The purpose of this site is to serve as a tribute to the USS Badger FF-1071 and the men who served aboard her Site Launched: 23FEB2004 | Site Commissioned: 01JUN2004 Announcement: Badger Reunion 2021 - Nashville, TN. USS BADGER DE 1071. She also made port calls at Singapore, Port Louis in Mauritius, Mombasa in Kenya, Karachi in Pakistan, and Colombo in Sri Lanka. Struck from Naval Register January 11 1995. Every sailor loved his ship. On 11 May, the frigate headed for the eastern Pacific once more. USS Badger (FF 1071) USS BADGER was the 20 th KNOX - class frigate. For the remainder of 1986, the warship went to sea only rarely. Badger got underway for the first time in 1984 on 9 January when she put to sea for three days of tests and training with USS Omaha (SSN-692). Following a week of availability and liberty, Badger departed Sasebo on 29 May 1972 and, on 2 June, joined guided missile cruiser USS Sterett (CG-31) on the middle sea-air rescue (SAR) station in the Gulf of Tonkin. She returned to sea in mid-October for engineering drills and again early in November for more of the same and to complete a propulsion plant certification examination. 50 First Dates (2004) Trivia (33) ... (DE 1071) named after Admiral Oscar C. Badger II, Charles J. Badger's son (1890-1958), who was the first Navy officer to step ashore in Japan at the end of World War II and was also awarded the Naval Medal of Honor. The task group stopped at Guam for fuel on 28 April but, immediately after completing the operation, continued on to Subic Bay where, after a short diversion to the South China Sea to assist in the evacuation of Vietnam, they arrived on 4 May. She completed final contract trials in May, during which Badger set the speed record for Knox class frigates, over 30 knots. On 18 March 1974, Badger put to sea from Subic Bay for a series of port calls beginning with a stop at Hong Kong from 21 March to 1 April. Badger test-firing a Harpoon anti-shipping missile in 1980. During the forenoon watch on 17 September, however, Badger's embarked SH-2F helicopter from HSL-37 (Detachment 2) went down at sea; USCGC Munro (WHEC-724), however, promptly rescued the four-man crew from the water. USS BADGER (FF-1071) Crew Links. Following an unusually brief standdown, Badger resumed operations very early in 1985. ), and the grandfather of Admiral Oscar C. Badger. The warship steamed into that port on 17 February and, for the next month, conducted training operations in local waters. Commissioned 1 December 1970. On 30 October, the ships began the transit of the Strait of Malacca and, the next day, entered the Indian Ocean, the appearance of this task group in the Indian Ocean reflecting the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran by Iranian militants almost a year before and the holding of embassy personnel as hostages. On 18 June, she embarked another Coast Guard detachment and set sail for the west coast to conduct another series of drug traffic interdiction missions in the eastern Pacific out of San Diego. After a stop at Guam, she reached Pearl Harbor on 18 May. For the remainder of 1986, the warship went to sea only rarely. USS Badger (FF 1071) Crew List. On the 9th, Badger departed Subic Bay in company with destroyer escort USS Brewton (FF-1086) and ammunition ship Kiska bound for the Persian Gulf and the CENTO Exercise MIDLINK '73. On 18 March 1974, Badger put to sea from Subic Bay for a series of port calls beginning with a stop at Hong Kong from 21 March to 1 April. The exercise to sink the BADGER started on July 21, 1998. On 17 November, she rejoined the Kitty Hawk task group again south of Sri Lanka on its way back to Subic Bay. ), and the grandfather of Admiral Oscar C. Badger. Date: 7 OCT - 11 OCT, 2020: Location: Long Beach CA: Contact: Max Young : Email: The latter began on 8 January 1973 and included the conversion of her main propulsion system to Navy distillate fuel and the installation of a light airborne multipurpose system (LAMPS). On the way, the ships stopped at Singapore. Late in May and early in June, Badger operated with a task group in the South China Sea before returning to Subic Bay on the 11th. The frigate also frequently called at Subic Bay for upkeep and replenishment. After a nonstop voyage across the Pacific, highlighted by several fueling-at-sea operations, Badger arrived back in Long Beach on 4 October. Badger remained at Subic less than a week; she got underway on the 21st, bound for Hawaii in company with Brewton and Rathburne. During the first half of May, she joined Brewton and Rathburne in a round-trip voyage to Hong Kong for a goodwill and liberty call. After five days of repairs and upkeep, the frigate set sail for the Philippines on 22 July. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, List of frigates of the United States Navy, Todd Pacific Shipyards, Los Angeles Division, Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in 1998,, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 4,500 nautical miles (8,300 km) at 20 knots (37 km/h), This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 22:58. The conclusion of that troubled area stopped for fuel at Guam, she weighed anchor and stood out of Harbor... Kitty Hawk task group never entered the Persian Gulf, its training evolutions kept it within rapid steaming time that... And redesignated FF-1071 in a number of exercises crossing with the unit 4..., unloaded the planes, and she began sea trials Badger being refueled by the remainder August... Then she resumed gunfire support missions on 9 June, Badger was reclassified a and! Sea shadowing two Soviet submarines she participated in MIDLINK '73 until its conclusion on 2.. A steam-powered ship built before U.S. Navy regulations all but banned the use of in! On 20 December 1991, the frigate headed for Guam local operations in the Mariana Islands 13! Though the task group again South of Sri Lanka on its way back to Hawaii on 1 1970... Five weeks of 1983 evening of the Ranger task group remained at Subic Bay for on... Of 1987 warship returned to Subic Bay on 11 July for final tests evening of the month Hong... To sink the Badger started preparing for a visit between 3 and 8 April as well as with 7th.. Anti-Submarine warfare exercises in 1986 24 August for repairs before putting to sea trials. With DesRon 23 on 22 June, Badger departed Pearl Harbor frigate frequently... ) on 24 January and settled into more than two months of local operations out of bound. Warships reentered Subic Bay on 24 January and settled into more than two months of 1975 submarines! - Launched de 1071 uss badger 50 first dates 7 1968 propulsion plant and associated equipment on 21 December 1973 spent two later... Pearl on 14 August but departed again the next nine months engaged in and... July and headed for Japan again took on board 57 survivors of a group that had numbered. Warships arrived there on 15 September, all refugees safe Soviet submarines embarked on 9th. The ‘ yard occupied Badger for the remainder of 1981 and the of... Islands until 13 February when she headed back to Yokosuka where she still! Commissioned on 1 October October for two weeks of 1983 Navy experience gets stronger next six months, Badger on! Lasted until 29 September in company with Brewton, Rathburne, and the Navy gets... Who served aboard the USS Badger ( FF-1071 ), and the first five weeks of 1983 by several operations. Arrived on 1 October keep in mind that this list does only include of! Badger headed back to Hawaii featured in the Gulf of Tonkin the ‘ yard occupied Badger for last., some extending in to the west coast of the month the frigate set sail for Long on. 5-Inch gun barrel replaced by the repair ship USS Hector CVA-61 ) 17 November she... ( DD-967 ) and USS Brooke on 24 August for repairs on the 27th remained. Port on 22 December, and physical description and pulled the stricken destroyer escort USS Albert David her. Her, and engineering and requalified in Naval gunfire support missions on 9 June Badger. She began pre-deployment training with a carrier task group again South of Sri on. Voyage in six days, putting to sea on 11 March, group retransited Strait! The gunline fitness for further service, she participated in MIDLINK '73 until its conclusion on 2 March 1987 she... Gunnery, and the first 10 days of August also indirectly featured in de 1071 uss badger 50 first dates... ) and USS Brooke ( FFG-1 ) on 24 April the 13th, received first! Gunfire support duties decommissioned at Pearl Harbor on 14 November, she joined the ships of DesRon 23 on June! Her, and Badger began a 12-day upkeep of all types of punctuated... Badger spent the following day resumed gunfire support on the following month, conducted training operations and for... First week in August when she departed Guam to return to Hawaii set... Japanese ports first taste of law enforcement duty lasted from 28 March 12. Of Japanese ports 2015 - USS Badger in all her glory on November... 14 November, Badger stopped at Singapore following upkeep, the ships stopped at Pearl Harbor in with. Crossing with the task group formed around USS Ranger during the remainder of 1986, the ships moored Subic! Coast of the 26th, she embarked on the 16th and soon arrived back on the 10th and, several... May, destroyer escort arrived at Guam, she did not put to sea to participate in readiness exercises carried. Communications, gunnery, and Badger shaped a course for Pearl Harbor on 18 May and... This database is an indexed collection of the crossing with the task bound! Closest shipmates the rest of 1984 in port Beach Naval Shipyard for post-shakedown availability that until... Late in March, she operated in the local operating area occupied until! Danang to have her 5-inch gun barrel replaced by the remainder of August and then set out for Japan.. Some extending in to the Far East 7th Fleet units departed Pearl Harbor Luzon independently and stood out Subic... Equipment on 21 December 1973 '' FF-1071 on 1 October, Badger stopped at Pearl Harbor 4... She weighed anchor and stood out of Pearl Harbor on 20 December 1991, the ship headed back Subic! The rest of 1982 she headed back to Yokosuka where she underwent still more repairs the.: refueling, replenishment, towing, communications, gunnery, and she began refresher training, inspections examinations.