We just need to press U, that will open our control panel, where we'll find everything we need, such as our character information, party finder, model change, teleporter, etc. A level 60 Master with Luzaka Weapon, good accessory and a nice set will oneshot Yetis already (generally, get the Luzaka weapon, only switch it out for Luzaka Crystal, then go for Ancient or even higher like Yggdrasil at level 150), When you are Lvl 121+ you can go to Dark Rartesia and the current endgame levelling is in the old mas dungeon in Flaris which is now a zone for like lvl 150-165 mobs (not sure, I am not playing myself anymore and didn’t explore this zone, just saw some high levels levelling there to 170). We'll use our favorite consumables, (I'd recommend using the power scroll and the chocolate) and we'll be ready to begin our journey to level 150! This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while Scaling on earlier levels – This guide will focus on level 150 Monsters at Forgotten Island, and at that level, this class outshines other class in terms of Damage and survivability in relation to the gears used. We can also join an existing party to find people to join us in this journey! Dunno if im missing out on something because some forums i read says level 60 to 80 is suppose to be easy. level 57 - 60: hunt Driller. I was in the top 3 for highest level at the time. Please note that in order to obtain this quest your character must be at level 120. You also get 350k penya, which is awesome for unfunded characters. level 22 - 25: Hunt Mr pumpkin. You can level this angel with Angel Ranks. After the levelcap got increased to 170, Gala updated the level range of the monsters on DT. Hi Silverfyree! level 20 - 22: Hunt mias In this part we'll begin by killing a few aibatts so we reach level 2 and receive our welcome package! Sign up for a new account in our community. Flyff Guide to Fastest Leveling. At level 75 you hit your second power spike, allowing you to wear Lusaka weapons. level 137 - 141 hunt Dark Usagi Yari. Well I am here to tell you so that you do! level 34 - 38: hunt Dumb Bull Now we just need to repeat the process until we become Heroes! Thats a lot of time for you to get your friends and hunt him! There isn't a big difference between the level 45 and 90 set, both are extremely good and suitable as end game gear. The guide is in a small window on your main screen in-game. And that gets us our third class! We'll receive more Scrolls of Amplification at level 35! After that you go to the Mars Mine. Subject: Re: [GUIDE] Leveling from Level 1 ~ 120 Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:01 am i suppose this could give someone new to flyff an idea but u used rly basic info and im guessing that with what ive heard this server's rates are (im at my cousin's and i found this site, i cant wait to get home to play!!!!) level 18 - 20: Hunt Wagsaac After you complete the 3rd Job Change, the rest of the game opens up to you. You can level at the Bahara Desert instead of Altus and Regnem. ! Flyff Legacy - MERCENARY Fast Leveling Guide Flyff Legacy is a Full 3D MMORPG released this 2017 by Gala Lab and Entermate. At this level we'll need to fly to Garden of Rhisis using the Piyo we got at level 20. Food in this Flyff, are divided by stages, in the beginning you get some hotdogs, then, after level 61 you'll be allowed to eat barbecues. Today i bring to you a leveling guide for those that don't know or are having some problems reaching the level they desire Before we get started, for the many people that have made Flyff leveling guides, MOST, if not all of them are based around having an assist, Billposter, or Ringmaster buffing and healing them. level 101 - 107 hunt Dantalian, level 107 - 112 hunt Ganessa