Why did George want Lennie to keep his mouth shut while they talked to the boss? What do Candy and Lennie talk about in Crooks… b. Lennie would tell him about the farm. Where did all the men go that evening (except Candy, Crooks, and Lennie)?3. What is his reply at first? Summary. 3. What is he been compared to?, Account for the lack of communication between Lennie and Curley`s wife, even though they talk together. Lennie is a totally different person, he can’t even make decisions for himself and he relies on George to do it for him. 9. Why or why not? c. The boss might not want to hire them if he heard Lennie talk. 10. Tags: Question 19 . Why does Curley’s wife get mad at Crooks and tell him that she could get him “strung up on a … All of the above. She indicates that life with Curley is not what she wanted for herself. Name four of the animals which Candy … Why does Lennie have a dead mouse in his pocket? He has a crooked back. ... Why did Lennie return to this place? He was going to throw it away. Why is George mad at the bus driver? He is a criminal. mercy killing. Crooks asks Lennie about travelling with George and if the two of them talk. That was close. The American Dream comes to mind to many people that want to achieve their dreams, find freedom, and also to be faced with the struggles the world put out at them. 6. Name four of the animals which Candy states … What does Crooks want when he believes there might really be land? He reads a lot. a. Lennie always offended people. What does Crooks say will happen to Lennie if George doesn't come back? Upset and angry, Crooks tells Lennie and Candy to leave and says he no longer wishes to be part of the dream. Curley's wife interrupts them and threatens Crooks when he asks her to leave. When Lennie visits him in his room, his reaction reveals this fact. At first, he turns Lennie away, hoping to prove a point that if he, as a black man, is not … 8th - 10th grade. Curley’s wife gets mad because no one talks to her and it’s lonely 6. Candy tells Crooks of the dream Candy, George and Lennie have together, in hopes of getting him aboard. Due to this, he is isolated from the other men and therefore has nobody to talk to. Of Mice and Men centers around the lives of George Milton and Lennie Small, two friends who are progressing in the direction of a common goal about owning their very own land during the … The next morning, George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and go to the bunkhouse. 8. Why did Lennie get mad at Crooks? Lennie got mad at Crooks because he was teasing Lennie by saying suppose George died or never came back for Lennie. Crooks is a black man set on a 1930’s ranch, working as a stable buck. At first Crooks sends Lennie away, but eventually a conversation ensues in which Lennie says he came into the barn to see his pups, and Crooks warns Lennie that he is taking the pups from the nest too much. What threat did she say to Crooks? Why does Curley’s wife get angry when Lennie tells her that George said he shouldn't talk to her? Lennie unwittingly soothes Crooks into feeling at ease, and Candy even gets the man excited about the dream farm, to the point where Crooks could fancy himself worthy and equal enough to be in on the plan with the guys. Lennie tells Crooks about the land. A. B. What threat did she say to Crooks? A. 5. He stole all of their money. Crooks teased Lennie because he wanted to know how would he feel being alone. When Lennie asks Crooks, the stable buck, \"why ain't you wanted\" [in the bunkhouse], what isCrooks's explanation?2. Why is Crooks so lonely? Crooks is a lively, sharp-witted, black stable-hand, who takes his name from his crooked back. 7. 9. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... lennie: makes him think hes not mad, hope, everything is normal. bc that is how he feels, has no one. C. ... How did Crooks get his name? What offer does Crooks make to Candy and Lennie w/ regard to the place they and George intend to acquire? It is Saturday night, and Crooks is alone in his room when Lennie appears in the door. Crooks, alike Curley’s wife, is also lonely as he is the only coloured man in the ranch. Both George and Lennie dream that they could get lots of money to enable them to own their own farm, so Lennie can tend rabbits. Crooks tells him “You go on get outta my room. I ain’t wanted in the bunk house, and you ain’t wanted in my room.” Crooks is obviously resentful because of the unjust treatment he receives as a black man … d. The boss might get upset with Lennie George is a really responsible person. Give him a hard time. , Similarities between the way the dog is treated and the treatment of some human … Crooks is delighted by the hope of the farm becoming a … Of Mice and Men - Chapter 2 DRAFT. A. why does crooks make lennie imagine life without george? Crooks sees Lennie towering over him and retracts his comment. ... Why is Crooks called Crooks? He took Crooks’ shotgun from the harness room. Like most of the characters in the story, he admits that he is extremely lonely. However, Lennie does not understand the unwritten code of racial segregation and does not leave. Of Mice and Men (What happens, How is Lennie described as a transition between nature and human beings? Shows that he is not going to kill Lennie out of anger. Click to see full answer Regarding this, why did Lennie get mad at crooks? In the book, Of Mice and Men, we see how George and Lennie face the American Dream. 6. 11. Crooks's little dream of the farm is shattered by Curley's wife's nasty comments, slotting the black man … They had to run from the law. How did Crooks feel about Lennie and then Candy coming into his quarters? answer choices . Oftentimes, Lennie's forgetfulness got he and George into trouble and this time at the ranch would be no different if he did not stay quiet. This is why it is so important for George to remind Lennie to not say anything, because if he forgets he will spoil their chances at the ranch. Realizing that he has the intellectual advantage, Crooks tries to rile Lennie, who is looking for George, by telling him that George is not returning. ... Why does Lennie get angry at his dead puppy? Why do you think Crooks teased Lennie? Crooks’ loneliness can be identified by the scene in the novella when Lennie enters Crooks room. While he is trying to hide the puppy in the barn, Curley's wife joins him. Got books in his room"(Steinbeck 20). 12. What is Crooks initial reaction to the intrusion? 7. She talks to him and invites him to stroke her hair. 13. Of Mice and Men have written by John Steinbeck was published in 1937 and is viewed as the author’s first significant accomplishment. What does Crooks say will happen to Lennie if George doesn't come back? Summary. answer choices ... Lennie thinks he that George will... answer choices . Lennie tells Crooks if he doesn't believe him he can ask George. Why would crooks react so negatively to Lennie and then let him in anyway? Why did Crooks teased Lennie, and Lennie got mad at him Of Mice and Men novel in section four? What was Curley’s wife’s dream? In the book Of Mice and Men, Lennie touched the red dress that a girl was wearing. 2. However, Lennie’s innocence finally wins him over and the two talk. 8. Lennie calms down. Then Curley’s wife invites Lennie to pet her soft hair, but when he gets too rough, she “jerked her head sideways, and Lennie’s fingers closed on her hair and hung on.” Finally, when Curley’s wife yells at Lennie to let go, he panics in fear that George will get mad and not let him tend the rabbits, so he puts his hand over her mouth. Phew. He upsets Lennie simply because he can; this behavior of Crooks demonstrates the tendency of men who are too … It is also apparent that anyone attempting to harm George would receive injury at the hands of Lennie… Chapter 4—Questions1. While the girl is yelling, Lennie does not think to let go of it, but instead he holds onto … Preview this quiz on Quizizz. He received the name Crooks because of his crooked back as a result of viscous encounter with a horse. Steinbeck presents the Character of Crooks to us as he wouldn’t of been considered during the times of the ‘Great Depression’ and shows us the negative stereotypes of black people in an American 1930’s society. Lennie freaks out and gets mad. 5. Why does Lennie get upset in Crooks's room?4. Seems like he feels bad for Lennie: doesn't get mad, just comes and sits by Lennie. According to Candy, why was the boss mad and George and Lennie? He has a crooked … 10. What is Curley's wife's reaction to the dream of the farm with rabbits? The old swamper, Candy, informs them the boss is mad because they were supposed to arrive the night before.After Candy shows them which bunks to take, the conversation turns to people at the ranch, whom he describes. How did Curley's wife know that Lennie was the one who broke Curley's hand? He has a cane. how does lennies death compare to how dog was killed? Lennie is mentally disabled. Start studying English 3, Of Mice and Men Reading Questions. He wanted to pet it while they walked along. Analysis: George explains to Lennie why their life is so good in comparison to others and proclaims the virtue of friendship.George holds true to his description of friendship, despite the occasional outburst, by continually getting Lennie out of trouble. Crooks is briefly won over by Lennie’s friendliness and enjoys having someone to talk to, even feeling some hope that he could be involved in the dream of the farm. B. 4. Lennie starts to talk about the rabbits they're going to get, but Crooks just thinks he's crazy. Why did Lennie get mad at Crooks? SURVEY . Somehow, Crooks decides this is the perfect moment for a speech about how every guy needs another guy to … Talk about how easy life would be without Lennie. What does Curley’s wife admit about her life? 6. According to Candy, why was the boss mad and George and Lennie? At first, Crooks is reluctant to allow Lennie into his room, angry that he isn’t permitted to be in the white men’s room. How did Curley's wife know that Lennie was the one who broke Curley's hand? Why do you think Crooks teased Lennie? Be mad. Crooks tries to shut out another outcast, telling Lennie that "[he] ain't wated in the bunkhouse and [Lennie] ain't wanted in [his] room" (p. 68). Grade Booster Look at the way Crooks seems almost to delight in taunting Lennie that George will leave him, until he is frightened by Lennie's response. Crooks is a minority character introduced in … Curley's wife, an outcast herself, sees Crooks, Lennie, and Candy as "a nigger an' a dum-dum and a lousy ol' sheep" (p. 78), but she is not even wanted there with them. Why does Lennie wander into Crook's room? No one ever ;lts him in and he is completely isolated so is bitter. Crooks becomes very excited when he realizes he can tell Lennie anything, because Lennie … George:asking for permission and forgiveness. Crooks's structural role in the novel is to appear two-thirds of the way in and to forewarn and prepare you for the destruction of George and Lennie's dream.