NETFLIX'S reality dating show Love Is Blind quickly became one of the streaming site's most talked-about series. If You Haven’t Binged Love is Blind, Don’t Read This: SPOILERS. WATCH: Jessica, Mark, Lauren, Cameron, Barnett, Amber, Carlton, Diamond, Kelly, Kenny, Giannina and Damian sit down to discuss the events of Season 1 of Netflix's 'Love Is Blind.' The Love Is Blind couples are just now getting to see the process of how they fell in love with their current spouse or ex-fiancé. The Love is Blind season 1 finale is now streaming on Netflix and I have to say I’m surprised by the results! In 2020, the American edition of The Circle opened the floodgates of compelling reality TV content coming out of Netflix. Warning: Love Is Blind, season 1 spoilers ahead. We’ve watched, glued to the screen in shock and awe, as men and women looking for love … Love is Blind is Netflix's latest reality show hit and mostly takes place in Atlanta. We take you through which of the six couples lasted the distance. #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindRealLifeCouples Love is Blind, Netflix's dating reality series had its fans hooked. #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindRealLifeCouples Part 2: Love is Blind, Netflix's dating reality series had its fans hooked. The Love Is Blind cast filmed a reunion episode. The series has been compared to Married at First Sight, which was also produced by Kinetic Content, and The Bachelor. Love Is Blind Netflix cast, Jessica, Carlton, Amber, where are they now and could season 2 of the dating show happen. Pic credit: Netflix. A legion of fans is looking forward to watching Netflix's Love Is Blind season 2 in 2021, and reports indicate that the season could be closer than we'd think. Netflix smash hit reality show, which was like Married At First Sight mixed in with Love Island , came to a dramatic conclusion in March 2020. Zoe. Advertisement It's something the couples on Season 1 of Love Island US know all too well. Love Is Blind Couples : Where Are They Now? Love Is Blind Season 1 and the reunion special are now available on Netflix. Find Out What Their Relationships Look Like Now. Photo credit: Netflix. The couple made things official after leaving the … Netflix’s must-watch "three week experiment" reality dating show ~Love Is Blind~ has had us truly gripped over the last month. The show was filmed two years ago, in 2018, with the final episode featuring a mix of marriages and break-ups. Season one of Love Is Blind may be over, but there's still so much to unpack!. Netflix LOVE IS BLIND Season 1, Episode 2. "Love Is Blind taught me that sometimes we fall for who we think someone could be, but then we are left disappointed when we are seemingly the only one invested in … Love Is Blind couples - where are they now? Where they are now: While she waits for Beyoncé to call her, Diamond is now working on her PHD. The Netflix dating show everyone seemed to binge at the beginning of the year, Love is Blind, is gearing up for its highly demanded second season. As the leads develop connections, new people are introduced, forcing them to evaluate their relationships quickly. 3/1/2020 12:50 am pt Exclusive The 2 "Love Is Blind" couples that got married on the season finale didn't do it just for cameras ... they're legit, 'cause we got receipts. … Fans who watched the tell-all reunion special on Netflix on Thursday … Love Is Blind season 2 will likely retain the same format as season 1, though there's a chance that a few elements are added. Not too shocked, though! The two paired up at the beginning of the show and got engaged. Then: Hannah Elizabeth won runner up in the first season of the UK show when she paired up with Jon Clark. Love Is Blind is streaming now on Netflix. It’s been nearly a year and a half since the wrap of the first season of Netflix’s new reality dating game, Love is Blind, and with no release date for Season 2- fans are feigning for the latest updates on … Amber and Barnett, Love Is Blind Photo: Netflix There's more where that came from! – … Netflix's Love Is Blind Reality Show Became An Instant Hit, But Not All Of The Couples On The Dating Show Made It Post-filming. The show's unique approach to dating, putting each potential match in a small room called a "pod" in which they are separated by a wall, making vocal communication their only form of creating a connection. Love Is Blind is a dating reality television series, produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Coelen which premiered on Netflix on February 13, 2020 as part of a three-week event. She is now 12, and said she usually spends more time at the School of American Ballet than at home. Recap: The cast of Netflix's dating experiment 'Love Is Blind' got back together for a reunion special — find out where they are now. From the likes of Too Hot to Handle to Love Is Blind, the global streaming platform has something for every viewer. Entering into a relationship on reality TV is always a gamble. Where are the Love is Blind contestants now? Gabbie’s dream is to eventually work for City Ballet. The now 18-year-old is loved up with boyfriend and student CJ Boustany. Those who have seen Love Is Blind‘s season 1 finale may be wondering where the cast is now.Does Jessica’s dog still drink wine? Zoe Bliss Magnussen is an apprentice at NYC Ballet. Love Is Blind puts a … Love Is Blind 2020 TV-MA 1 Season Reality TV Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person. And just like that, it's a wrap on "Love Is Blind" Season 1. 7 The breakout Netflix reality series dropped the reunion on Thursday and, in a neat little … WARNING: Contains spoilers from series one of Love Is Blind. Now, Hannah Elizabeth gave birth to her son, Reggie, in November 2019 and is working as a model. From Cosmopolitan. Love Is Blind season 1 might be over, but the gossip is well and truly alive.As well as producers hitting back at Kenny's claim he and Kelly planned to not get married, Lauren has now … Netlflix's Love Is Blind season one introduced a whole bunch of singles to each other. Created by Love Is Blind's Sam Dean, The 12 Dates of Christmas is a show with countless surprises—and a revolving door of love interests. Now: Unfortunately, their engagement didn’t last long and the two broke up. Topics: dating show , Entertainment , love-is-blind , netflix All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers. There's at least one Love Island Australia season 1 success story - Josh Moss and Amelia Plummer.