The roots are about an inch wide but up to three feet long and are best dug in July. Medicinal use of Lesser Burdock: Burdock is one of the foremost detoxifying herbs in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. In this article, we include some information on some of its recorded uses. Scrubs, woodlands, roadsides, fields and wastelands. Burdock Flowerphoto courtesy of Morguefile. One of my favorite cough drops includes burdock Root, dandelion root, and elecampane root all in powdered form. Burdock has been used traditionally as a remedy for all skin complaints, including simple rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne. We may well spend an hour uprooting most (but rarely all!) Burdock contains some compound to keep your body from excessive amount of water. Leaves contain arctiol, fukinone, taraxasterol. Consuming burdock after and before big surgery could increase the risk of bleeding, so if you have a surgery schedule, you should stop consuming at least two week before the schedule. Medicinal Uses Recent studies have shown that the extracted oil from the root of Burdock is rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols. of passersby . This is a photo blog of my attempt at removing burdock seeds from the sticky seed heads. I like powdered burdock root for making pastilles or candies. Burdock Root contains a number of medicinal properties that have been used for hundreds of years. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Medicinal Uses. Furthermore, as detoxifier, burdock will make sure optimal absorption of nutrients to keep your body always in good shape. The young, tender leaves are cooked like any other vegetable … It is used in the treatment of herpes, eczema, acne, impetigo, ringworm, boils, bites etc. The leaves applied to the places troubled with the shrinking in the sinews or arteries give much ease: a juice of the leaves or rather the roots themselves given to drink with old wine, doth wonderfully help the biting of any serpents- the root beaten with a … The roots and seeds have been used throughout history as a blood purifier and in the treatment of skin diseases. Largely the roots, but also the leaves and stalk. Avoid burdock if you’re dehydrated, pregnant or nursing. Like dandelion and yellow dock, burdock roots are bitter and thus capable of stimulating digestive secretions and aiding digestion. May 15, 2020 - Explore Melanie Martin's board "Burdock", followed by 275 people on Pinterest. Today, you can still find some Burdock-Dandelion sodas to get your daily burdock fix. Just like its fellow Asteraceae family member dandelion, almost all the parts of burdock herb too found a place in various traditional as well modern medicines.. Burdock has been used in many folk remedies as one of the best blood purifiers. It contains certain diuretic principles, which help expel toxic products from the blood through urine. Nutritional Value. Family: Asteraceae. Burdock is safely used as a food in Asiais LIKELY SAFE when consumed in amounts commonly found in foods. Traditionally herbalists all over the world use Burdock Root as a blood purifier. If you want to protect your cardiovascular system, you should make sure first that your heart is not forced to work to hard. This humble plant is often thought of more as a food (gobo as the Japanese call it) than a medicine holds a high capacity to ease many of the ills we face now and in our more distant past. Herbal Medicine Uses of Burdock Primarily used as a blood purifier and as a herbal remedy for skin diseases and infections. Burdock root is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that’s packed with disease-fighting antioxidants. Braised, steamed, stir-fried, you’ll find a myriad of recipes online and in Japanese and Asian cookbooks for Gobo or Burdock root. All information provided on this web site or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. They’re practical. During the first year burdock has only basal leaves. It is also better to eat them when they are freshly picked. The reason is simple because according to them anything herbal is good for their healthy lifestyle. One of the main causes of constipation is when your digestion could not move in normal pace, the factors that cause it could be vary but whatever it is, burdock which is rich of fiber will help you deal with this condition in much easier way than you’ve expected. Burdock (Arctium) is a biennial plant that belongs to the Asteraceae or Daisy family and the Thistle group and is related to sunflowers.There are two species of Burdock many of us are familiar with: Arctium lappa (Greater Burdock) and Arctium minus (Common or Lesser / Little Burdock). What you need for healthier mind and super memory booster is healthy diet that is rich of vitamin B6 and burdock is one of the herbal plants that are on the top of the list when it comes to brain food. If you make your own kombucha, consider adding a little burdock tea to your fermentation. As such, it is a mild laxative and also helps to lower blood sugar. Using the root as a whole product might be safer than using supplements. Food Uses As packed with vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E makes burdock root as one of the main source of powerful antioxidants. Home » Herbal » Herbal Plant » 30 Health Benefits of Burdock (#1 Top Source of Dietary Fiber). It is used to treat conditions caused by an "overload" of toxins, such as throat and other infections, boils, rashes and other skin problems. One of the amazing benefit of burdock for human health is; it contains some powerful anti-inflammatory properties which is not only treating all kind of inflammatory conditions efficiently but also keep yourself away from dangerous diseases caused by inflammation. Furthermore, Burdock oil is the primary component used today, which owes the numerous benefits it offers. Common Burdock, Arctium minus, is an easy to recognize wildflower of summer. As rich of potassium, burdock is a natural solution to control blood pressure by eliminating the excess amount of sodium in the blood stream to keep blood pressure always under control. Previous Article 6 Bupleurum Health Benefits & Uses. Burdock is the source of anti-bacterial and antiseptic agents because it is packed with Polyacetylense and phytochemicals that could act as excellent solution to all kinds of conditions caused by fungal and bacterial infection. Burdock, a common meadow weed, widely available and easy to grow, was used for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. Just be sure that the soda you’ve chosen uses real burdock root rather than artificial flavorings if you really want to get burdock’s health benefits. Let’s dig these medicinal roots; dandelion, burdock and yellow dock! This will keep things clean and neat during cooking, and allow you to cook with minimal equipment. Medicinal uses. In this review, the reported therapeutic effects of the active compounds present in the different botanical parts of burdock are summarized. By activating the liver, it helps rid the body of toxins. Oil can be extracted from the leaves and roots of the Burdock plant. While there are many important uses for burdock, it’s rarely “convenient” medicine. When applied to the skin, it can cause a rash.. Special Precautions & Warnings: R… Then, like today, burdock helped with the break-down of toxins and metabolic waste, making it easier for our bodies to eliminate that which we no longer need. The root is crispy with a sweet, earthy flavor that resembles celery. But for medical purposes – this is a real find: from different parts of the plant you can prepare medicinal products that will not be replaced by any other drugs. Old-timey Root Beer recipes often included Burdock root. The hair loss case is mostly suffered by men but some women could suffer it too, burdock could aid in conditioning dry scalp which becomes one of the factors that causes hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. Since ancient time burdock root has been used as natural remedy for cold and fever. Burdock has been used traditionally as a remedy for all skin complaints, including simple rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne. The oily seeds are often used in skin tonics to promote smoothness and improve the appearance of wrinkles. What’s more health benefits of burdock? Recognized mainly for its burrs, burdock is an interesting biennial plant because it consists primarily of carbohydrates, volatile oils, … The medicinal uses of burdock in treating chronic diseases such as cancers, diabetes and AIDS have been reported. Burdock Uses as a Medicinal. You can add it in the initial tea, or you can add it when you bottle as a flavor enhancer. Burdock is considered a weed plant, for the decoration of its plot, of course, no one uses it. Some of the ingredients (aloe vera, lobelia) – reduce inflammation. Wresting Burdock Seed and its Medicinal Uses December 1, 2017 by 7Song. Current Medicinal Uses Burdock is still used as an anti-cancer agent; it is a part of the Essiac herbal mixture widely sold as a cancer treatment. For those of us with less life-threatening conditions, burdock can also be a true friend. burdock root benefits . It also has alternating cordiform leaves with long petiole. Burdock Uses as a Medicinal. The roots, seeds and leaves of burdock have been investigated in view of its popular uses in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In addition to that, in the second half of the 20th century it received widespread popularity as a culinary food in macrobiotic diets. Some most popular cuisines made from Burdock comes from Japan and Korea because though burdock is a flower plant and mostly cultivated for its root but Japanese and Korean are also consuming the flower stalks and the leaves. 30 Health Benefits of Burdock (#1 Top Source of Dietary Fiber), Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Skin, Health Benefits of Almonds for Weight Loss, Surprising Benefits of Blue Dream Weed to Prevent Depression, List of Herbs with 4 Letters and Health Benefits, Valuable Benefits of Wheatgrass for Ulcerative Colitis and Health Treatments, 11 Benefits of Hepatica for Health (#1 Top Healing). of the first-year root in the fall or second-year root in the spring. The leaves applied to the places troubled with the shrinking of the sinews or arteries, gives much ease. Introduction . This article is copyrighted by Ital is Vital, 2020. Teas and decoctions are just the beginning of drinks flavored with Burdock. In fact, all parts of a Burdock plant can be used in some way or the other. Do you have problem with your appetite? As blood purifier, the depurative agents found in burdock could keep your blood clean from toxins and free radicals, while at the same time also lower the risk of accumulation of unnecessary blood clot in arteries and veins. It worked, but later, it was discovered that burdock leaves are more effective, although plantain leaves are still used under certain circumstances. Burdock root has long been used to treat skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. However, those uses fade in time; nowadays, burdock is considered as a weed, especially in North America, and most people around the world is unaware of its medicinal and nutritional value. Cholesterol and coronary conditions could be the main factor to heart problem. Dehydration could be dangerous for your body as well as the reverse condition, too much water could be as dangerous as well. She has also recently entered into the field of podcasting with reckless abandon. Burdock root oil extract, also called bur oil, is used in Europe as a scalp treatment. The leaves are not as popular as the roots but the medicinal health benefits and herbal remedies are just as good and beneficial. The dried root of one year old plants is the official herb, but the leaves and fruits can also be used. Burdock may cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to certain flowers and herbs. If you’re not familiar with lymphatic system, it’s like body’s inner drainage system. She edits The Practical Herbalist website and Practical Herbalist Press publications. Actually not only to soothe arthritis, burdock is also great to ease up some inflammatory condition like rheumatism because as mentioned in previous point, burdock contains some powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The decongestant and expectorant properties are effective to treat cold, sore throat, cough and of course fever. Popular uses It has a direct As detoxifier, some compounds found in burdock is essential to keep your lymphatic system in its good condition. You should aware from where your burdock root comes from because burdock is closely look alike belladonna which is very toxic. It is the root of the Burdock plant that is harvested for folk medicinal use. These roots are referred to as "alterative" agents -- capable of enhancing digestion and the absorption of … Any testimonials on this web site are based on individual results and do not constitute a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. It is also known to be a liver treatment and stimulates the digestive system. Habitat. Cook until leaves are al dente. Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Eating Black Rice, 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Red Rice, 4 Outstanding Health Benefits of Eating Brown Rice for Pregnant Woman, Simply Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Brown Rice, 4 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Eating Shirataki Noodles. This is one of the best herbs available and can have great effects in purifying your blood and much more. Burdock root is an underground tuber of greater burdock plant that found its use as a vegetable and medicinal herb. Work with your medical team to ensure that as your digestion improves you change your drug levels as needed. Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care by Maria Noël Groves, Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth by Sharol Marie Tilgner, Natural Fever Remedies: How to Use Herbs for Fever, Treating a Pinched Nerve Naturally with Herbs – Herbal First Aid, Tulsi Holy Basil Energetics, Adaptogen and Detox. nutrition, medicinal values, recipes, history, harvesting tips, etc.) Posted by Candace Hunter | Herbal Encyclopedia, Learn |. Want to re-post this article? Burdock Leaves and Flowers. The products and statements made about specific products on this web site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Listen to her on Real Herbalism Radio today, see her work at, or find her on Facebook at Candace Hunter Creations. You can add slices of Burdock root to soups or stews, too. It is a detoxifying herb and diuretic and has also been used as an antidote in some cases of poisoning. Burdock is a traditional medicinal herb used for many ailments. It is also better to eat them when they are freshly picked. Herbalists for centuries, however, see the beauty in the harvest simply because Burdock offers us so many benefits it’s hardly an even exchange. While they may not be tasty alone, they’re technically edible (not toxic) and won’t contribute much flavor to the foods they’re wrapped around. Status. Description: Biennial 0.6-2.7 meter (2-9 ft) plant with large, rhubarb-like leaves. Burdock (Arctium lappa) is one of those troublesome weeks that gives more health benefits than most of us generally credit it. Tinctures, syrups, and glycerites are all good ways of adding Burdock to your daily diet, too. The young leaves and roots are edible. Both are useful when treating bruises, burns, wounds, and gout. Next Article Homemade Body Wash With Essential Oils. During the Middle Ages, remedies for kidney stones contained burdock in the belief that a stony character in a medicine would cure the stony ailment. A dram of the roots taken with Pine kernels, helps them that spit foul, mattery, and bloody phlegm. As burdock encourages your body to better break down and eliminate waste, it also helps you build anew, leaving your whole system generally lighter and more purified in the wake. In ancient times, it was believed to be an herb of Venus and hence linked to fertility and love. Popular uses It has a direct The decongestant and expectorant properties are effective to treat cold, sore throat, cough … For PMS and perimenopausal bloating, a bit of burdock root can help your body move those waters along. Burdock is a biennial plant 2-9 feet tall; the root is long, fleshy, gray-brown outside, and whitish inside. In homeopathic circles, you may have seen burdock sold as lappa. Medicinal use of Great Burdock: Burdock is one of the foremost detoxifying herbs in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. This advocates the consumption of Burdock’s roots. Medicinal Uses for Burdock Throughout history, burdock has been used to treat health problems ranging from corns to cancer (it’s an ingredient of the Essiac cancer formula) and from gout to gonorrhea. Conditions ranging from cancers and hypertension to gout, digestive ulcers, and reproductive problems, burdock has offered support and help in recovery through the ages. Burdock’s diuretic effects are mild, too, making it a good choice for folks with hypertension or who are bloated or retaining water. Burdock is not only eliminating the dandruff from your scalp but at the same time also deal with the itching. In either case, burdock root will add a new dimension to your drink. Biennials. Well, burdock is excellent solution to keep cholesterol level under control and keep away blot clot that could cause coronary conditions.