In its simplest form, backstroke requires a stable spine with limb movement. ready for wherever your athletes take you. That's why we are bringing you unrivaled technology and training content to get you ready for wherever your athletes take you. Daily Dryland Swimming Workout #31 – Lower Body, Core & Upper Body Triads This dryland circuit that comes from 2000 Olympic coach Ross Gerry and 1988 Olympian Katrina Radke, who run WeCoach4U. }, Body Positioning . I like to have swimmers complete the overhead reach with a slow, steady pace. Core and leg exercises are the name of the game, so start fine-tuning your dryland with the tips in training presented here today. "Zip": null, Breaststroke swimming heavily involves the frontal muscles of the upper body. Use the TRX mountain climbers to develop endurance in your quads as you continue to emphasize stability with the alternating leg movements. Eric pushed me past my limits and helped me become the swimmer I am today. Bench Press/ Dumbbell Press, 3 sets of 6-12 reps. Deadlift, 3 sets of 6-8 reps. A strong dolphin kick demands a strong core. "Month": 0, "SelectedClub": 0, "Year": 0, Training some of these specific variables can help you get more out of your pull. Repeat the circuit one or two times, with three-minute rests between sets. In the matter of a year, I had already dropped one second in my 50 free, four seconds in my 100 back, and 19 seconds in the 200 back. "Renewal": false, BridgeAthletic on Oct 19, 2016 11:02:28 AM. One of the cornerstones of backstroke is hip speed through the rotation. Advanced Dryland Workout (5 Rounds) 10x PUSHUPS: Regular, Wide, Diamond, Weighted, Clapper; 10x DONKEY KICKS; 10x SIT TO STAND JUMPS; 10x PULL UPS: Regular, Neutral, Wide, Curl ups, Clapper; Perform this routine 5x with 30-60s rest between each round. Backstrokers can use stroke specific exercises to harness more power in their catch and greater efficiency in their hip rotation. sessions a week. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Try this free workout and focus on your backstroke and IM technique! Backstroke Strength Routine. This is really nothing new, dryland workouts have been around for quite some time. There is an idea of adding dryland work to pool work During Warm up to add connectivity Proprioception Connecting Mind and Body for Swim tasks If you don’t have time in the pool Dryland is a great supplement If you do have time in the pool. Workout #2 without Weights: Pull Ups, 3 sets of 8-12 reps. Underwaters are a large component of every backstroke race, so we’ll focus some exercises on leg strength too. Focus on skill building . You’ll quickly feel if you reach too far and your lower back begins to arch. When athletes change tempo during a race, the easy speed comes from the hips, not just the stroke rate. Complete three sets of the following exercises three times a week: In addition to stability, backstroke requires strength because it challenges you with unique pulling positions, rotational reaches, and more. The slideboard kneeling lateral pushup mimics the squeezing motion of breaststroke on the in-sweep. Whether you love to race backstroke at your local Masters meet or use it to recover in your IM events, here are some helpful dryland tips to get more out of the stroke. Recommended exercises for dryland training: Calisthenics, light dumbbells, medicine ball, skipping rope, games and running. Use this exercise to learn how to engage your triceps while keeping a hydrodynamic bodyline in the pool. "State": null, Welcome the backstroke installment of the swim building blocks! This allows them to focus on body positioning throughout the movement. Posted by The flutter kick is the name of the kick that is part of the freestyle AKA front crawl and the backstroke AKA back crawl swimming strokes. Having seen first-hand the difference access to great coaching can make, we want to make that competitive advantage available to every athlete, everywhere. 600 yards 600 cumulative yards. The dumbbell pushup to row exercise is a great way to build strength through the triceps and lats, both of which are critical to a powerful catch in backstroke. "City": null, Dryland Training: Strength & Efficiency for a Successful Backstroke, As Olympians, professional athletes, and coaches, we understand the work it takes to achieve your goals. Three chapters fully develop the place of dryland training in all programs: from young age group/novice athletes to … Simultaneously keeping the feet elevated 1 inch off the floor will add complexity to this exercise. An Olympian who represented South Africa at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Folker has been an innovator in “dryland” training to build stronger, injury-free athletes. To begin, lie flat on your back. "SelectedWorkoutGroup": 0 Located in Berkeley, CA, Folker has been the strength coach for several NCAA and the world’s top swimmers.