This simple hack lets you set a string of Christmas lights to dance to the beat of your tunes. A Christmas light controller will allow you to build elaborate, flashy displays, but it can be expensive or complicated, depending on your budget and technical know-how. Sync Lights to Music With a Christmas Light Controller . A fully built light controller will be the easiest to set up, but also the most expensive option. 4.1 out of 5 stars 11. Press START! 2. Within the Hue Sync app, you then pick whether you’re playing games, listening to music, or watching videos. 50ft LED Strip Lights Music Sync Color Changing Strip Lights RGB 270 LEDs SDM 5050 Tape Lights IR Remote Bluetooth App Controlled LED Lights for Bedroom, Kitchen, Dorm, Party, TV, Christmas Decoration. You'll need a set of speakers, an outlet adapter, excess power cord, a solid state relay and, of course, Christmas lights! $28.99 $ 28. Step 3 - Testing. For some of you, that's a good thing. Objective here is to use the A/D converter on Arduino to read input sound and light up a set LEDs to reflect the level of the sounds volume. It says something that one of the companies that manufactures the control boards necessary to coordinate these light displays also offers classes on how to use them. Jason Fitzpatrick. It's easy! Alexa, ask light rhapsody to keep the lights on from 6pm to midnight. Step 1: Making the LED lights dance to your music. Want to replicate that cool effect when you can watch Christmas lights flash in time to music? If you opt to go the DIY route, be sure you understand the necessary precautions to avoid creating a fire risk or harming yourself. Make Your Holiday Lights Dance to Your Party Music. Adding blinking lights to anything is a surefire way to make it totally obnoxious. He then programs the LEDs to strobe in sequence to music using Vixen Light’s programming software, which makes it easy to pair the two together using a drag-and-drop interface. LED and screen flashlight blinks when the sound volume peaks. Step 4 - Power You can make a small string of lights blink with just a 555 timer and a few other components, but more elaborate and ambitious projects require more parts and a lot more electrical knowledge. 99 $30.99 $30.99. Turn on the music player or make funny noises to test color light effects 3. Set the mic sensitivity for current sound volume by swiping up and down (0-100) 4. Something like that. The LEDs are controlled from Digital pins 3, 4, 5,6. Going All In If you do know a thing or two about either computer programming or electrical engineering, you can DIY those elements to whatever extent you're able. Also, ask light rhapsody to start flashing lights to music only causes Alexa to tell me how to enable that feature, which includes using the phrase “ask light rhapsody to start flashing lights to music.” The flashing … The software will be used to control the music and cause the lights to flash. Once you've gotten all your project pieces assembled, follow this tutorial so you can wire them up to your music. Dance house, hip-hop or ballet with this party disco light music app! How to make lights flash to music 1. You will need to make sure you can use the software before constructing complex circuits of lights. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. This will make sure that you don't waste any time working with something that won't work properly.