We grow over 100 varieties of apples. Lastly, the suggested uses for each of these antique apple trees are just that-- suggestions. You now have a way to get an authentic living peace of history. All trees individually labeled. Great eating apple and long keeper. Our propagation process is very labor intensive and time consuming to nurture. Good eating, cooking and cider apple. Waimea Nurseries produce 100's of varieties. In fact, recent years have seen a huge rise in the amount of cultivars available. The flesh is yellow with spicy, juicy favor. We graft pear trees on various semi-dwarf (OHxF87) and dwarf (OHxF333) rootstocks. The great majority of our organic apple trees range from 5/8" to 3/4" in caliper and most have side branches (feathered), which often leads to earlier fruiting. Uniquely shaped medium to large size fruit, skin yellow with light red flush. Medium sized, round apple with deep purple skin. This is the gourmet culinary apple of France, excellent... A large crab that is good for cooking and desserts. About the Heritage Apple Trees and Disease Resistant Apple Trees for Sale: Three Creek Orchards sells bare root Heritage and Disease Resistant Apple Trees. Apple Trees for sale We are again offering a wide variety of apple trees for sale. The fruit finishes with a 70-90% red blush over a yellow background color. A large, red stripped apple with hard, course flesh. Our premium trees are But most people don’t know that at one time there were 15,000 apple varieties Origin: From England in the early 1700s. Your Heirloom Apple Trees already boast several years of growth by the time they arrive at your door, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of healthful fruit fast. HEIRLOOM APPLES Demand for Heirloom Apples is tricky; the people that know about them desire access to them, cook with them, and eat them. A very hardy tree and resistant to cedar-apple rust. Trees are resistant to scab and mildew. Short storage. Trees & Transplants We experienced record demand for seed in 2020, and we anticipate that high demand will continue into spring 2021. American Golden Russet American Grandpa's Orchard® fruit tree nursery offers a huge selection of apple, pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, plums and prunes. Like all the early pioneers of young America, subsistence farming and self reliance was the rule of life. $33.75 buy Very good keeper. Many of the commercial apple varieties we see in grocery stores are hybrids combining the favorite attributes of various heirlooms - namely, predictable traits … Heirloom Apple Tree is located in Hood, VA. We don't want your order to be cold damaged. The trees will typically bear in 3 to 5 years. The Queener Farm is a premier Oregon Heirloom Apple Grower. Fruit medium, red and yellow, usually striped. The Coves Heirloom Apple Trees by John Lemke & Bill Karr The original pioneer settlers challenged these mountains and forests by making farms on our steep slopes. Eaten fresh, quite sweet, slightly scented. After buying the property in 1986, Bud Shelton, the family patriarch, started a large garden and began looking at other agricultural possibilities for the land. We will also do custom bench grafting of any of our cultivars. Fruit is small with yellow skin. A medium size apple with yellow skin that is overlain with a crimson blush. Sign up for our mailing list to receive new product alerts, special offers, and coupon codes. Apples today can be grown from the desert to the sea. It was noted by the Royal Horticultural Society of London in 1893 and widely grown in New York and New England in the 19th century. Apple trees have always been highly popular for home growing. Below are resources to find both fruit and trees to purchase as you move ahead to becoming a grower of heirloom apple. Our certified organic apple trees growing in the field range from 4-8 feet in height, and are pruned to approximately 4-5 feet in height when shipped as bare root apple trees. | | One of the best apples for espalier. The home grown heirloom apple tree has historically been the central figure in the providing the … Very productive tree with some resistance to fire blight. Fruit trees for sale from Orange Pippin We offer a personal service to help you choose the right fruit trees for your needs, by phone or email - we promise to take good care of you. Winner of taste tests. Very large, attractive, red or striped fruit. Make Grandpa's your choice for your backyard and hobby orchard. Tree is hardy, vigorous,... An old English winter russet, medium size, golden-brown skin with the crisp, dense, yellowish flesh, characteristic of russets: sugary and aromatic with intense flavor. Flesh is crisp with a sweet-tart flavor. A McIntosh type apple with better color and flavor and longer keeper. Apple trees - Connoisseurs & Heirloom In this category you will find a lot of rare and old Apple tree varieties, many of them unnavailable elsewhere! To focus on getting as many seeds into the hands of home gardeners as possible we are not offering potatoes, transplants, or apples trees for sale in 2021. Blooms late but very productive tree. Forget about Granny Smith...there are dozens of heirloom apple varieties that you've probably never heard of! Bringing back Heirloom Fruit We are in the business of providing scionwood and acclimatized varieties of apple trees, pear trees, and plum trees.