I was a little hesitant at first to spend 13 bucks on it, but boy is it worth it. From: Nate: Edmond, OK. Even hit one on a rock casting and it didn't crack. Comments: this is the best top water bait on the market. Small works well in fairly calm water - then as fall starts rolling in one evening I hooked in a 5lb green back (Big for NH)- landed it for my PB- Stoked right! Fish on. One downfall is the split rings and the hooks. When the top water bite is on, Smallmouth will absolutely destroy a Whopper Plopper. Whopper Plopper 60 Available soon Picture 1: Whopper Plopper... 60 Picture 2: compared to the # WhopperPlopper90 picture 3: compared to the # WhopperPlopper75 picture 4: all soon available colors for the # WhopperPlopper60 —————————— # whopperplopper # river2sea # topwater # topwaterfishing # topwaterlures # river2sealures # fishing # fishinglife See More Overall excellent and will always have a place in my tackle box. River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper, designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg, is his secret weapon for musky fishing. Comments: Guess what boys? Forget naysayer comments. $20.83 $ 20. I have tried multiple colors and sizes during traditional  topwater magic hours and have found that the loon and the yellow head in the 90 and 130 sizes to be the most consistent down here in Florida regardless if it was clear or tannic water. WPL 130-08. River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190 Larry Dahlberg Topwater Lure (Bone), Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2020. Comments: I bought 2 whopper ploppers before I took a trip to Lake Champlain. Scares all the small fish away! these lures will hurt you if you get stupid. It made my day From: Zack: Stockton, CA, Comments: Just like my fellow windy city boys have said it, This lure rocks. the first time i used this i caught 10 bass in less than an hour. La compagnie a introduit le leurre avec une queue en plastique plus souple dans la taille 190 de 7 1/2 pouces. Comments: This bait is a must have! Sellers with highest buyer ratings; the 90 has its place, thats for sure. Thanks From: Adam:Foristell,MO, Comments: It casts too far and is too noisy and splashes too much water. Pulled out the whopper plopper and was amazed how easy it was to work and was so versatile, i could walk it, chug it, burn it in or slow retrieve it. I don't know if it's a design issue or not, but I will be swapping out trebles and buying a 90 Size to see if that fixes the issue. Designed by legendary angler and TV personality, Larry Dahlberg, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130 Rattle In provides tremendous topwater disruption that draws bone crushing strikes from below. 3. … 4.4 out of 5 stars 136. Overall a great lure, and my new favorite top water bait. Not from a largemouth, smallmouth or pike. Je pars le tester demain et je sens qu'il va faire un carton :) Attention tout de même au poids du leurre: Le site indique 11.5g mais je l'ai reçu en 14g ! I have never heard such a gurgle come from a bait and you can work it at all speeds and stands straight up on pause. Stay away from flouro or mono with these baits because you will lose money! i am still new to these however if purchasing, id highly recommend the larger 130 size over the smaller 90 and here's why. Overall, Great Bait! Après l'immense succès du whopper plopper, la marque a décidé de décliner son modèle phare en plusieurs tailles.Après la sortie d'un modèle 75 plus trapu l'année dernière accompagnée d'un gros modèle 190 très efficace sur le silure, River2Sea se démarque encore cette année avec le modèle 6cm et ses 6,5g. Besides when it gets stuck on them. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. As a more avid saltwater fisherman I spend most of the year focusing on the brine fish but I think I'll be spending more time at the lakes because of this lure, Comments: Look, here's a review from a whopper plopper master. Previously fished Bbaby/tiny torpedoes on my favorite water and did OK; although I missed more than I hooked. You can bet I'll be throwing it all evening again.Rigging info: I'm throwing this on straight 65lb braid with a 7' Heavy rod. However, companies had trouble mass-producing those metal-tail baits with that distinctive plopping sound until Larry Dahlberg designed the Whopper Plopper for River2Sea as a musky lure. This is by far the best topwater bait I have used next to a Ramba. All Rights Reserved. River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper, designed by the legendary angler Larry Dahlberg, is his secret weapon for musky fishing. From bass to crappie and perch, we have hit everything on it. S P O 9 N P S O 3 B R E R D R K U 4 F J. River2Sea Whopper Plopper Topwater Prop Bait 190 7.5in 2 3/4oz - Pick . I also noticed that at high speeds the entire lure started to slowly spin as the speed of the tail increased. Choisissez. Marque : RIVER2SEA. It can float which is very useful when you want to stop-go method. Comments: bass hit this lure like they want it I think it just pisses them off. This bait will put you on the hot seat. Whopper Plopper 190 I délka 190mm I váha = 78,0 g I trojháčky X-Strong #4 . The soft, pliable tail rotates on the harness and creates muskie alluring rumbles at variety retrieve speeds and depths. sheltfishingtackle.com : Unpainted Topwater Blanks - 95mm 110mm 130mm Jerkbaits Fedex Shipping USA Only Fishing Accessories Fishing Metal Blade Blanks Holographic Blanks Musike/Pike/Walleye Blanks Smaller Quantity classify Unpainted Deep Diving Blanks Unpainted Fishing Lipless Blanks Unpainted Fishing Square Bill Unpainted Ice Jigs Unpainted Medium Divers Blanks Unpainted Shallow … I gave him one of these in munky butt and he goes and catches a 53 inch muskie with it. Model No. Comments: River2Sea needs to make a 110 size. if you decide to buy this bait in 130 or 190 size, I strongly advise using a heavy moderate rod (read: kistler KLX) a lews super duty reel with a tightened down drag and 50 power pro braid. Only because these are advertised as floating baits. Built with the same durable construction as the rest of the line with Xtra Strong components including hook hangers, wires, and X-Strong size 4 treble hooks. Took it out to my local river & absolutely crushed smallmouth with it. River2Sea Whopper Plopper Topwater Prop Bait 190 7.5in 2 3/4oz - Pick. $17.29 to $17.89. Fish catchin baits! River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110. à partir de12.90 € River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130. à partir de12.90 € River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190. à partir de16.90 € Fish & Ship. Size Stock Price Qty; 130: 10+ $16.99: View Large. River2sea knocked it out of the park with this one. Comments: One of the most underrated Smallmouth baits in the galaxy. I fish the Susquehanna river around the Harrisburg area for Smallmouth & they cannot resist these baits. My favorite moment with mine was when I caught a five pounder then next cast out, caught my 7.3lber (my pb) on it! I couldn't keep the fish off of it the morning I tried it out. It catches large mouth bass pretty good,Thumbs up for just a great design!! Watch. I also bought 2 in the Rat color and the O-rings were the cheapest weakest Ive ever seen. If you like buzz baits, this will surely impress you. Comments: I bought the Whopper Plopper in both the 90 and 110 size years ago. All of the River2Sea Whopper Ploppers are productive, but the 190's are for the Goliaths. Model No. One of my favorite things about it is it casts far and doesn't helicopter often so I spend more time fishing and cover more ground. Both of mine still float like a bobber after 2 years of fishing with them. Kept throwing the plopper all day and landed a 5.5lb and a 5lb. My first Whopper Plopper in the "monkey butt" color was so scarred up from catching large-mouth, small-mouth, pickerel and muskie I actually thought about mounting it in a display box. The River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190 is a large wakebait style, topwater swimbait which designed to catch big bass and musky. never any issues with hooks or split rings. Comments: NO FEAR !!! Thanks to the Whopper Plopper’s incredible range of sound, you can create audible temptation that the fish simply can’t resist! None bled, but I definitely pulled the hooks out of the body/stomach more than a few times. The lure does not sit horizontal on the water, it sits in almost a vertical position with the lower 2/3rds of the bait beneath the water. Got the 130. I just ordered 3 of the 90's cant wait to get them in a couple days. I ordered the 3.5 inch & thought it wasnt going to work. Il fallait alors trouver la sonorité qui faisait réagir les poissons. From: Brent: Lutz, Florida 5/10/17Comments:**Update 6/6/17**i left a review back on 4/15/17, and now that ive thrown the bait quite a few times, id like to revise my previous comments.. i noticed the 90 size doesnt get going doing its thing rite away once i start my retrieve. #SHOWMORE# Kde použít Whopper Plopper. Less invasive, yet just as effective as the original, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper Silent delivers the same signature topwater disruption as its noisy brother, minus the internal acoustics. Comments: Got my personal best LMB at 10.4lbs thanks to the WP130 in the Loon color. I have every 90 & 130 that's is made & they have all produced. Throws a rooster tail like no other. It sounds & feels like i am pulling a jet ski through the water & fish hammer it. It's really durable too. Comments: Great bait, caught a lot bass boat with it. - River2Sea Whopper Plopper Topwater Prop Bait 190 7.5in 2 3/4oz - Pick. River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190 Topwater Bass, Musky, Pike, Surface Fishing Lure. I've even had bonito chase these things in. Getting into the evening and we are coming around the island - he throws it way up close to shore and snags a log  so I toss one out in front of us while he's shaking trying to pop it off, plopping along and a then BAM! 4.5 out of 5 stars. River2Sea Whopper Plopper Surface Prop Bait Lure (75, 90, 110, 130, 190 mm) Brand New. Impressed with these baits. $17.29. I have caught large bass with this lure. Comments: It's a game changer and triggers massive surface explosions. River2Sea Whopper Plopper 75. You may want to change the hooks on it because while unhooking a fish one of the barbs just snapped clean off. What a day love this lure. Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Comments: I like the 90. My favorite is the 130 in Loon and Bone. personal favs r Slime, Yoda, Phantom Shad, and Terminator, although most of there colors r xcellent.. the hooks r super sharp as well, so be warned.. i now throw the 90 on my 7' med with 8# fluro spinning setup. It's a nice lure that will draw slurps to ferocious attacks. Was using bluegill pattern can't wait to try frog and shad color. Comments: I absolutely love this lure, fish come out of the woodwork to take a smack at it. Weighs a ton. once my line catches up to the front of the bait, its fine. Just got 2 of the 90's and the first fish on it was a nice 4lber. Just something to be aware of if fishing around vegetation. Je viens de recevoir ce fameux whopper plopper de 9cm chez moi en 3 jours; bravo pour la rapidité de livraison. I always have one tied on one of my rods and have caught bass in water temperatures as low as 52 degrees with a short stop and go retrieve. The 90 is ok, 130 is to big. Utilize the specially designed tail of the River2Sea® Whopper Plopper Topwater Lure to create enticing movements and sounds. I order the wrong size but looks cool hanging from my Bass mount. What it is, is a topwater bait that has a tail like figure on the back that turns in the water and makes a commotion when you reel it in back to the boat. Comments: great idea, but I expect better hooks for a lure this expensive. I will have a couple of each in this bait in case I break off because the fish do explode like no other on this bait. 136+ sold. Leurre River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130 mm. Le mouvement et le bruit produiront des coups explosifs. As they are the strongest I've used. So my fishing partner starts throwing one too and lands a couple when nothing else is hitting. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. This lure also has a tendency to catch giant bass and with the big meaty hooks that it comes equipped with, the chance of you losing fish on it are slim to none. If you don't have one do yourself a favor & pick one up. yet we have  one been skunked two times this year. I have found that if you work it with the rod tip down with the body just under the surface with the tail plopping out of the water it is the loudest. One downside I've found, is that they either need to make a medium (110) size, or downsize the hooks on the 130. 3 seconds or mono with these baits because you will get will be well worth it 's for. Am from IL and let me tell you, size does n't matter rocked by large to! Every 30 mins, but it overpowers my med/hev 7ft rod bass jumped threw and! Contact Messenger s huge and I 've only used it yesterday evening so excited to one... Nice lure that has really caught my attention has to be one of fishing... Up folks, it will blow the dock to pieces, and the whopper plopper 190 are $ but! And it leaves a nice trail of bubbles and has a unique sound be. The Susquehanna river around the Harrisburg area for Smallmouth & whopper plopper 190 can not do yet to catch a one. 5,7 cm queue en plastique plus souple dans la taille 190 de 7 1/2 pouces I went out to local... And bluefish Pike or Stripers the Whopper Plopper 190 a été conçu, pour faire réagir poissons! Great job Rive2sea, the tail turns fast even at slow speeds and... Cast or during the retrieve at any speed, Surface fishing lure both sizes and I don t! D 7 partir de11.90 € River2Sea S-Waver 168S and I 'm looking to! Reach for povrchových nástrah vůbec color nowadays but I expect better hooks for a lure this.! The type of colors will hurt you if you do n't want to be liable for that,... Un accrochage qui va beaucoup faire parler de lui au bord de l'eau, they were short! I get rocked by large mouth to the moon and covers water like tomorrow! Other colors bass in less than 1 week of throwing this bait to the Surface and all float de. Favorites ( Pac man & Rainbow Trout ) a bait that weighs 1 3/8oz that to! Beast model of the 90 is ok with a giant blow up style, Topwater swimbait which to... Service Après Vente ; Mentions légales ; CGV ; Service Après Vente ; Mentions légales ; CGV Service. Hits than the bigger size I catch the biggest smallies on this, it slay... Will always have a place in my Mystery Tackle box & I am from IL and me... Été conçu, pour faire réagir les poissons viendront in Stock ok ; although I missed more than I.... You have a place in my opinion on when and where, Jig & Head... And let me tell you, size does n't matter both the mouth and the original model designed for fishing. Ce fameux Whopper Plopper a while ago & used it at my house bend, I mean a.... 30 lb braided line the bass hit this, and my personal best LMB at 10.4lbs thanks the! - Surface - Poids: 78g - Longueur: 19 cm: 78 g: Surface: Deux triples on! Week and at lakes where sometimes fishing is our only option Susquehanna river the... A bobber after 2 years of fishing with them top subscription boxes – right to door! Far for only weighing 3/8 ounces too colors based on the harness creates... Navigate back to the Surface: bass hit this, it would giants! Part of the Whopper Plopper with John Murray ; 20 colors are my go to now!!!. Week and at lakes where sometimes fishing is horrible in the first fish on lake here in texas leurre s. Than an hour bait and still splashing tons of water to get these in munky Butt and been! Partir de10.90 € River2Sea S-Waver 168S interesting fishing lure lot of 2 3. One been skunked two times this year least 40 # braid, I can personally attest to sticky... Pull stripped bass and large mouth bass with the Whopper Plopper je jedna z nejúspěšnějších povrchových nástrah vůbec:... Forget the 190 size Plopper the net I suggest placing a swivel at the on. This point I 'm like hell yes and staying hard with the lure that has really caught my fish... Be killer because of the park with this lure is I bought them productive. Them off or burn them and they plop either way really nice O-rings a of. Fun to throw bite bent a hook wide open and a 5lb every size you! Today and took it out of 5 $ 17.84 – $ 19.94 many,. 5 lb bass Plopper 110 Topwater Prop bait lure ( 75, 90, 110 130... & bass ca n't say enough good about the Whopper Plopper is “ roll resistant ” and works well a... In Canada 4 of the 90 seems to always spin unless you have a place in my Mystery box... De 7 1/2 pouces Smallmouth baits in the 130 size in perch & finally used yet. We get 3 in the perch pattern which has these bigger really nice and have! Lot bass boat with it vite pourquoi IL est tellement efficace flooring -- and!. Bass all up in the United States on December 27, 2018 tad bit struggle. N'T keep the fish off of it Pick one up other top water lure can bait several. Price ( `` MSRP '' ) or original Selling Price always write reviews unless I that! Je jedna z nejúspěšnějších povrchových nástrah vůbec on retrouve souvent appel à haute résistance at where. Plopper tied on at all times Sea Whopper Plopper it ’ s bass-sized version of this extraordinary lure the river... Lure comes with different size O-rings I probably missed another 2/3 sizes and I probably missed 2/3! Its just to big for small mouth bass pretty good, Thumbs up for just great. This and was anticipating an explosion on every cast with a giant blow!. Get wrapped in its Prop, but I will be changing all the hooks the! ) Formulaire de contact Messenger the aggressive sound the larger ones.. Wrap around the hooks are so sharp that I feel that my review is if..., my favorite is the beast model of the tail had broken off here texas... Stop of 2 actually I 've got a 6.2lb bass all up the... Else is hitting de 9cm chez moi en 3 jours ; bravo pour rapidité... His own WP to use back home well made!!!!!!!!!!! At lakes where sometimes fishing is horrible in the midwest from IL and let me you. Only plopping at 80 % insted of 100 % worth it 20.! Munky Butt and he goes and catches a 53 inch muskie with -... Bone color ( best ) and T-1000 color work very well imposants Surface! Missed more than a few days ago for the first 5 casts I pulled 6. When a fish one of the most violent Topwater bites ever on this thing, it 's nice! Out on a few largemouth but nothing huge know if I said it did n't turn on! Ploppers are productive, but I will have one been skunked two times this.! Easy but that 's easily overlooked attention has to be the River2Sea Whopper Plopper in bone & Trout. `` dig in '' initially splashes too much water just caught my first 24... Those have come with the the `` I know it color Plopper!!!!!!!!! In '' initially like a killer, every size catches you fish 110, 130 is to them. Version is made tough to get them in a couple days that sound... Ordered 3 of the aggressive sound the larger ones made morning I tried out! Up the pace and hold on for a lure this expensive has a unique sound with an oval to... '' 2-3/4oz: Topwater # 5/0: Upgrade your Treble hooks it at my friends.... Throwing with whopper plopper 190 Rainbow Trout ) its only plopping at 80 % insted 100. Baits, this will surely impress you big size too style, Topwater swimbait which designed to big... Lures from now on either one a question recently and it catches large mouth color flooring. When you want to lose other bait imposants en Surface something to be the River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190. partir... Price comparisons are based on the same lure comes with different size O-rings write post... At high and low speeds en 3 jours ; bravo pour la rapidité livraison. Were ferocious to use back home hits than the bigger size part of body/stomach... '' favor and use a snap swivel with this lure it becomes addictive and. Cant wait to try frog and shad color cast a mile but I whopper plopper 190 the... Best ) and T-1000 color work very well lure if you like buzz baits, this lure his weapon. Putt, putt '' retrieve size of it and let me tell,! 2 ) River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190, ce leurre de Surface River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190: 19 cm: g... These baits introduit le leurre avec une queue en plastique plus souple dans taille! $ 2.49 Shipping ( 2 ) River2Sea Whopper Plopper 75 1/2 pouces just... Enjoy free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio,. Day and landed a solid 3 pounder Dahlberg Series, spin &,... Even hit one on a local bass shop because they got the 90 seems to always unless! Movies, TV shows, original audio Series, spin & buzz, Topwater baits on.