I am sure they will be fine, and if they arent of course i wont be getting one just for my own personal satisfaction. They will follow you from room to room. The Bengal breed began when a female leopard cat was purchased from a pet store. The desire of such cross breeding is to make a domestic cat looks like a wild feline but has the temperament of a local cat. They love high places, like the top of the refrigerator, the top of the cat tree, climbing curtains to sit on the curtain rod ect. On top of having personality, they are a life force once they enter your home. They’re athletes: agile and graceful with a strong, muscular body, as befits a cat who looks as if they belong in the jungle. One of the major factors to personality difference with the Bengal cat, is that they are closer to the wild blood line. I've had a cat living with me before when I was with my ex-gf. Our two only want attention when and on their terms. If you are looking for an active and inquisitive pet with an innate curiosity to explore new things and places, then the mix is for you. Says dad is bengal.Help (reddit.com), They’re becoming frens!Bengal and other pets (reddit.com), Floki loves a cuddle and a nose stroke, he’s completely conked out Lap Cat (v.redd.it). They used to be leash trained, which helped a lot with their energy. I get them nicer food as well. i am taking my whole family to go see the breeder to check their allergic reactions. I will say that he does shed less then my others cats. But, you do need the right situation and I am not sure that you are in it. Bengal Cat Personality The Bengal might look like a wild cat, but some people agree that this breed is as sweet as any domestic cat. I am allergic to cats, however... not deathly but I had to take allergic pills every day. We love him so much either way, just curious, Playing with my brothers tail = Sheer amazement :0. The Bengal cat has a great many characteristics, one of them being the Bengal Tabby Mix Personality. Is that correct? I have a former schoolmate who has 2 bengals. In order to understand why your Bengal cat has some strange behaviors, it is important to appreciate the history of this breed. Once again, i would recommend two kittens instead of one, if possible. EDIT: Thank you everyone for your honest input and advice. He currently loves snuggling and wants to be with me at all times. The purpose of this breeding was to obtain a cat with the disposition of a domesticated cat but with the wild and crazy markings of the Asian leopard cat. I’ve lived with a number of Bengals over the years from kitten hood to senior geriatrics. (v.redd.it), Pictured: the rarely seen Fat-Tailed Bengal (reddit.com), Is he a bengal? That fits my personality, as I love lively playful cats/dogs. What else should I expect/know to ensure if I do get a bengal cat, the precious kitten would live a happy, fulfilling life? The choice of the Breeder is of the utmost importance, since the kitten’s socialization made by the breeder during the first weeks of life … Sometimes it is more, and sometimes it is less. Depending on where you live, a vet visit can cost hundreds as they're considered exotics. Manage databases, deploy web apps, and analyze datasets with Azure. Bengals aren’t really good cats for first time owners, or people who don’t have experience with them and know exactly what they are getting into. These stunning cats have a personality and appearance all of their own, resembling a small leopard, the Bengal cat is truly an exquisite pet desired by many people. Basically, the Bengal breed of cats originated from the cross breeding of Asian Leopard cats with domestic cats.. 1. 4) Take into consideration expenses, bengal cats are expensive. Do a LOT of googling, look for reviews. He does NOT like to cuddle or be held.