Records broken during the championship game included runs scored (35), home runs (9), RBI's by one player (7). As MLB(Major League Baseball) bat regulations require, no baseball bat weighs less than 32 ounces or 2 pounds. Victus Sports: Change The Game. The standards state that aluminum bats have to have a diameter of 2 5/8" and a weight-length differential of three. 1 decade ago. There would no more 1-2 games, the teams would probably score more than 5 runs causing more fans to come to the games because of all the action that is happening. Now with speeds of 100 mph plus the pitcher only has less than 0.030 seconds to react to a come-backer, which is impossible. According to the European Journal of Anesthesiology 18 (7) ,It takes 0.095 seconds to blink an eye. Bat companies have to get their bats certified by MLB in order for players to use their bats in the minor leagues or big leagues. Aluminum bats present a serious danger to pitchers as well as infielders. If mlb players start using metal bats the game would be a lot more entertaining. And then that would make that fastball look like nothing that would be able to get the bat around way faster. Aluminum have a greater trampoline effect. At Victus, we embrace the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it. There would no more 1-2 games, the teams would probably score more than 5 runs causing more fans to come to the games because of all the action that is happening. Additionally, the speed of the ball leaving the bat could hurt fielders severely. 0 0. fish. Major league baseball has required that its players use wooden bats, but the aluminum bat has come to dominate the lower levels of baseball, from Little League to the college game. The pitcher’s mound is exactly 60 feet, 6 inches away from home plate. Phillies Freddy Galvis Players Weekend Game Used Bat Rawlings . Well, It might seem kind of cool when you first think about it, but don’t we want our pros to really show some skills to muscle a home run? Korpi became a YouTube sensation from his experience with a batted ball off an aluminum bat. Wooden bats break very easily too so aluminum bats are better then too. Wooden bats are heavier and it takes more skill to hit with a wooden bat than a metal bat. Aluminum bats are more durable and don’t need to be replaced as often. While metal bats have their special perks and pros, wooden bats will always hold a place in the hearts of baseball fans. 3 0. That’s the reward for the pitcher putting the ball in a good place. The reason why high schools and colleges use aluminum bats over wood is to cut the costs of purchasing new wood bats when they break. 0 0. Actually, I might like it! Ban aluminum bats now. With all the safety hazards aluminum bats have, is it worth to save a buck over our children's/friend's/teammates lives, *This is my article from Moraine Valley Community College's newspaper the. Listing of NCAA Certified Bats; Certification protocols. well metal bats are dangerous for anyone on defense it could be a comebacker to the pitcher and take them out. When that little white ball made contact with my brother’s chin it made a horrifying thud sound. And plus the game gets boring because all the other team hit's the ball all the time bye the time there out it be like twenty to zero in the first inning. Greenwald conducted an experiment on aluminum bats. Today’s MLB bats are made from maple, ash, or birch. In history, all the great baseball players used wooden bats. With the pitcher standing just 60′6″ away, the increased velocity off the bat is an unnecessary risk. He was the first to really commit to a full-on maple wood bat in the majors. Every year we get a list of bat companies that we can use and I will keep a look out for Maddog bat company. Before 2011, college baseball bats were overwhelmingly made out of composite materials. He said he remembers ballplayers using metal bats when he coached the SUNY Brockport baseball team from 1972 to 1974. Some players may prefer to use metal bats as they find the pros of using metal bats out weighs the pros of using wooden ones. Aluminum bats are light, and to have strong major league hitters using them would cause tons of home runs, but it might also create a real danger for the infielders. The creation of metal bats occurred in the 1920s, but not actually used in play until 1970 when they were introduced into Little League youth baseball. How many Bats Do MLB Player Use Per Season? Studies have shown some players can go through as little as 4-6 bats, where some players can go through as many as a hundred bats in a season. He said he remembers ballplayers using metal bats when he coached the SUNY Brockport baseball team from 1972 to 1974. The use of aluminum bats should be banned in college sports as well as high school. An aluminum bat may have more solid contact. Baseball is a game of reactions. In 1997, J.J. Crisco and R.M. And also it doesn't help the hitter either because if it's so light they swing it faster and the wood is heavier so they wood have to swing way latter witch would take to much time to learn so why not stay with wood. The Major League has never permitted the use of aluminum bats for safety and competitive reasons. Home The 2020 Annual Report On MLB Bats and the players that use them Last Updated by @BatDigest We watched 450 of at-bats during the 2020 and 2019 season to see if we could better understand the usage rates of MLB Bat bat brands. Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) Protocol 7 years ago. Kids have been hurt from metal bats. HS. The results were conclusive. I don’t believe Maddog bat company has done that. The NCAA is the highest level of amateur baseball where regulations allow players to hit with aluminum bats. Young ballplayers have been experiencing horrific injuries such as broken jaws, fractured skulls, comas and even death due to the use of aluminum baseball bats. Despite the recent changes the NFSHSA has made, the aluminum bats are still a serious safety hazard. The Average Available Pitcher Reaction Time (APRT) of a ball traveling at 93 mph takes 0.4 seconds to travel 54 feet. Also if they start hitting to many home runs the mlb could just have every team move back the fences.