The house is really old and did not have any re-direction of the water so the water was always leaking in through the basement, creating the perfect situation for mold. Do you know anyone out there that can help me with an experienced attorney or any other solution. But they STILL won’t pay to FIX the problem! That was three weeks ago. Plaintiffs can suffer from a number of different injuries. So when the spore is released into the air you inhale the metal. My husband has been coughing for almost two years…he’s been hospitalized for it. Additionally, since there are multiple variations of mold, identifying what type of mold infected your home is critical. I notified the office and they came in and said I don’t have mold. One sales woman told us that it did not look good (she was fired we found out later). They ADMITTED to the COUNSEL meeting AND on the NEWS(cause of ALL MY EVIDENCE)that THEY at fault! I don’t know think my doctor is doing a good job cuz he doesn’t know how I got sick. So take PICTURES of EVERYTHING, AND ANYTHING Docs say, GET ON PRINT!!!!!! Finally, this year, I couldn’t take it anymore so I hired someone to come in myself. I’m afraid the mold is in other parts of the condo that we cannot see. A screw holding the Closet Shelf bracket was screwed into the wall and right into a water pipe. About 2 yrs ago it got worse. My husband and I purchased our home about 3 years ago. The sink hole cracked my entire floor in the kitchen. SB — July 13, 2015 post — The hospital room with mold. They cut up dry wall and made a dusty mess never accommodating us with a motel just had to stay here while they did it. I’ve been here 5 years. We live in a rental property in Edina Mn. The home is so mold ridden under the home that it has made our whole family Ill. We were forced to move out and are currently living in a trailer parked in our driveway. Landlord finally agreed to let us out of lease. Have Questions About Mold Lawsuit Settlements? I as well as EVERYONE else was HOT! You were right to get them out of there. The insurance company sent out an appraiser and they said they would cover replacement of the carpet but not the mold remediation. An attorney can help you negotiate with responsible parties, file and represent your rights in a lawsuit, and assess the extent of recoverable damages. HOW DOES MOLD ARRIVE INDOORS AND WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? Estate FF to week number 5 in the apartment, the a/c condenser is in the ceiling of the master closet. He also discovered the fresh air pipe was not connected to the furnace so the mold was literally being pumped throughout the entire house through the furnace, in addition to the stack-effect. Former tenants can be awesome and your best case. She would no help me at home. Now she can’t even do the dishes without having taking a lot of breaks. The adjuster came out and took pictures and noticed that the mold went from the attic down the walls and under the house. The last repair remains unfinished. I am now wondering if I can go after my insurance company for the mold remediation costs despite the exclusion for mold? We want out of the Lease and out of this house, as quickly as physically possible and we would like to seek any and all damages allowed by law for the pain, suffering and probable long term and/or continual effects myself, my wife and our daughter have and will experience from our exposure to the mold in this house, over the past five months. Cracks in the walls & nothing gets done. Now June 2016 she spent a week in the hospital then was transferred to a nursing home for 20 days and was doing the best she ever has been home for 4 days and she is back to doing really bad. Unions often have attorneys available to members for a reduced charge or even for free. First living room flood “Rashes all over flood, chest neck went to after hours clinic “I have so many pictures, videos”, I was covered, as well as when the place flooded, “even was kitchen cabeinets was filled with mold, not a spot no where that did not have mold.