing. . My contractor is telling me that 3/16 is best for grout line size – what is your opinion on this – what size did you use here? Alibaba.com offers 1,202 white tiles grey grout products. Luckily subway tile is inexpensive so I made sample boards with full tiles but if your tile is more pricey, you could cut tiles in half and grout in between them so you don’t use as many (an inexpensive tile cutter like {this} works well for that). Just stumbled on your blog while surfing Pinterest for accent tile. Your email address will not be published. Gone are the days when white grout was the only choice. Here are some things that I found helpful to do (affiliate links included in post – full disclosure available {here}): Start off by talking to your tiler (unless you’re DIYing it!) that need to be thought upon: light grey will add a subtle division while dark grey will beautifully contrast with white tiles. I have chosen Lowe’s Genuine Stone Marble Brick Joint Mosaic (white) and was hoping to pick a grout that is more like the marble as I don’t want each piece to be outlined … more of all blending together. I like the white- I like how it looks so clean and love that in a kitchen. A discrete grout will define the shape of the tiles without being overpowering. For example, if using a light coloured natural stone tile, then you should use white adhesive, due to possible staining or shadowing issues. May 14, 2020 - Explore Sally B's board "White tiles grey grout" on Pinterest. The mosaic accent tile is by Walker Zanger – details on it are in this post: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/gray-white-kitchen-remodel/. Do not get crackled -my husband was using an ink pin to mark some of the tiles before Installation and the ink bled through the cracks into the tile- the lady at Dal tile told me the cracklings goes all the way through the glazing and this can happen, Kris I am loving your kitchen so far and cannot wait for the reveal! I pinned this post lat month when deciding on gray grout for my shower walls which will be white subway. Any chipped tiles should be removed and new tiles put in. . I was surprised not to find hardly any “real life” images of white subway tile with gray grout where the grout color was given so I decided to share how I chose my grout along with some pics of my favorite gray grouts combined with white subway tile. Home Depot does not carry any grout called “Frost” what is the brand? Wow this is what I call perfect timing! I am looking for the color of the caulking you used with the frost tile? Here are a few of our kitchen sources, but for a full list of each and every one of them, see my kitchen renovation blog post! {This} impregnator penetrating sealer is more expensive than others but is the one that’s been recommended as the best by every tile guy I’ve ever worked with. The choice is determined by the overall colour scheme of the kitchen in the case or white tiles, or the colour of the tiles. Can you tell me where you found floral mosaic backsplash?! ): All of these are Mapei Keracolor grout – the same named grout might look totally different in a different brand so only use this as a guide to this specific brand! 10 months ago. Your email address will not be published. Just be aware that the same grout will look quite different depending upon the color of tile surrounding it. the shower area – I was referring to the walls, as there is a tub . Grout – at least it’s color – can dramatically change the whole design of your bathroom especially if you use white tiles on the walls and/or on the floor. Your choices would be a white, grey or anthracite grout colour. Use sanded grout when measuring over 1/8 inch. Simple tips to instantly transform five rooms in your home! Grout plays an important role in the aesthetics of your space; the colour of grout will determine whether the eye is drawn to the individual tile or to the overall pattern of the tiles across the surface. Whites are so tricky aren’t they?! We’re using a soft white grout with aqua glass subway tiles on the kitchen backsplash. Where did you get the pencil tiles that outline your mosaic? Thank you for your post. Obviously the grout. Use non-sanded grout for joints that are narrowing, measuring under 1/8 inch. What is your favorite gray for living and kitchen walls? I, too, am doing a white subway tile kitchen back splash but I am finding the numerous white tiles to be daunting! I used a grout stain on our guest room floor tile grout and it worked well (but is super tedious! Well, I really love an inferior like this one, and the combination of simple rectangles and more elegant hexagon fascinates. How to Decorate Shelves & Bookcases: Simple Formulas That Work. I prefer a bone/linen, almond, or sand color with white tiles. I absolutely love that color! Kris it’s just beautiful! Trying to decide between the two! Best regards, Could you please tell me what size the subway tiles are for your kitchen backsplash? Could you share any research or info you have on that? BTW 1: always use only unsanded grout, especially if you pick glass tiles. White grout on white tiles makes the whole backsplash look like a big white blur for a distance. There are definitely a TON of options! Also, are the tiles glossy or matte? The right gray really depends on the space but Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray are both good ones to try! We are currently doing a bathroom renovation–white subway tile walls with carrerra marble-type porcelain tile floor. #whytile. Love your post. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. “Vapour Grey” and “bone” grout colours both fit the bill. The grout itself isn’t exactly cheap, but spending $50 on grout now to get it right is well worth it in my opinion – it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of what you put into the rest of a kitchen reno! T. Hi! You can find the complete “before” and “after” post on our kitchen renovation {here}! Grey grout is also a suitable match for smaller bathrooms or kitchens as it can make the room appear larger. I have helped homeowners design, color coordinate, and use the materials that are suitable for their lifestyle. I grouted it with the same grout as my subway tile! I glued down four tiles for each sample. Not quite disappearing from view, these tiles have been given a very light grey grout to bring definition to the pattern. Tilers see all different grout and tile combinations so they have valuable experience to add to your decision but also remember that your taste might not be exactly the same as theirs – my tiler was adamant about the grout color that would work best with my fireplace tile but I went with something different (Polyblend Natural Gray) and am 100% happy with my decision. . There’s more specifics of the exact name of them (I can’t remember off the top of my head) in the Source List at the end of my kitchen reveal post: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/gray-white-kitchen-remodel/ I recently saw that Floor & Decor has similar liners too. I have a standard apartment bathroom with a window by the shower – doing herringbone long rectangle white subway tile in the shower and the outside 4′ walls with classic subway style (using same long rectangle tile). Though some of you may think it’s too non-significant to pay attention you are wrong. The grout matches the white cabinets and counters. We are renovating the bathroom of our new housse right now and I asked for white grout with our white tiles on the walls and black grout with black tiles on the floor. I love “Frost” but cannot find it. Thank you so much! The marble is very white but with light grays and beiges, too so hopefully the Frost will blend in perfectly. He wasn't told not to and/or 2. After you’ve let it sit for the time recommended on your grout bag, use a slightly damp sponge (wring out all excess water) to clean off your tiles and wipe over your grout lines to remove excess and make them smooth. For more information, see my full disclosure statement {here}. I also love the backsplash over your stove! After looking at your options . Tile Grout Order tile grout online from Topps Tiles, available in a range of colours and sizes from 1.5kg to 20kg. I have a white kitchen and have just put In my subway tiles (they are a Devonshire motif so each tile has a different imprint) originally I was going to do white grout, but now they are laid I like that I can see tile definition of the subway. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the inspiration! You can read all of the details in this post: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/how-choose-kitchen-cabinets-style-color-finish-design/, Kris it’s looking absolutely amazing and thank you for the tips on choosing grout! Hi I was wondering if I can purchase the grout color “Frost” at Home Depo? I am so excited to have found you! Use anti mould grouts to assist the cleaning and maintenance. You can also just use a paper towel for this! I agree with the comment on the dark grout and white tile. Did you really use the frost colored grout in the Walker Zanger mosaic as well? I’m doing a similar mosaic over the range and am just about to test the Frost and the Avalanche with the white field tile. Our biggest seller, the Metro white tile, is both versatile and stylish. Can’t wait to see the final reveal. My tile person said that they do 1/16″ grout lines for pretty much everyone now. Your kitchen looks great. Or should I use the light gray on the floor? Beautiful! It's really a matter of the tiles that you are fixing, how clean you work and the colour of your grout. I love the gray color of your island!! Spotless and beautiful, these white tiles with grey grout are the future. The importance of tile grout colors lies in the fact that they can add a dramatic effect to the final look of newly installed tiles, or unify the tiles to give the appearance of one large space. If you need some inspiration just look at the white bathroom tile with grey grout ideas below and start creating your own dream bathroom. I love the idea of a light gray grout. I am remodeling my bathroom and am going crazy trying to figure out grouts and floors, vanities and lighting. With over 30 available colours as varied as white, ash, blue and rose, we have options to complement or contrast with any colour scheme. My 2 cents dealing with "grey" grout: sometimes, it tends take on a purple hue in time. Kris I love what you’re doing. This is fantastic! Beautiful kitchen!!! After reading your site, I think I will go with the Frost as it may be even whiter. I am going to paint my living room and kitchen soon and want to use grays. Find sparkling and attractive white tiles with grey grout at Alibaba.com that are solely designed to beautify the space. If you are a messy worker then white will probably assist you too. I'm also a stylist and I can see 2 reasons that the tiler MAY have chosen grey grout for the white tiles. Have you ever tried it? Mar 11, 2020 - Explore Kanwal Jeet Kaur's board "White tiles grey grout" on Pinterest. The Frost is more neutral which works better with the white w/cool toned gray vein countertops I chose! The design of bathroom like this is very special and has its own charm just because it creates a serious and at the same time spellbinding atmosphere. Michel, Toronto. BTW 2: use 1/16 spacers throughout, except in the bottom line where 1/8 is better to resist cracking. Then scrape out the grey grout for the entire kitchen and regrout with white. Most installers will have many leftover grout bags from previous jobs to make this feasable. Then I realized that our bathrooms’ porcelain tile is grouted with Mapei’s Warm Gray and it actually looks white. Grey/dark grout with white tile will always look like bad teeth to me. All images on DBD are copyrighted and taken by me unless otherwise noted. Did you use schluter? It is timeless, never goes out of style and blends with just about any kitchen style, not to mention that a white horizontal backsplash makes the kitchen look larger as opposed to a dark tile. Thanks! So glad you’re saying this is working! I wanted a concrete colored grey grout. Love your kitchen! Thank goodness it was still wet when you found it and were able to get it changed out. Can you confirm what you used there? Its so hard to see in your picture, but it does look much whiter than the grout in your tile. Inspired by the look of the London Underground, the classic styling of these tiles is given a contemporary twist with a gloss finish and high quality bevelled edges. Can you tell me where you got the accent tile that is behind the stove and the name of it? The existence of this tone, as well as the colors of any other gray detailing in this transitional bathroom design, erases the too bright impression in the place. Great if you’re tiling with black tiles, and want the grout to contrast, rather than using white. This is a super random question but what did you use for the edges of your subway tile? Another popular style is to use dark-coloured grout with white subway tiles. Obviously the grout. ), Kris, Think about red or green grout on white subway tiles. Such a dumb thing to get so obsessed with, but oh well! The type of grey grout used as the pairing for the tile wall is platinum gray, which is also suitable to say as a part of the medium grey shade category. . Thank you! Just team a white tile – Metro tiles being the classic choice – with a dark grout and, boom, your room just got a whole lot cooler. I just went for the classic 3 x 6 size glossy white ceramic tile – mine are AKDO brand that I got through a local tile dealer! . The best part about white subway tiles is that if you want to keep the look classic, you can simply use a matching grout. And my gut said Frost and your pics and comments have confirmed my choice! The color will change quite a bit as it dries (it will lighten up) so don’t make any decisions about grout color until it’s totally dry. Let opposites attract or keep it neutral, colored tile offers yet another decorating aspect to working with the huge variety of ceramic tile's colors, shapes, and styles. The sample sticks are usually plastic replicas and not the true grout so while I’ve found them to be helpful in narrowing down my options, they’re not always helpful in making final decisions since the real grout can differ a bit in appearance. Any suggestions? “Struggle” is kind of laughable for something as silly as choosing a grout color but your grout choice can make a night and day difference in your final tile job so I wanted to make sure not to mess this choice up! With my sincere thank you . that need to be thought upon: light grey will add a subtle division while dark grey will beautifully contrast with white tiles. I've had other colors, but white tends to turn a splotchy bone anyway in the shower even if sealed. Simple, effective and very versatile.\nWhite bevelled tiles create a classic look that never goes out of fashion, which makes these bigger-than-usual white wall tiles the ultimate timeless design for your house.\nYou can create a modern, contemporary kitchen or traditional, vintage bathroom, subway (or Metro) tiles are a fantastic … Thx. Mapei Corporation, a major supplier of tile-related materials, has grout in 33 colors. I also love the cabinetry and color of the island. . Nowadays, grout is available in every shade imaginable… even gold! Rain is one of Mapei’s special order colors. It’s Moonstone which is a pre-finished color the cabinets came in (more details here: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/how-choose-kitchen-cabinets-style-color-finish-design/). Absolutely amazing, Kris!! 1. I tend to always go with a really light grey grout when doing white subways too! Where did you end up purchasing the white tiles— not sure if I want glazed, crackled, beveled, 3 x 6, 3 x 8,… how did you decide?!?! You aren't just stuck with gray or white grout anymore. view full size. Using a suitable penetrating sealer will help with easy maintenance of grout lines. Can’t wait to see this entire space! Sanded grout is stronger, so it … Read the directions on the grout bag – let it sit for a few minutes after mixing if the directions state to do that like mine did. Using a disposable bowl and plastic spoon, I poured some of the grout mix into the bowl and added a little bit of water at a time until it got to the right consistency (you want it well blended but not runny). I honestly can’t wait to see the full reveal after you “style it up”!!! If you’re looking to add white subway tile with gray grout to a kitchen, bathroom, or other space in your home, this post’s for you! As a backsplash installer (that’s ALL I do), I must agree with you that pale grey is indeed the most popular grout colour for standard 3×6 white subway tile. xox, Thank you Tam! I love this post because my subway has white grout and I’ve always regretted that decision! So glad I chose the Frost instead of the Warm Gray my design consultant was trying to get me to pick. There are more details in this post: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/kitchen-renovation-countertops-flooring-lighting/. No fuss, no mess. Like | 1; T ! It’s a slightly tweaked version of Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray – the exact paint formula is at the end of this post: https://www.drivenbydecor.com/house-tour-dining-room/, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION!! So I am back to looking at tiles — porcelain or ceramic apparently are best options — looking for a similar 3″ hexagon. By the way . Hi Karen! I’m building a home with David Weekley and they used the Mapei sanded grout. Do you have a link? Also considering silver and rain. Many people prefer using white grout with white tiles – to make the walls look flawless and united. I’m deciding between Frost and Avalanche today and this was so helpful! I happened to have a little trowel but a putty knife would work just fine for this too! After narrowing it down to a few options, walk the aisles of stores that showcase grouted tile – I walked around Lowe’s where they show all sorts of different tiles with different grouts (and the grout colors are labeled!) Then trowel it onto your tile, pressing it into the gaps. The comment above is correct in saying white grout … One exception is if you have handmade tile with variation in tile size – then you do usually need to go with a larger grout line size. We’re having a hard time choosing grout color, although leaning towards warm gray. Hi Melissa – Thank you! Could you tell me the color please? See more ideas about White tiles grey grout, Grey grout… White grout on white tiles makes the whole backsplash look like a big white blur for a distance. Hello! would you think that the warm gray should be used in the shower with the herringbone style and on the floor? I’m having a very hard time finding good white pencil liners online. What color grout did you use for your mosaic? Why? There are many shades of grey (50?) Predictably, the most popular grout colors are gray and off-white. and let it sit for a several minutes according to your grout instructions. Here's how you can choose and use these colors. . I live in a Brooklyn. Thanks every so much! Neutral Colours: Choosing a grout that’s grey, beige, brown, or another light neutral colour is arguably the safest bet. Choosing Tile Grout Colors: Simple Guide to Getting it Right. Few homeowners take advantage of the fact that grout comes in a myriad of stock, ready-made colors besides gray and off-white. Seriously, that someone should have a counseling site for DIYs or remodeling as one can get truly crazy in the head with all the stress of making decisions. He may have done other jobs where clients WANTED the grey grout to flow with the grey tiles on the floor so it all tied together. I am looking into staining our grout grey – I have no idea how hard or laborious that is, but I know it will be worth it! Your kitchen is beautiful!!! Did you compare Frost with Platinum by Polyblend by any chance? Hi Kris, I loved your kitchen! One is white with a hint of grey, and the other with a hint of beige. But before you name it the best solution for your bathroom thinks about a different approach: contrast grey grout with white tiles looks wonderful, especially if you decided to use subway tiles in your shower area. Add instant wow-factor to your kitchen with this simplest of ideas. Waiting for the final reveal!!! I know that Mapei has different types of grout – there are some grouts that supposedly have a sealant already mixed in. Once you’re done, remove the excess with your trowel/putty knife (no need to get it all – just the bulk of it!) A light grey grout if grey at all, will make a white tiles wall seem very busy and smaller. And one last thing I wanted to be sure to mention – definitely make sure your grout is sealed after your tile job is done! Jenkins Interiors. Grout is that thing between tiles that make them stay together. Is it framed in a white tile? See more ideas about white tiles grey grout, grey grout, small bathroom. Here’s how I made my sample boards: I snagged a plywood remnant from our renovation and used {this glue gun} to glue my tiles onto the board. Thanks Bree! I have been selecting everything for our kitchen remodel and now it is just down to the little details … grout, for one. Absolutely stunning!!! A discrete grout will define the shape of the tiles without being overpowering. Do you have any recommendations? There are many shades of grey (50?) I hate when I can’t be here when contractors are working because stuff like that always happens to me . My kitchen and dining room are now one space- I thought I wanted black cabinet handles for my white shaker cabinets/ grayish walls (silver strand) and will be dark wood floors, counter is white/ gray marble quartz. Hi Kris! I burst into tears—fortunately he removed the wet grout and came back the next day to finish the job in the color I had indicated! I had wanted white cabinets with white subway tile, but my cabinets ended up having a yellow undertone, so I went with a light gray subway tile, and yes the grout decision took a while, but ultimately I matched the grout with the tile for a seamless look. The flexibility of grout color for white subway tile backsplash is pretty exquisite and if you crave a lighter space, white grout is a great starting point. What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile? Step 3: What to Consider With Like-Coloured Grout The image above shows what Frost grout looked like wet and the image below (Frost is at the top) shows how much lighter it was when it dried: As you can see, when it’s dry Mapei’s Frost is just the lightest of grays (I show it here compared to Avalanche, which is a soft white) which you might not expect from the appearance of the grout when you mix it. Thanks for any advice!! Thanks! The Year 2020 collection is here special for you: It looks like a dream or at least a wonderful fairy tale! Want to see more details of our kitchen? My name is Melodye and I have been a floor installer for 20 years. I can only imagine how your heart dropped when you saw that! Hi Kris, Thank you. Thanks for the info! I’m going for a classic but textured look, hope it will end up as I imagine. BTW 3: Mapei type 1 is most suitable for gluing 99% of backsplashes and Flextile unsanded is best for grouting. That said, I used a light grey grout for the marble floors in the master and guest baths upstairs as white would be a bugger for Fifi the maid (that would be me;) to keep clean. So helpful to see the side by sides! Hi Krystal – the ones I used in the kitchen are AKDO brand. I have just finished bathroom renovations on (2) baths and was told with the newer grouts such as Mapie (power grouts) that sealing them was not needed. Choose sanded or unsanded grout depending upon the width you choose for your grout lines – mine were going to be 1/16″ (the most narrow you typically go) so that meant unsanded grout. Hi! Dec 14, 2020 - Beautiful ceramic tile can completely change it's complexion with different grout colors. Hi Faith – I actually just chose the stock white color that our cabinets were available in. Any advice ? (Yes, I am yelling with joy!) I was able to narrow my grout choice down to two gray grout options but hadn’t ruled out the possibility of just using white grout either so I made sample boards with all three grout options (I also made samples boards of two other grays I liked so I could share them with you!). Think about red or green grout on white subway tiles. I love dark grout, a friend of mine has blue/green bathroom tiles with very dark grout and it looks beautiful. Plus (because I was simply incapable of waiting!) . I love the white painted cabinets. With gray tiles, we always recommend matching the grout with tiles. Thanks! I love the one you have in your kitchen! This introduces texture to an all-white scheme and breaks up the larger format surfaces, whilst providing a background for timber details to come to the fore. It’s similar to BM Charcoal Slate. Karen, OMG! As an installer, I like to show customers what the real grout actually looks like on the tile. This last step is huge. Can’t wait to see things get cooking on your house! I can hardly wait to see your finished kitchen. Your kitchen is just gorgeous!! The mosaic tile is by Walker Zanger. Caren. If you have tile spacers, you can use them to get the same distance between your tiles as you’ll have on your walls (mine are 1/16″ spacers like {these}) but they’re not worth buying just for the sample boards – you can do the same thing with a ruler if you don’t have a tiler to snag a few from. Mint green flour, sugar, and tea canisters sit on a white quartz countertop over white cabinets and in front of gray marble subway backsplash tiles with white grout. Elite G10 Grout A flexible premium performance grout that offers a superior smoothness for use on stone, marble and porcelain tiles Rejuvenation Grout A cost effective, ready to use grout designed to be applied straight over existing grout to transform tired wall and floor tiles