Double pole wall thermostat. Because of constant airflow, it is easy for the fans to be covered and clogged with dust and debris over time. Caleo is the world's first Wi-Fi enabled thermostat for baseboard heaters and line-voltage systems. Baseboard heaters are made to sit ½ an inch above the floor or carpet to allow proper airflow throughout the system. It may be on the heater … Shop electric baseboard heaters and a variety of heating & cooling products online at However, they also use a great deal of energy to deliver effective heating, and baseboard heaters have limitations and problems that should not be ignored if you are thinking about going this heating route. Turning the heat down to 50 degrees C or so is a better way to improve efficiency in unused rooms. Make a cutout for the line-voltage thermostat and install a wall … The Baseboard Heater’s Circuit Breaker Trips Instantly. Baseboard heat is an excellent source of heat for a single room or small home. Route remaining supply and ground wire to the baseboard heater. Proper wall mounted control thermostats for baseboard heaters are not overly expensive but should be installed by a professional for best results. If you are keen on programmable baseboard heater thermostats, you can choose between Honeywell RLV4305A1000/E 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat and HONEYWELL TL8230A1003 Thermostat Electric Heat Digital 7 day programmable Thermostat; however, the former one is a comparatively cheaper option. If your baseboard heater hasn’t been turning on, you can usually find the problem … Working on a 220 Volts electric circuit, this baseboard heater is capable of delivering 1,250 Watts of heat. These heaters are ideal for older homes with old or unserviceable heating systems no longer capable of continued use. 1. Contact the manufacturer: When baseboard heaters are freshly installed, they have an oily and smoky smell the first time you turn them on because of the residual lubricant remaining on the heating element from their manufacturing process. One common problem in an electric baseboard heater is that it will not turn … If not, reconnect the thermostat's line leads. TPI Corporation E2903-024SW Electric Baseboard Heater, Stainless Steel Element, 120 Volt, 375 Watts, 24" in Length, Thermostat Sold Seperately, White 4.2 out of 5 stars 20 CDN$ 83.54 CDN$ 83 . Use an automated thermostat: An automated thermostat allows you to maintain a constant atmosphere in the room. Made in the USA since 1958 Repairing electric baseboard heaters is simple and usually not expensive. Electric baseboard heaters provide a convenient and economical way to heat your home. Install a Wall Box for the Thermostat. The easy-to-install Honeywell Manual Electric Baseboard Thermostat works on 4-wire (double pole) electric heat applications (baseboard or line volt) and allows for simple, worry-free operation. A unit will automatically turn off when it begins to overheat due to clogging. We provide electrical services for your home, strata or commercial property in Vancouver, BC - We are a Licensed & Insured Electrician Contractor. When purchasing baseboard heaters look at the features to see if they have safety measures like an automatic high-temperature shutoff, in case of accidental air blockage or tip-overs. The vents must be vacuumed once a year before the winter season. The next possible problem is that the boiler is not functioning properly. Troubleshooting if there are hot water baseboard heating problems If there’s air in the hydronic pipes that are lowering the pipes’ temperature, you can bleed the heater of air through its bleeder valve. If the hot water heater is not working, one of the thermostats may be bad. If it still lingers, contact the manufacturer to see if they have any suggestions on what you can do. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the heater and thermostat for proper op… If your baseboard heater is not working at all, you should check the circuit breaker to make sure nothing has been tripped due to overloading. Call a professional electrician: Wiring can be very dangerous, so if you suspect something is wrong, the best and safest thing to do is to call a professional electrician to come to check it out. Don’t block the airflow: Baseboard heaters are a pretty safe heating source, as long as you don’t leave items too close to it. Heating and Air Conditioning; Alan Carson and Robert Dunlop; 2000. For Electric Baseboard Heater Installation & Repairs in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas, Call WireChief Electric at 604-800-1665. For Electric Baseboard Heater Installation & Repairs in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas, Call WireChief Electric at 604-800-1665 My baseboard heaters aren’t heating enough: Ensure you’re using the proper amount of power: Most rooms need 10 watts per square foot of space. Most electric baseboard heaters come with a thermostat attached to them, but they are not always the best at maintaining consistent temperature. When it's winter and co-o-o-o-ld, the last thing you want is for your heating system to fail. 54 Baseboard heaters are simple electrical units consisting of a heating element with attached metal fins for transferring heat, and a limit control- a switch that prevents the element from overheating. If your baseboard heater output isn’t matching its setting, think about installing a wall mounted thermostat for your baseboard heater. Complete the wire connections on the baseboard heater, if this has not already been done. Sort by: Top Sellers. Inadequate insulation makes baseboard heaters work harder and longer than they need to– canceling out any benefit and cost advantages they offer. Make sure to clean your baseboard heater: Dust reduces a baseboard heater’s efficiency. Turn off the power and clean the front of your baseboard heater. The compact, low-profile design of baseboard heaters permit them to remain conveniently out of the way. If your baseboard heater isn’t filling the whole room with heat, contemplate adding extra units. Most electric baseboard heaters come with a thermostat attached to them, but they are not always the best at maintaining consistent temperature. However, once it heats up, it remains like that for a long time. Check on the power and the wiring: First check the circuit breaker to make sure it isn’t the problem. Follow the installation instructions above for mounting and wiring your baseboard heater and you're all set! Find electric baseboard heaters at Lowe's today. Heating costs rise about 5% … They supplement heat from a central heating system or warm a single room by itself. Electric baseboard heaters have offered this option for years because each baseboard unit has its own thermostat. Route supply wires to the thermostat wiring box if not already present. baseboard heater thermostat wiring diagram – You will need a comprehensive, professional, and easy to know Wiring Diagram. Electrical Malfunctions. Also, make sure the thin metal fins of your baseboard heaters aren’t damaged or bent, which can impact heating efficiency. Naturally, it may take a little more time than the standard electric units. Most solutions are easy enough, but if your electric baseboard heater is truly acting up and you don’t feel comfortable getting into the heart of the matter, call a professional electrician right away. Beau Keyes has been a writer and copy editor for the past 10-plus years, writing for a variety of industries as well as performing various freelance work for personal clients along with online sources. Since it’s a hydronic heater, the content inside is pure liquid. With this kind of an illustrative manual, you are going to have the ability to troubleshoot, stop, and complete your assignments without difficulty. To get an accurate measurement we recommend using our heat loss calculator . 170-422 Richards St., Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Copyright © 2010-2019 WireChief Electric Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Because of this design and to ensure efficiency, the heaters shouldn't be blocked by furniture or the vent system hampered in any way. If this is done, they will offer consistent, efficient heat for decades before needing replacement. In the dead of winter, you'll want it functioning properly. Since baseboard heaters don't blow air through vents like a furnace does, it is harder to combat drafts and air leaks. Place a circuit tester or multimeter across the ground wire and … King Electric Heating has over 500 replacement parts available. Calling someone who knows what they are doing is the quickest, easiest and safest way to troubleshoot your electric baseboard heaters. When older mechanical thermostats malfunction, those with lever-set temperatures and contact switches usually need cleaning only. The thermostat shouldn’t be located over a lamp, over a TV, or near any heat source. With proper usage and routine cleaning, your electric baseboard heater should last for many years with few problems. Open the baseboard heater louvers when you’re making use of them to help spread heat easier and keep them closed when you’re not, to prevent dust from building up. A vast number are available from Markel as well. Then we go through the system and in the supply, we have 3 wires, the hot wire, neutral wire and the ground wire. An advantage to baseboard heaters is how you can control the individual heat on a room-by-room basis. To control the temperature, some models have a built-in thermostat; others are controlled by a line voltage, or zone thermostat-a wall -mounted thermostat that is… Often, though, homeowners will try to save money by isolating rooms and switching heaters off. It’s easy for the fans to get clogged over time since baseboard heaters work with a constant airflow. It has a simple dial-type mechanical control and is UL and CSA listed for safety. It is always an uncomfortable feeling when your heater isn't working correctly. Electric Baseboard Heater Repair When it comes to repairing electric heaters, there are typically three places to look to find a problem: the circuit breaker panel, the thermostat, and inside the heater. Heat rises – and so do your energy costs, for every degree above 20°C. And not to forget, you get what you pay for. If the breaker trips just after turning the circuit breaker on but before turning the heater’s thermostat on, then there’s an electrical short between the circuit breaker and the thermostat. The broad, thin devices are usually wall mounted, although there are some portable free-standing options. You have a short somewhere in the system if your baseboard heater immediately trips the ... 2. So a 1500 watt heater can heat an area of 150 square feet. It may be wired at the wrong voltage so check the voltage of your baseboard heater and your supplying wires. They use convection heating, so cooler air in the room is drawn into the bottom of the heater where it's … Electric Heater Problems. Marley HBB1254 BASEBOARD HEATERS. Electric baseboard heaters install along the base of the wall where it meets the floor. Phone: 604-800-1665, For Electric Baseboard Heater Installation & Repairs in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas, Call WireChief Electric at, Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement & Repairs. Electric-powered baseboard and wall heaters are normally extremely efficient, converting nearly 100 percent of their energy to heat and warming only the parts of your house that you choose.Still, as with any household appliance, you'll encounter occasional problems. It is important to have adequate insulation in a home heated by baseboard heat. Check the wires from the circuit breaker to the baseboard thermostat and look for wire burn marks, frayed areas, and other signs of damage. 7 Results Thermostat Compatibility: Baseboard Heater. If the voltage is correct, it could just be a shortage, so check for burn marks or other signs of damage. Electric water heaters have one or two elements, and each is controlled by a thermostat. Drafts will read as lower temperatures and send wrong commands to the air conditioner or furnace. Electric baseboard heaters pull cool air through the bottom of the unit and release heated air from the top. Make sure power is off. Check for continuity between the set of wires leading to the service panel. We’ve compiled a list of common problems people have with their baseboard heaters, and provide solutions to prevent any anxiety from settling in. You can test them with the power off using an ohmmeter to measure resistance or with the power on … Make certain doors and windows are all-weather stripped, and re-caulk where necessary. Once you set up your thermostat, the baseboard heater cycles on and off to maintain the temperature of the room steady and there’s a much lower chance your units will overheat. Tuck the wires into the electrical box and secure the thermostat with the mounting screws. 2. The next place to look is the thermostat, and if that checks out, the heater itself is probably faulty. Simple efforts to add insulation, weather stripping to doors and windows, and caulking to make rooms more airtight can increase the efficiency. Check Wiring Connections A problem associated with many of the aftermarket thermostats is that the wiring has a loose connection caused by not hooking it up correctly. Check the voltage of your heater and supply wires to double-check they match. Ensure you’re using the proper amount of power:  Most rooms need 10 watts per square foot of space. It needs cleaning. Make sure smaller items, like children’s toys, aren’t left too close nearby. are completely repairable with over 5,000 replacement parts listed on our website. Turn off the thermostat control. If used properly, and installed according to specifications, electric baseboard heat is one of the best heating systems for a home. 1000 watt heater will heat 100 square feet (10’ x 10’) in a standard insulated room. Route remaining thermostat wire marked T1 to the baseboard heater. The problems that come from such a system can be mitigated as long as proper usage guidelines are followed and the units maintained in proper working order. Check up on insulation and keep the temperature up in unused rooms: It’s essential to have proper insulation in a home heated by baseboard heaters. The thin metal fins can also be damaged and bent easily and can likewise effect heating efficiency. Tuck the wires into the electrical box and secure the thermostat with the mounting screws. The average cost to repair your baseboard and wall heater is between $143 and $410, with most homeowners spending $268. Ensure the wiring is correct: A malfunctioning heater might be the result of a small wiring error. Covers enclose the heated parts and help in childproofing your baseboard heaters. They are designed to sit a 1/2-inch above the floor or carpet to allow enough airflow through the system. Vacuum out debris: Dust and debris can prevent electric baseboard heaters from performing at their best, so make sure your heater is well maintained and cleaned. Baseboard heaters must have their own thermostat, so you can’t connect them to a central heating system, but they should not be too expensive and can be well worth the extra investment. They also can not be controlled by wall mounted thermostats for a central heating system as the heaters need a specific voltage running through them at all times. Any baseboard heater needs power supply, some of the heaters need a 120 Volts power supply, now if you are having trouble because the baseboard heater is not heating enough the first thing that you need to look at is your power supply. Disconnect the baseboard-heater's thermostat load leads. The 5 Most Common Electric Baseboard Heating Issues. Reset the breaker if it has tripped. The inside of an electric baseboard heaters are composed of a heating element connected to an assembly of metal fins that heat the air around them and then vent the heated air into the room. The heat demand and wear and tear goes up considerably with inadequate insulation, causing the heaters to work harder and longer and thereby incurring greater inefficiency and expense. Be sure that your room is well-vented, and wait around 30 minutes for the smell to go away. Don’t place furniture too close, and avoid having window drapes or blind cords covering the unit. Use an external thermostat:  Many baseboard heaters come with a built-in thermostat, which isn’t always the best at maintaining a consistent temperature. Qmark/Marley electric heaters (wall heaters, baseboard heaters, unit heaters, etc.) 9131 10th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108 Phone: 206.762.0400 Fax: 206.763.7738. If the breaker starts off cool to the touch and then turns hot just before it trips, there’s probably a loose wire connection somewhere. Check the thermostat for signs of burning as well. If any set of wires shows continuity, suspect the wire between the circuit breaker and the thermostat. Turn on the circuit breaker and test the heater and thermostat for proper operation. The Baseboard Heater Works for a Couple of Minutes Before the Circuit Breaker Trips. They also can not be controlled by wall mounted thermostats for a central heating system as the heaters need a specific voltage running through them at all times. 3rd Floor - 422 Richards St.#170, Vancouver, BC Canada V6B2Z4. Complete the wire connections on the baseboard heater, if this has not already been done. This is unwise as it could lead to pipes in the walls or floor freezing or cold air from the room seeping into adjoining rooms and thereby making other heaters work harder. If you want your bedroom to stay a cool 67 degrees, but you don’t want to freeze while you’re watching television, then you can set it to 70 in your living space. If the circuit breaker stays on but the heater doesn’t warm up, the problem is the thermostat, the heating element or the limit switch. Also, confirm that your supply voltage isn’t less than the rating of the heater. Test Circuit. Buy a baseboard heater cover: A new baseboard heater will most likely come with a cover, but if you have an old heater you can easily renovate it to update its look and safety. Get a centralized view of your home heating bill, change setpoints individually or in groups, monitor temperature and humidity levels and so much more. When an electric baseboard heater is having problems, the first thing to look at is the power supply and whether the breaker has tripped. They can help counteract the loss of warmth from windows and are excellent for zonal heating since you can turn them on and off depending on which room you’re occupying. You can check each individual wire for a short with a multi-meter. 3. If you think this may be the issue, carefully check your wiring. ... King Electric Hoot WiFi Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat, 120/208/240V, Double Pole (2) Model# K902-B ... For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430 … A: The general rule for electric heat is to use 10 watts of heat per square foot of space i.e. If you properly maintain your baseboard heaters regularly and use them correctly, they should deliver consistent, efficient heat for decades before ever needing to be replaced. Most units have a safety thermal cut-off feature to help prevent overheating.