St. Patrick Catholic School serves all faiths in the Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and surrounding areas. Saint Patrick School is a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, solid Christian community. A Roman Catholic Parish and School in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida Features include parish & school news, Holy Mass and Confessions schedule, bulletins, parish & school calendar, descriptions of … With several options for preschool classes and full-day Kindergarten, our students embark on an academic journey with the support of a family of teachers and students during their formative years. St. Patrick Academy will provide a gateway into 21st century learning by providing students with the tools to succeed as faith-filled, community-focused and self-motivated learners prepared to meet the needs of a diverse and changing world. We welcome people of all faiths to join us. Official website of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and School. St. Patrick Catholic School Graduates have a mission rooted in their Catholic faith to use their God-given gifts to serve others and participate wholeheartedly in communities in which they live; they are well equipped with skills and knowledge to transform their world. Although we are not Catholic, we are welcomed into the broader St Patrick family by the church staff. St. Patrick Catholic School St. Patrick Catholic Church. At Saint Patrick Catholic School, we believe the arts are indispensable to a complete and high-quality education, providing a rich and engaging curriculum that instills in children the gifts of self-expression, creativity, self-discipline, and a drive for excellence. Students encounter Jesus Christ in … A Leader in Me Lighthouse school, St. Patrick students benefit from the infusion of faith and leadership … St. Patrick Catholic School continues to claim strength as a vibrant Catholic institution where children are nurtured spiritually, academically and socially on a daily basis. The school has a teacher to student ratio that enables each student to receive the right amount and kind of attention needed. A Catholic school serving Nursery Age 3 through 8th Grade children in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. St. Patrick Catholic Academy . The school and church staff have supported our family. St. Patrick School is a Catholic grammar school that begins with preschool and continues through eighth grade. Students are immersed in the Scriptures, and our curriculum is built upon our faith. On-site and virtual instruction are available starting in August 2020. St. Patrick Separate School; 11948 The Gore Road; Brampton ON , L6P 0A2; Phone: 905.794.0411 Fax: 905.794.2789 Principal: Maria Bracco-Clarot Vice Principal(s): Superintendents: Les Storey Trustee: Shawn Xaviour (Brampton Ward 10) Frank Di Cosola (Caledon Ward 2, 4) St Patrick Catholic Church of McCook - St. Patrick Elementary School page

Rebecca Redl, Principal Barb Bortner, Secretary 2019/2020 SCHOOL YEAR: Grades K-8. With over a 120-year tradition in Tacoma, St. Patrick Catholic Church & School nurtures the spiritual and educational needs of our parishioners, school parents, teachers, staff and students.