The most common reason that your Air Conditioner fan won’t turn off is because a stuck relay keeping the circuit closed. rear AC blower won't turn off. 16 Answers. Show Less. (a little awkward) What … Customer reply replied 12 years ago. 2 Posts . Posts: 2,063 Likes Received: 105 Joined: Oct 25, 2005 Location: Il. The wiring to this unit has the connections housed in a plastic plug matching the connections on the board. The regulator is between the battery and the blower motor. When a Car Fan Won't Blow . If you can't get it to … help!! I assume you mean the heater/ac blower inside the cabin? No. … So, to resolve this problem – ‘how to turn off a car engine,’ read below to know the troubleshooting steps you need to perform. The trouble relates to the blower motor and its activation. whats wrong with it, is it the resistor? If your fan doesn't turn off no matter what you do, and it's constantly running regardless of how you tried to turn it up, down or off, that means the blower motor resistor isn't regulating the electrical current properly. I have a 2001 QX4 and I cannot get my blower motor or whatever to shut off! This resistor causes anything like the motor not turning off, the motor runs only on one speed, or not work at all. thanks Did you ever discover the solution to this problem? I do have EATC. Do you. I found the part at my locale parts store. My blower/heating system has developed a little glitch where it turns itself on and off while blowing air at any speed setting. I checked under the dash on the passenger side to find the blower motor and found a blower motor resistor. In the latter case, the blower … Either your ignition switch element or a power relay needs to be replaced. All the other climate control functions appear to be working (things turn on and off), yet the blower fan continues to run. However, … Thread starter dlnelsonroca; Start date Apr 29 , 2015; D. dlnelsonroca Active Member. Sign In HELP! have the same problem? If the fan won't turn off, just pull the fuse. 24 Posts #2 • Sep 3, 2016. M. my2001-325i ... Haven't found any way to turn the thing off. Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. Today I disconnected both the front seat (near the shifter) and first rear seat controls for the rear AC. My problem is on a 1996 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter. Set the desired temperature above the current room temperature so the air … The 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix has 40 problems reported for blower motor will not shut off. Share this conversation. To access it you … It has A/C but is a short body and has no rear heat or A/C. Would really like to avoid a costly electrical diagnostic test. Blower won’t turn off 4 Answers. The control module is mounted under the dash on the right side next to the blower motor itself. I Have A 1971 Olds 98 With A 455 In It. Apr 12, 2015 at 6:18 PM #2. Posted by … Also this is the (EATC) Electronic Automatic Climate Control? Have to disconnect cables to keep battery juiced up and reconnect to drive. You can usually adjust this manually. 03 Suburban AC blower won't turn off even with key out! To help us help you we need a year and is it a manual or automatic system.thank you ,also … Chevy Mechanic: … Ask a question; Question. Thanks. The blower motor relay controls the current used to power the blower motor, and is subject to the constant on and off switching. Fan won't turn off. fuse? Only way to shut it off is by removing blower motor fuse. If, however, the … In some cases in cold weather the blower motor may not run, or if it does, it may not shut off when you turn off the vehicle. relay? I have a 98 Buick LeSabre Limited with digital climate control. When I press auto or something or change the position of where I want it to blow it changes it, but I cannot get it to shut off completely. It didn't change … We have replaced the blower motor resistor three times in the last three months and now the blower won't turn off again. Battery goes dead after awhile. Also, why would they not put a fuse on this thing? As did the author of this letter, you want your fan back. Yes. So if the climate control blower control is not adjusting the speed, the regulator is either misconnected or the driver transistor is permanently turned on (burnt). Which is getting very annoying in this cold weather. When I press off on the climate control then it switches the flow of air to my windshield and feet. Today my car’s AC fan wouldn’t come on at any speed setting, only to come on later in the day… what could it be? If, when the car is moving, hot air comes through the vents, but the fan is off, you may have an issue with your hot/cold temp. Found out it is a common problem. Pulled both fuses and blower shut down. Winter is comming and gas is expensive. when it's running it turns the compressor off but still blows all lights seem to be working??? First time I've ever had a system run without the … i can only turn it off by taking out the blower motor fuse. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Please help. Well, I don’t think it’s the fuse (otherwise the fan wouldn’t come on at all,) it’s probably not the blower motor resistor either. Also I do not understand how it turns off with the ignition OFF and door opened. 2006 Chevy Tahoe hvac blower motor won't shut off when car… 2006 Chevy Tahoe hvac blower... 2006 Chevy Tahoe hvac blower motor won't shut off when car is turned off. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 21, 2013 (Edited) Hello and thanks, Ok here goes-6 months ago my car was warming up with ac on full blast. 1 ANSWER. Currently I have to disconnect the battery for it to turn off. The blower on my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t turn off after I take ignition key out. 850 A/C Blower won't turn off unless fuse is pulled. Ask Your Own Chevy Question. 1992 - 1997 850, 850 R, 850 T5-R, 850 T5, 850 GLT 1997 - 2000 S70, S70 AWD 1997 - 2000 V70, V70 AWD 1997 - 2000 V70-XC 1997 - 2004 C70. Asked by George.501Blues. 1994. Is this something I can fix by ordering a part? Over time, it can eventually wear out . The system seems to be running regularly (heat, upper and lower vents, etc.) Maybe a computer glitch? Blower motor works on some settings but not others. At first I thought this might be normal and it would shut off after a slight delay. Sometimes the speeds on the electronic control settings go "strange" from what the 4 speeds used to be. … STEVE W. EXPERT; That sounds like the blower motor controller has failed or the control head has failed in a way to tell the blower to stay on. About 3 years ago I replaced the digital control on the dash and the blower control module but that time the blower would not work at all and the digital display was out. Heater/blower Won't Shut Off. If it’s not the relay, your thermostat likely has a shorted cable or needs to be replaced. GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #06-01-39-002B to address problems with the front blower motor. 2 Posts . Quote; Post by CanuckQx4 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:24 am . As a result, you won’t be able to turn off the your car. 2004 Grand Prix Blower Motor wont turn off. Its not like it turns on or off for minutes at a time, its almost constantly switching on and off, … Before calling your service technician out to start replacing components, check the thermostat settings first. My blower motor does come on. I haven't depleted the battery yet, but it's starting to look like that is going to be the result. 3 Replies. The only control is from the climate control. I recharged the battery and now the car won't start at all, but the lights and components come on after charging does the evil blower as well... Can you help me??? … There might be many reasons responsible for this problem. Friday, August 7th, 2020 AT 5:05 PM. Tom Greenleaf Ultimate Carjunky / … A/C heater blower motor won't turn off unless you pull 30 amp fuse. Show More. 1 decade ago. The Haynes manual … What's causing this problem. George.501Blues 0 George.501Blues 0 Enthusiast; Member; 0 12 posts; Location: Alaska; Posted January 11, 2008. The blower motor won't turn off. I replaced that and everything worked. control. I suspect it’s the blower motor, let me tell you why: My house fan kinda behaves like that… when the blower motor is about to die, sometimes it won’t come on at all, other … Checked the position setting switch with a multi meter and found no problem (In off position had no continuity). OLDSMOBILE 98. Any suggestions. How can I manually turn it off until I can afford to get if fixed. I assume the tw 15 Amp fuses are in parallel to accommodate the in rush when turned on full? The blower will not turn off. 26,045 Report; Tom answered 5 years ago The blower resister will prevent the blower from starting however it's not used for stopping unless of course you remove it /// the motor will stop then for sure. In Some GM cars, the blower control module for the automatic speed control quits operating correctly and may not shut off the blower motor power. There is no relationship. In that case, your car has an electrical problem that needs to be addressed. i have a jeep grand cherokee (1995, 5.2 liter) my blower motor wont turn off whenever i turn my car off, or when i turn it off from the dash console. It can be very annoying but you need to fix it out as soon as possible. Put one of the two fuses in and the blower turned back on. Check out what he's been through, and why he should have asked an expert from the start. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 11, 2012. Or, if you feel like messing with it, pull the knob off of the controls and make sure it isn't cracked. I have a 2003 GMC Sierra and just today when I shut my vehicle off I noticed the heater was still moving air. it's just that what turn off and actually blows harder when you try to turn it off. JUST4FUN Admin Staff Member. Currently the … These resistors are all attached to one board with shovel plug attachments and the whole assembly is stuck in the air vent to keel them cool. How can I manually turn it off until I can afford to get if fixed. I can’t control the speed or shut it off, even when the key is turned off. i need help please let me know? Solved . Ask Your Own Car Question. Although everything else electric turns off when you turn the car off and pull the keys. Then the coolant reservoir burst and from that point forth the ac blower motor would not activate in any … Car: 2001.5 Qx4 2wd. Answered in 1 minute by: 11/23/2015. The mechanic may have "man-handled" it on accident while working on your car. The motor drives the air to cook its own resistors. The speed control chooses the speed of the motor by changing the resistance in series with the DC fan motor. Blower Motor won't shut off.