The Crayon Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with the resources to express their creativity and individuality through the arts. G/O Media may get a commission. Goal 4: raise funds for crayon initiative and shipping. Through our work, we reduce environmental waste by remanufacturing used crayons into new ones and donating them to art programs in children’s hospitals across the country. The crayons were made half red and half green and would often break in the middle and we couldn't use them. Guess how many dumpsters that would fill! Can I send my broken crayons to you for recycling? That’s 60 Tons of Crayons made EVERY DAY with petroleum based wax that eventually ends up in our landfills when they don’t have to! The Kaleidoscope program, an academic enrichment program for junior high students at the school, has partnered with the California-based Crayon Initiative… Goal 3: build social interactions and relationships. They've delivered about 2,000 packs of crayons with a goal to deliver 10,000 more packs by the end of the year. This led to the formation of the Crayon Initiative. The Crayon Initiative has received 51 tons of used crayons in 2018, an increase of 242% from the prior year. We take unwanted crayons, remanufacture them into new ones, and donate them to children’s hospitals, art programs and other organizations invested in our children. More than 12 Million Crayons are made in the US, EVERY DAY! The first iteration consisted of black crayons and was sold strictly to factories and manufacturing plants. The organization picked up production in late 2014, Ware said. Ex: Coins for Crayons donations 100 New Crayons equal about 1 pound, let’s do some math. At the advice of Ware, Kittatinny will hold onto the collection of crayons so that A.C. Moore -- which is partnering with the Crayon Initiative for the second year -- can ship them out in June. From 2014 to 2017, TCI’s base of operations was the founder’s home. HP Envy … Because our #1 goal is to provide safe, high quality Crayola products, our raw materials must adhere to high standards and pass strict screening tests. Goal 1: crayon drive per semester for each group. I collected a small amount (around the size of a Rubix cube) of broken crayons and thought I would donate them to the Crayon Initiative, which creates new crayons out of used/broken ones and gives them to children's hospitals. 12 Million Crayons equals about 120,000 pounds. Goal 2: students will gain leadership opportunities throughout the year(s). We do not currently offer a program for recycling broken crayons sent to us by consumers. Paraffin was originally produced in 1867, and by the early 1900s, the crayon was the newest innovative artistic tool. #1 – Crayon Initiative While celebrating his birthday at a restaurant, Brian Ware learned that the crayons given to his children to occupy themselves were discarded after use. Crayon donations are sent from across the country and even internationally. Shipping them is pretty simple; buy (or reuse) a box, create a UPS shipping label from the Crayon Initiative’s website, fill out the online form (which will require you to calculate the box’s weight), and drop the box off at any UPS store. In late 2017, TCI built a production site next to downtown Danville. The Crayon Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the environment and enriching the lives of hospitalized children through art and imagination. Crayons have always been made of paraffin, which is a waxy substance that comes from wood, coal or petroleum.