Example: Find the HCF of 126, 162 and 180. - A factor is a common factor when it is a factor of two or more numbers. Here are a Few Highest Common Factor Examples : Images to be uploaded soon. Divide by the smallest prime number, which can divide atleast one of the numbers, and bring down the numbers that cannot be divided further. We can find the hcf of 3 numbers either by Prime Factorisation Method or by Division Method. Learn HCF and LCM, HCF or GCD formula, LCM formula, Factors and Multiples of numbers. COMMON FACTOR - A factor is a common factor when it is a factor of two or more numbers. HCF stands for highest common factor and LCM stands for least common multiple. and prove that product of two numbers is equal to product of HCF and LCM. Example: HCF of 7 and 9 will be 1. Solution: To find the hcf by prime factorization , Since, the common factors of 24 and 36 are 2×3×2×1= 12. We use the repeated division method for finding highest common factor (H.C.F) of two or more numbers. Find the hcf by prime factorization of the numbers 24 and 36. Divide dividend by remainder 27/9 -> remainder = 0 So the HCF or GCD (greatest common Divisor) of 27 and 36 is 9 For 3 numbers, calculate the HCF or greatest common measure (GCM) of 2 numbers, then HCF of the result with 3rd number. The above HCF finder/ GCF finder lets you find GCF and LCM … Free HCF by Division Method Worksheets. Find the highest common factor of 64 and 80 by using the prime factorization method? Stop dividing when the remainder equals to  zero. How to Find the HCF of 3 Numbers or How to Find the Highest Common Factor: Find the hcf of 3 numbers 15,30 and 90 using the Prime Factorization method. So, the numbers common in the sequence are 2×2×5×1. Euclid’s Division Lemma says that for any two positive integers suppose a and b there exist two novel whole numbers say q and r, such that, a = bq+r, where 0≤r