You might be feeling sleepy after a workout because of low energy diet and high intensity of the workout. It really just depends on your body, and how it handles medication. If you can create a safe space for yourself, in your body—to experience these emotions without judging, just accepting whatever comes up, and riding the … Is this also a symptom of anxiety? Other sources report it being even more rare, as infrequent as 1 out of 15,000 or 1 out of 23,000. The chiropractic sessions can do quite a number on your number on your body. No neceassarily dizzy, just this feeling of being very loopy. I was put on disability after 12 years of working because of missing so much work and then I was considered a liability, and that was at the age of 32, I can no longer drive, my neurologist told me if I can go w/out passing out for 6 months then I can drive…which has never happened as of yet, and I … Or you could be a light weight, sort to speak, when it comes to drugs, and you could be loopy for 24-48 hours. The chiropractors know that the manipulations exhaust your body’s energy reserves. But there are more serious kinds of spacing out that can be caused by a medical condition. After undergoing a chiropractic treatment, you should take a 10 to 20-minute rest. so perhaps this would work for you as well~:bigsmile: Good luck! 4. It sucks to feel sad, to feel angry, to feel pain. After I stopped running, I got really lightheaded and felt like I might pass out. Feel better If you know you’re prone to this type of dizziness, always get up slowly. When this happens, the person usually doesn’t feel any pain. Generally, 'spacing out' means that you are not in the moment, that your mind is somewhere else. :flowerforyou: I usually try to survive without the aid of pills as I don't like putting chemical craptastic things in my body. You could be like me, and no LEGAL amount of drugs will make you loopy, OR you could be like most people whom are loopy for hours. But at the same time, it feels really good to finally, fully feel. I often feel loopy or lightheaded. but when I do take something I take Pamprin. That's the best way that I can describe it. When you work out, your body requires additional energy to cope up with the requirements. . Try snacking on proteins and essential carbohydrates that keep you energize and prevent you from feeling sleepy. Having low blood pressure can be healthy, but rule out any underlying conditions with your GP. Feeling unusually sleepy after undergoing a chiropractic treatment should not sound any alarms. I sat down, and then about 15 to 20 minutes later this feeling passed. Causes of Spacing Out . It's totally normal to feel tiredness after exercise, but there are things you can do to help you feel a little less exhausted after working out. It's totally normal to feel tiredness after exercise, but there are things you can do to help you feel a little less exhausted after working out. .. and I don't feel the way that you are describing. . Daydreaming is the most common kind of spacing out and is generally nothing to worry about. Sponsors : 10-14-2005, 12:07 PM ... like I have been pulled out of my body.