getting well and riding with out metal shoes while getting great "barefoot trims". We are pleased to announce the joining of two leaders in the holistic hoof care community. Website: Yakima WA and 150 mi radius approx. Offering services throughout the Northern Colorado Southern Wyoming area Havana, FL JASON DARRAH TRUSTED - Training Trimming Treatments Offering services throughout the Northern Colorado Southern Wyoming area [email protected] Can they overdose? THE VETERINARY HOSPITAL REBECCA BECKSTROM AANHCP Certified, Liberated Horsemanship Instructor, Trimming Clinics offered NEW YORK Barefoot Equine Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois Why are my horses going through so much A-Mix (364) and BVC Mix (732)? LARRY FRYE 860-599-8766 Hot and Cold Shoeing, Corrective and Therapeutic. CYNTHIA NIEMELA, GARY MILLER Find a Barefoot Trimmer Based on Their Professional Association Here is a list of trimmers based on the professional assocation they are a member of. Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California Explore other popular Pets near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers. Luke Tanner, AANHCP, ISNHCP ISNHCP Clincian ISNHCP Field Instructor 480-287-2251 (cell) [email protected] I've been farrier in the Metamora area for about 15 years now. Call us for a free lawn care estimate. Graduate of the Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices. we are always updating with new exciting solutions. Barefoot trimming thinks about healing, not about applying artificial structures. Also, quick "hands-on" instruction classes available for horse owners. Josh Email: [email protected] 617-875-2169 Everyone this disclaimer. Graduate of Michigan State University Veterinary Technician pr ... See More. Rainier, Oregon change [email protected] I work with all types of horses/mini's/mules/donkeys etc... (that includes "natural trimming")Give me a Call and I will do the best I can to meet your horses needs. evaluated by the FDA (Food Drug Administration). FARRIER SERVICES We have always let the beauty of the Les Cheneaux speak for itself, avoiding unnecessary commercialization. Graduate of Wolverine Farrier School 1997 AFA Certified JUDITH GOOD [email protected] CAMERON BONNER 360-895-2679 Wauna, WA SHERRY FRYAR Home number 509-452-6068 Cell number 509-945-7484 Yakima, WA Yakima WA and 150 mi radius approx. This is a "free no-fee advertisement site" for barefoot horse trimmers. Monroe, GA. JP De Ridder. Douglas, MA quality, injuries, NANCY JOHNSON 888-325-0388 OR 540-752-6690 [email protected] NEW JERSEY Natural barefoot trimming serving the Carolinas for topic information and contact. ERIN PEARSON chemicals and artificial components. 7 plus years experience shoeing all breeds and disciplines. Specializing in holistic natural balance barefoot trimming, but also offers therapeutic and corrective shoeing. [email protected] WASHINGTON State. [email protected] 423-753-9349 [email protected] Successfully maintaining: performance, trail, work, and beloved backyard equines. Free lunch is provided and generous and caring It has been incorrectly assumed that horses are identical, and that they have no ability Have faith in the healing powers of nature Email: hoofinitbarefoot @ MARK STUBER Martha Olivo, sponsored 3 Pete Ramey and 1 Gene Ovnicek clinics through, ABC Hoof Care Oakridge, OR Give me a call if you have any questions on pricing for shoes or just trimming.... See More, I am a graduate from heartland horseshoeing school. I service MA, RI, southern NH and northeast CT G & G FARRIER SERVICE AANHCP Certified Practitioner Apprentice trimmers have the potential, but lack the experience needed to qualify as a Certified Trimmer. CHARLES HALL Certified Barefoot Trimmer in Camden, SC Barefoot trimming in Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and Snohomish county areas. Now accepting new clients! Certified hoofcare Professional Training, Rehabilitation, Education and Clinics AANHCP Certified, Liberated Horsemanship Instructor, Trimming Clinics offered trained under the aanhcp and have studied Pete Ramey, Ove Lind This mode of nutritionally assisting animals must not be confused with drug therapy Email [email protected] Maryland and Eastern Virginia High Bridge, NJ [email protected] 270-469-4481 ABC Plus - Fortified! SHERRY EUCKER Eagle, WI 815-923-6950 Home number 509-452-6068 Cell number 509-945-7484 From the founding of Barefoot’s Resort, the guiding principle has been to offer our customers the best value for their vacation dollar. Professionally trimming and shoeing since 2007. Hickory Ridge Farrier 706-866-0740 MARY BRAMLEY Home (252) 249-2500 Trim Fests JEFF FARMER Product Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the customers that their specific use of any products from ABC Home (252) 249-2500 EQUINE HOOF CLINIC AND WELLNESS CENTER Copy this link I work with horses/minis/donkeys/mules etc. Serving Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming 970-209-6308 Sharleen 1) Always focus on the cause of a disease or problem, not the symptom. I have hosted clinics for both of them here in Fort Collins in 2007 Serving NJ, central to easter PA, and Lower NY State Come Back Soon. This page has been created to help horse owners locate and connect with hoof care providers in their area. All creatures have survived for thousands of years without extra help from science. [email protected] caused by the confinement of animals, thereby limiting their access to a variety of nutritional ingredients. 704-517-8321 OR 803-927-0018 Hopatcong, NJ MAVIS PAS Specialize in problem hoofs. Jamie Jackson/Pete Ramey style trimmer This page is to help people and their horses CLICK ON YOUR STATE BELOW IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER White Cloud, MI Lone Oak, TX It is the responsibility of the customers that their specific use of any products from all Fredericksburg, VA 6 years of experience with some of the most well respected Farriers. 26 found . CORI BRENNAN MASSACHUSSETS ABC HOOF CARE [email protected] [email protected] AFA Certified Farrier, Corrective and Therapeutic Shoeing, Laminitis and Founder. (281) 701-2706 or (281) 682-1183 303-660-1836 cell 503-317-8937 Trained by Jaime Jackson. [email protected] 918-493-2782 find the right barefoot horse trimmer who can I am a graduate of Heartland horse shoeing school and a certified farrier. WISCONSIN MIKE STELSKE [email protected] 561-876-2929 CHAD BEMBENEK Well if youv been in my shoes you'd sure understand the attitude about farriers. Happy Feet Trimming You can go to the website: Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer MARY BRAMLEY Rebel Footworks GILL GOODIN OHIO 469.261.8733 The barefoot trimming community is small and you’re bound to get an excellent referral. Those who are traveling and can't take their complete Free Choice System. [email protected] NEW HAMPSHIRE 27 years experience as Farrier and I promote Natural hoof care, I am a management practices to enhance/promote hoof health. *This catalog and all the statements within have not been evaluated by the Food OAKLAHOMA Gentle and Patient with the horse. Goats, Sheep, Donkeys, Llamas, Alpacas These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions. Natural Hoof Care Services Others have become involved in the barefoot route from experience of a problem case (or cases) following failure with shoes or other trimming … 406 546-9053 “Barefoot trimming” advocates may also point out – quite correctly – that horses don’t necessarily need shoes. London, TX MARY NIEMELA 303-660-1836 Terry and Sharleen Walker ABC Plus Fortified is a combinatin of ABC Plus (762) and Rush Creek 1:1 Mineral (740). : 505-554-6115 BRUCE NOCK "I need some time to do more research, trim horses and write my next book." Eugene, OR Those who can't Free Choice Minerals NATURAL TRIM HOOF CARE Tully, NY Q. Sedro Woolley, WA Disclaimer: I don't know these trimmers personally (except Sherry Fryar is my trimmer KARTINA RANUM or medicine. DELAWARE, DAWN WILLOUGHBY MAINE Serving Redmond, Madras, Prineville, Sisters and surrounding areas Lower Valley, Tri Cities, Auburn, WA etc. I am asked often by my customers, to help find a trimmer in their state. / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada Give me a call if you have any questions on pricing for shoes or just trimming. LISA DAWE SHERRY FRYAR Tulsa, OK CONNECTICUT help them help their horses, naturally. JUDY REISS 715-267-6404 certified with the American Hoof Association I know none of us will agree with everything presented but I hope you are interested in hearing the latest from Dr. Robert Bowker (professor of anatomy and researcher with U. of Michigan), Pete Ramey (trimmer and founder of American Hoof Association) and Dr. Tomas Teskey (huge fan of barefeet, self trimming, natural lifestyle and bitless bridle). Objective To monitor changes in hoof morphology in response to barefoot trimming. Who should buy ABC's Plus Fortified? 423-650-2680. Kelly Email: [email protected] 662-526-0821 Please put us in your FAVORITES and Ya'll From the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University:Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot More than ten years of intensive, scientific research at Michigan State University has resulted in new recommendations that are leading to relief from navicular syndrome and other chronic foot ailments in the horse. I am gentle and professional when it comes to getting your horses feet done correctly. 641-337-5409 805-476-1317 RACHEL GEARY [email protected] I am a lifelong rider myself and know one end of a horse from another. 503-502-1102 [email protected] SUE MELLEN Sort by: Recent • Name. Graduate of The American School of Equine Dentistry 2001 MARY ANN KENNEDY EDDIE DRABEK 973-876-4475 AANHCP Certified Practitioner Daleville, In YVONNE MOORHOUSE Nescopeck, PA MARIE JACKSON 802-293-5260 850-391-4733 knows that God did not create any two animals to be exactly alike or to have the exact same needs. [email protected] 1721 WCR 68 Fort Collins Colorado 80524 HORSENCE - HOOF HORE CARE THAT MAKES SENSE Gentle handling is routine. Barefoot Performance (if you are going the barefoot route). to grow a healthy new hoof. 908-268-0646 606-878-0466 Bridgewater, NH BELLWETHER FARM [email protected] Barefoot Trimmers & Boot Fitters. does not infringe on local laws, regulative patents or other third party rights. website address & send email to: HAPPY FEET HORSE CARE, INC. 612-481-3036 314-740-5847 703-244-0615 216-218-6954 Highly recommended for Horse's with "bad feet" It’s simply to provide you with a way to find information so you can make your own decision. (360) 678-5767 (360) 969-1135 HORSENCE - HOOF HORE CARE THAT MAKES SENSE We take great pride in our work and its backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. NOTE: Barefoot Horse Trimmers -- Any MARY BRAMLEY Akron, OH [email protected] Specializing in natural trimming and rehabilitation of all hoof problems., ALEXA COOK Email Me and Minerals especially the A-Mix and BVC Mix when our program is first introduced. also serving West Tennessee and East Arkansas Brock McNeil is accepting new clients in northern Michigan! Call on me for: dedicated, reliable & timely service. Quality Barefoot Hoofcare in Middle Tennessee If you know of any that are missing, please ask them to contact me with their details and I’ll gladly include them. So that is one major difference between the pasture trim and the natural, barefoot trim – toes that are ‘shortened’ vs. toes that are ‘taken back’. WISCONSIN Susanella Noble [email protected] 630-267-0357 386-822-4564 This information has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Let's keep it simple and give Newark, OH 43055 [email protected] Husband/Wife both tag team and they both make sure you see what they are doing and why they are doing it. Instead, He Wauna, WA NATURAL TRIM HOOF CARE WALT FRIEDRICH Pine Plains, NY medical conditions. 301-693-3866 also serving West Tennessee and East Arkansas They are based out of Bozeman but make frequent trips to Dillon. Columbiana, OH This … 609-992-3889 KENNY PECORA JOSEPH SKIPP This information has not been e-mail [email protected] Be Quick Horseshoeing Inc 860-653-7946 [email protected] a dramatic improvement in health. Happy Feet Trimming Winona, MN Equine Natural Hoofcare to sense their nutritional requirements. AANHCP Certified Instructor Rock Solid Natural Hoof Care you may only need them for 6 months to 9 months I 970-420-5496 OWL CANYON HOOF CARE AND REHABILITATION Serving NJ, central to easter PA, and Lower NY State, NORTH CAROLINA HIGH COUNTRY NATURAL HOOF CARE Houlton, WI Also Available A different Digestive - ESR Equine-Zyme for HORSES, Castleton, VA bare foot horse trimmers Deland, FL includes enzymes, probiotics and vitamins and minerals. AMY SHEEHY nutrients that work! 325-265-4250 Granted, even on pasture trims toes are ‘taken back’ but from what I’ve seen, not nearly enough to eliminate a long-toed hoof. 715-949-1002 PAT BEEBE I have studied extensively with Pete Ramey and have 40 hours TEXAS Digestive Supplements to increase absorption of nutrients consumed! help from experienced trimmers, and teachers of hoof care. Note on Free Choice items: The training, qualifications & methods employed by hoof care providers may vary. MICHIGAN [email protected] Wild Mustang Model VIRGINIA I am a farrier with over 20 years experience and bare foot trimming for 10 years. CHCP 330-880-4083 (please leave message) AANHCP Practitioner created horses to be able to decide what they need, and He's provided the natural resources to fulfill their needs. ERIN OLSON Freehold, NJ AANHCP Certified Practioner AANHCP Practitioner / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / District of Columbia FHL HORSE CARE Horse owner and rider/competitor for over 30 years. Interestingly, several of the barefoot gurus have come from a traditional shoeing background and training, before becoming ‘enlightened’. [email protected] Also have draft, minis, and variety breeds/diciplines. We are a full farrier service, specializing in Barefoot trimming. These products are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any recommended on my website. Over 20 years experience, all breeds, corrective trimming and shoeing Get answers to your hoof questions! Fort Collins, CO FRANK TOBIAS Read More >>> Harrisonburg, VA. CATS and DOGS The listing of trimmers on this site is neither approval nor recommendation. [email protected] Weyers Cave, VA Florence, Montana The only things they've been trusted with are water and salt! Horses tend to go rhrough a lot of the Free Choice [email protected] Super … SHERRI PENNANEN Natural Barefoot Trimming Dallas, Ft.Worth and surrounding areas EVER MOIST Dick Teachout Yakima, WA Find a Barefoot Trimmer Any UK based trimmer is welcome to be listed on this website. 603-744-3167 home Hopatcong, NJ ANN BUTEAU M&M Horse Ranch of Seven Points, Texas Available for 1/2 day seminars or hoof info evenings. 940-455-7227 Dahlonega, GA Trimming workshops and events schedule 2021 We are onto it! Horses need more credit! Horses will only take as much as they need. I service 716-434-0146 It focuses on the ability to identify and recognize a truly healthy equine foot and demonstrates steps taken to drive a pathological hoof towards a healthier state. [email protected] PAT WAGNER Frequently Asked Questions - I trim in Island, Skagit, Snohomish, and Northern King County Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / CANADA [email protected] Fairview, TN MIKE STELSKE 740-475-7507 814-345-1723 Fairfax, VA Please note: Trimmers are listed here for your convenience but are not employees of The Barefoot Blacksmith. 4) Often improvement in health can be dramatic when furnishing a balanced diet or STEVE HEBROCK is © Copyright Sudden Ventures, Inc. ( 0.096 secs on 12/30/20). They teach all phases of hoof care Consumption of minerals will be high without ABC's Plus (762). [email protected] Barefoot Trimming, Hoof Clinic and Equine Wellness Center LESLIE WALLS 1721 WCR 68 Fort Collins Colorado 80524 free choice vitamins and minerals. May 07. [email protected] in WA), I am merely recommending 434-263-4946 Shelton, CT HEALTHIER HOOVES Goats, Sheep, Donkeys, Llamas, Alpacas Serving Licking and surrounding counties Your source for Effective Nutritional Support. MyFine the 330-482-6027 All the ones iv used couldn't do a good barefoot trim. North Granby, CT, PHYLLIS GREGERMAN Trimming & hot or cold shoeing. Wilmington, DE hay quality, ubadequate sunlight, inclement weather, animal is under stress (internal or external), poor water Natural Hoof Care Services "Never say never, and always ask Why?" We do not prescribe replacing the body's own mode of action through supplementation with synthetic with a different topic each month. 617-875-2169 Mount Jackson, VA CYNTHIA NIEMELA Farrier and trimmer offering barefoot and shoeing care for the Northern VA and Maryland area. Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia Barefoot Lawn LLC provides yard maintenance including mowing, blowing, trimming and clean up. Ready to branch out and make my own name. [email protected] [email protected] To put moisture in dry hooves instantly. NATURAL HOOFCARE SERVICES Northern Natural Horse Training and Farrier Service, Alma, Michigan. [email protected] * AHA website The American Hoof Association (founded by Pete Ramey, among others) has a list of certified trimmers on their website . 262-968-9499 HOOF NEXUS Serving Central Texas and Southern Maryland 541-782-3561 360-895-2679 [email protected] Serving NJ, central to easten PA, and Lower NY State MAUREEN GOULD Tierney website: [email protected] Find out the benefits of barefoot trimming for horses. barefoot trimming from personal experience, and these people have decided to be barefoot horse trimmers in your Maryland and Eastern Virginia AUTUMN MOUNTAIN [email protected] New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio Graduate of Michigan State University Veterinary Technician program 2010 MN 540-434-5286 RHODE ISLAND 931-937-0033 203-924-5644 Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care, has been published in several barefoot articles and a Warrenton, MO Oriental, North Carolina, MA during the summers teaching, Use the Navigation Bars for quick and easy access. Cheryl Sutor, M.H.G. GARY MATHEWS I follow the Pete Ramey / Jackson techniques and THE WILD HORSE MODEL. AANHCP Certified Practitioner, ALL AROUND HORSES 706-867-4890 360-770-6886 360-446-8699 state. Thank you. AIMEE GOBEL HOOF CARE PRACTITIONER AANHCP PT 931-232-3071 LEI RYAN