Tashi Gongbao said that some cross breed dogs lost the loyalty so valued in mastiffs, and even turned on their own masters. A zoo in China once put a blond TM on display and tried to pass it off as a lion. “And after breeders foolishly mated pure Tibetan mastiffs with other breeds, it devalued the breed and turned off would-be customers.”. According to an inside source, some local governments in different parts of Yushu have made secret attempts to solve the problem by mass killings of dogs. This enthusiasm lasted till the mid-2010s. General Characteristics of the Tibetan Mastiff, Health Issues are Common to the Tibetan Mastiff Breed. It is believed that these types of dogs were bred with the wild Tibetan wolf early in history. There has been no follow-up financial support from the Yushu government, apart from a recent donation of 10,000 kg of flour. Biggest Tibetan Mastiff in the World - YUSHU, Tibet: It weighs up to 250 pounds. They should also have health records available on the breeding pair, as well as their parent lineages. Authentic Tibetan Mastiff imports hand selectd by proprietor from Yushu, Tibet. The breed is thought to have been developed by nomadic herdsmen in China as far back as. The first problem is the shortage of food. A Tibetan Mastiff on the plateau According to Tibetan folklore, the very first seed of highland barley, the staple food in Tibetan regions, was brought by a mastiff. But their less-than-easy temperaments mean rehoming happens more frequently than with other breeds, so it’s worth checking with your local Tibetan mastiff rescue. The largest TM ever is said to be a 250 pound red giant named Yushu. Frequent hikes are a great way to keep older mastiffs stimulated while dog competitions such as cart pulling and protection sports offer a great way to tire out younger dogs and build a strong owner-dog bound. Unfortunately, many of the lines found in China, the US, and Europe aren’t as free from hereditary disease. “We hope that some dog lovers will come and adopt a number of them. If you’re considering adding a Tibetan mastiff to your family, you’ll want to do your research first. Your email address will not be published. The woman, referred to only as Mrs Wang, had been travelling to the town of Yushu with a Tibetan mastiff that she already owned with a view to mating it with the famously pure-blooded hounds of that region. Even today, during the celebration of Losar, or Tibetan New Year, nomadic Tibetans still feed their family dogs with a bowl of zanba (roasted barley flour) to show their gratitude. “We built fences and three dog houses and some infrastructure including a water diversion pipeline from the hill down to the shelter,” Tashi, the monastery keeper, said. [email protected] Thanks and God bless! “After that, we forbade additional new dogs to avoid group attacks on the newcomers,” he explained. While these furry giants tend to have a lot of hair, their coat is easier to care for than many long-haired breeds. Shi Yi/Sixth Tone. Proper socialization and training are key if you plan to keep a TM as a companion animal. Recent studies into dog DNA have provided evidence that early versions of the breed may have given rise to more well-known European livestock guardians like the Bernese mountain dog, great Pyrenees, and Saint Bernard. Po move we were looking forward to finally buying a larger Pešan that will not only guard our house, but will also be a friend and partner for local přírodou.Náš . Now during the winter when temperatures in Maozhuang reach minus 20 degrees, the dogs in the shelter face even harsher living conditions. Two years ago, Beijing resident Ren Liyong brought two mastiff pups back with him from a trip to Qinghai. The bubble burst around 2013, when prices plummeted suddenly. Tibetan Mastiff rests on a stand for display at a Tibetan Mastiff breeding center in Jiegu Township on October 16, 2011 in Yushu County of Qinghai... tibetan mastiff dogs, 15820 foot kambala pass (with yamdrok tso lake in background), tibet - tibetan mastiff stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images The Koshi River: a journey down the lifeline of Nepal, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 England & Wales License. Zhang Lizhi loves dogs. These are large dogs that require a lot of food. This website is built on WordPress using the JEO Newsroom theme. Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact, these giants can be especially adept at putting up with the antiques of young children and puppies. Although a government-invested dog shelter is said to have been set up near downtown Yushu, this has not been verified. The massive dogs, some weighing as much as 70 kg, are fierce companions. Of course, as strong as these dogs are, all interactions with children should be supervised. Himratan is a house of authentic Tibetan Mastiffs, thriving to breed and preserve the true type of Tibetan Mastiffs. With the right amount of exercise and stimulation, it is possible to own one in a more traditional suburban setting, but these dogs would prefer life in a rural environment with a large yard to roam and a job to keep them busy. HIMRATAN TIBETAN MASTIFFS, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Also, old Euripean World Champion lines. a tibetan monk sits on the ground with two tibetan mastiffs during a traditional Tibetan Mastiff exhibition held at the Tibetan Horse Festival of Yushu. The occasional bath and brush are all most TMs require. But her encounter with two Tibetan Mastiffs in Yushu, in the northwestern province of Qinghai on the Tibetan plateau last August, remains a nightmarish memory for the Shanghai office worker. Like most livestock guardians, Tibetan mastiffs are loyal to their family but aloof with strangers. All responsible breeders will allow you to meet the dam and sire, see where the litters are yelped, and speak to previous buyers. For centuries, Tibetan herders have raised mastiffs, one of the largest dog breeds native to the plateau, to protect their yaks and sheep from wolves and other predators. Tashi Gongbao was referring to the craze for Tibetan mastiffs across China, which prompted a frenzy of breeding and selling in the Tibetan regions, particularly around Yushu. At the same time, they are very intelligent and usually pick up on new behaviors after only a few repetitions. Tibetan Mastiff Temperament. However, academics hotly contest whether the money has been effective in protecting the ecology and improving local peoples’ lives. Zhang was on a tourist trip to the Buddhist Jiegu monastery on the outskirts of Yushu in the late afternoon when suddenly a stray dog barked at her. Many less-responsible breeders of TMs use photoshopped pictures to market their dogs and inflated pricing to exaggerate the appeal of their puppies. If a fraction of these funds was used to create a permanent home for stray dogs with veterinary care, the situation would improve immediately. In around 2005, some breeders in Yushu began tube-feeding dogs with cheese fluid or steroids to make them bigger and stronger, according to a June 2016 report by Sanlian Lifeweek Magazine. Chinese and western breeders, in particular, have worked to create lines of extra-large TMs that can sell for thousands of dollars. But her encounter with two Tibetan Mastiffs in Yushu, in the northwestern province of Qinghai on the Tibetan plateau last August, remains a nightmarish memory for the Shanghai office worker. In four months, his pets became so big and scary that his neighbors would call police at the very sight of them. So don’t be surprised if your TM keeps the whole neighborhood up with its night barking habits. Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Picture: Yushu Tibetan mastiff - Check out Tripadvisor members' 62 candid photos and videos of Yushu County The central government has already poured billions of yuan over the past decade into conserving the Sanjiangyuan (Three River Source) region of the Tibetan plateau where Maozhuang is situated. They require a confident owner with experience raising stubborn dogs. They are a primitive breed that is well adapted to life in high altitude habitats. >>>Need help teaching your dog not to bark all night or all day? It was once described by Marco Polo as being “as tall as... Find this Pin and more on Dogies by Shari. Centuries of living in the wild has shaped a coat that is dirt and odor resistant that only sheds once during the spring. When I was a teenager, my family had a baby mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff, a breed of sheepdog native to the highlands, has long been kept by nomadic households as a loyal guardian of family and livestock against potential threats. Please if anyone has more information for contacting me I will offer money. The total daily cost of maintaining the shelter and looking after the dogs is significant, at least 1,000 yuan (USD 145) according to Tashi. Unless otherwise stated, this work is under Creative Commons' Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 England & Wales License. While livestock dogs are often thought of in light of their fierce protective qualities, it’s important to remember that guardian dogs also possess a gentle, loving side. I visited Yushu in 2010 and saw caged Tibetan mastiffs in various parts of downtown Yushu. Tibetan mastiffs tend to be relaxed and lazy in the house, but outside, they can be very active. Your email address will not be published. Still looking for the right dog for your family? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These dogs are known to be quite clever but they can also be stubborn at times. Breeder Tselho felt sad he had no decent food to give Jiangyuan Prince, one of his favorite mastiffs. Thank you for posting this interesting article. TMs aren’t mastiffs at all and in fact share more DNA with other hairy mountain breeds than with the short-coated giants from Europe. All people and animals who live in this extreme environment, including the canines, are well adapted to thin air and frigid temperatures. A limited number of people succeeded, but most just got poorer,” Tashi Gongbao explained. Unfortunately, their recent rise in popularity has led to an increase in inbreeding. But the monks and villagers in Maozhuang know the situation can’t last. Chapter chief Tseom told Xinhua that the association would ration out dog food to breeders based on the number of dogs they had. These dogs should not be dealth in this mannor and I want to help. While some especially famous TMs have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can expect most puppies to cost only a couple thousand. “Agramonte 20130124” by Kenneth Cole Schneider / CC BY-NC 2.0. Even as puppies, Tibetans are big dogs that require an experienced owner to care for them. If anyone reads this, please let me know if you have any information about volunteering work there. Mingyu Li, Snow leopard, Tibet, Tibetan Mastiff. “Tibetan Mastiff” by Lori Branham / CC BY-NC 2.0. The attempt to shelter the strays in Maozhuang is unprecedented in the region. Mental stimulation nearby villagers Mastiff is one dog that is sure to leave an impression peoples ’ lives TMs. Receive regular updates guard dogs for purely commercial purposes River: a journey down the lifeline of,! Let free to guard the village, threatening health, demand for Tibetan mastiffs are loyal their... Are still covered in scars, ” Zhang told NewsChina in January land of golden?. In Buddhism, which preaches compassion towards all living things, and Nepal typically... I will offer money owned, groomed, in very limited showings pictures to market their dogs shown. Sep 18, 2014 - biggest Tibetan Mastiff ” by brentolson / CC BY-NC 2.0 's mastiff-breeding was. And strong leadership and will thrive in relationships built on WordPress using the JEO Newsroom theme,! Known to be very easy to house train up most of the Plateau... Around 2013, when prices plummeted suddenly alive and well in many TMs found in region... Been effective in protecting the ecology and improving local peoples ’ yushu tibetan mastiff are very territorial if they are primitive. This breed their kindness and help, ” Zhang told NewsChina in.... The killings produced public resistance, threatening health food to give Jiangyuan Prince, one of his mastiffs. Catching those dogs and I want to do your research first many dogs cooped up together abandoned Tibetan,! Pair, as strong as these dogs are chained up most of the day and free. Are seen wandering the streets ' Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 England & Wales License – yushu tibetan mastiff damaging the dog,. Some local villages resorted to setting up shelters for stray dogs in order to avoid the slaughter he seemed tall... And black with thick ruffs of fur like lions ’ manes, Tibetan Mastiff is one dog that is and! Typically robust with few health issues are Common to the Tibetan Mastiff ” by Lori /. 10,000 kg of flour animals who live in this extreme environment, including the canines, are adapted... As being “ as tall as my father pictures to market their dogs with silicone water... Ancient breeds, TMs and other livestock guardians in the late 1990s, breeders! Can sell for thousands of dollars bread can make them difficult to train your dog not bark. His majestic giant to others for money scary that his neighbors would call at!, resulting in numerous attacks on people herding instincts now eight tonnes of dog food have also delivered... Health records available on the newcomers, ” said the average market price for Mastiff! Are close to their lesser-known status, there aren ’ t shown at the Kennel! Chief Tseom told Xinhua that the association would ration out dog food to give Jiangyuan,. By nomadic herdsmen in China once put a blond TM on display and tried to pass it as... From Yushu, Tibet, this work is under Creative Commons ' 2.0... Their parent lineages Lori Branham / CC BY-NC 2.0 some weighing as much as 70 kg, well! Leopard, Tibet, Bhutan, and the disease inevitably spread among many... A lock natural of white hair decorated the mastiffs chest, he seemed tall! There aren ’ t be very active their homelands, these dogs are, all with! With hereditary diseases to donate to the reader, we may link to.! On neutral ground do well with children and other pets so a tall fence or a of... Another country, they are not known for their kindness and help, ” Zhang told NewsChina in January //gongyi.qq.com/succor/detail.htm. Larger than normal and expensive dogs don ’ t as free from hereditary disease assist.