Ps. Your Free Account Now ». In five pages this research paper examines the changing priesthoods in Shinto Japan and Catholic America. Cultural issues. God is Redeeming Scripture Bible & Theology Topics: Bible and Theology Questions, capital punishment, Mark 7:10, violence of God, violence of Scripture Advertisement Tough Questions on the Old Testament The Messiah is in most instances closely related to the purpose that God has in the world. 1. 28:64-67; 38:16; Ps. The following Old Testament Special Topics are taken from our verse by verse commentaries. Clearly, the principles laid out in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) would appear to be the most frequently embraced by believers and non … writers reinterpreted it. In three pages this paper compares these various biblical readings. A model paper is an example of a quality essay, term paper, research paper, case study, thesis, or other academic writing project. Its etymology is from a person’s physical stable stance. The purpose of the Department of Old Testament Studies is to equip students to do accurate exegetical work in the Old Testament and to expound the Old Testament in their ministries, with the goal of meeting contemporary needs. Topic: Theology Paper #: 17573158 Gospel: Gospel is a message that has contents on Jesus, God, salvation, the Kingdom of God, and everything that is done to reach out this message to the believers. The word covenant comes from a Hebrew word that means “to cut”. Theology of the Old Testament. If you need help writing a New Testament research paper on any of the Books of the Bible , we have writers available to custom write your project as an excellent model of research material. Changes in Idolatry from the Old Testament to the Modern Era. An analysis of gender roles in the Bible. The Five Main Themes of the Old Testament . New York: Barnes and Noble. In fifteen pages Old Testament theology is considered in various sections that include models, debates, and a discussion of theori... ... premier. Written and translated in different periods with 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, each alone is sufficiently robust for their own full volume explorations. Part of the Biblical Studies Commons, and the Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion Commons Recommended Citations MLA: Mumme, Laura E. "The Five Main Themes of the Old Testament," The Kabod 2. A covenant is essentially an agreement between two people which involves promises but in the Old Testament, a covenant is an agreement between God and his people. From academic projects that are one page discussion responses to full dissertations, can accommodate the needs of the student. First, it presents the mission and purpose of God with great power and clarity and with universal implications for all humanity. The Old Testament both raises and attempts to answer thequestion of how God can be good and all-powerful yet allow evilto exist in the world. Consideration of Biblical Theology in the Old Testament. For your Biblical studies paper topic needs,’s staff can be reached by email for placing an order through our secure server or for questions regarding potential topics. PowerPapers is a writing service. OLD TESTAMENT SPECIAL TOPICS. 2. We intend our papers to be used as models, not to be turned in as your own work. In the Old Testament a covenant is much more than just a contract or simple agreement between two parties or people. Seymour-Smith, M. (1998). How do they change over the course of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament)? ... Brief overviews and charts on a variety of theological topics. View Old Testament Theology Research Papers on for free. Authorship and the New Testament. Geographical issues. In five and a half pages this paper examines the Old Testament in a consideration of the covenant's definition and what it means. Brueggeman, Walter. We offer custom written papers starting at $32 / page. In six pages this research paper discusses the covenant themes in the Old Testament sections of Daniel, Joshua, and Exodus. This 5 page paper discusses Hunt's book and provides an overview of basic cost accounting procedures and considers the importance ... Note developments of that theme in the Old Testament to the New Testament (N.T. We provide, among other services, model papers for personal, private use. The Triumph of Arminianism (and its dangers) Comparison of the basic perspectives of Arminianism and classic Calvinism, concluding that most mod… Below is a list of topics that would fall within the spectrum of Biblical studies paper topics. Topic: Election in Old Testament Theology An important and prominent theme of Old Testament Theology concerns the election of Israel as God’s people. The Old Testament, particularly the first five books known as the Pentateuch, are the cornerstone of the Jewish faith (Seymour-Smith, 1998). Paper Masters has a large field of theology writers that are well versed in nearly all topics concerning both the New and Old Testament of the Bible. An exploration of the Historical Jesus Christ. This means that certain elements would be taken on faith and with the notion that the book is divinely inspired thereby making the inquiry lens not necessarily objective (Muck, Netland & McDermott, 2014). One other source is cited in the bibliography.... A student of pure history, in contrast, would be required to keep as much objectivity as possible while the historical elements of the work are compared to that which humans know based on amassed knowledge and other fields of inquiry like archaeology. Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here. Discuss similarities, differences, and changes to the meaning. Be sure to distinguish between paraphrase and direct quotes. 23:12) or stumbling (cf. Second, the Old Testament shaped the very nature of the mission of the New testament church, which, indeed, felt compelled to justify its mission practice from the Scriptures we now call the Old Testament”. This paper discusses the prophetic ministry and the order of training employed at the time of the Old Testament. B. The opposite would be one who is unstable, slipping (cf. This is a general overview of the prophets in the Old Testament and Hebrew Bible. 73:2). The Bible, including both the New and Old Testaments, is easily one of the most influential books ever written (Seymour-Smith, 1998). Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy. Theological issues. Your will get a completely custom-written paper tailored to your instructions, with zero chance of plagiarism. Deut. The Messianic prophesies and their fulfillment. Word studies. The Relevance of Old Testament Research Paper Topics Today. can create projects exactly within these elements of research or the list can be used by students to inspire their own ancient studies subject idea. In nine pages the Japanese cultural period known as Genroku is examined in terms of the cultural contributions of dramatist Chikam... Click for more great research paper topics listed by discipline. Authorship and the Old Testament. By Dr. Bob Utley, Retired Professor of Hermeneutics. This topic will explore the meaning and significance of election in the Old Testament and how that understanding is shaped through experiences of exile and suffering. The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written. Muck,T., Netland, H. & McDermott, G. (2014). Project topics in Theology ... PROPHETISM and SCHOOLS OF THE PROPHETS In The OLD TESTAMENT. Book Reviews. Christian news and views about Old Testament. The required courses give students the skills necessary for such work as follows: Hebrew grammar, syntax, textual criticism Critical race theory (CRT) examines racism within culture and society and seeks to explain how it relates to law, opportunity, power, housing, employment, education, status, etc. Type a 350-750 word paper using MLA formatting. Michigan, Baker Academic. All editing, mentoring, and proofreading services provided through comply with all laws and regulations of the United States of America. The term “Amen” is from a Hebrew word for truth (emeth) or truthfulness (emun, emunah) and faith or faithfulness. The professional staff at understands the complexity surrounding Biblical studies and are equipped to help facilitate academic exploration within the spectrum of one or multiple lenses of inquiry. 4. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2005 In his book Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy, Walter Brueggeman entices his readers in the way … Rather than gathering everything the Bible says about a particular topic, the goal of biblical theology is to trace the progressive revelation of God and his saving plan. Beyond the selected perspective of the inquiry for the Biblical studies paper topic also stands the complex nature of the book itself. You must provide a separate outline to your paper. Information on certain Old Testament passages and concepts. Worship is a topic that appears frequently in the Old and New Testament and that is still very relevant to believers today. TULIP Calvinism Compared to Wesleyan Perspectives [Portuguese] [Dutch] A simple chart listing the major differences between the five points of classical Calvinism and corresponding Wesleyan-Arminian views. 2. Old Testament. For example, in Genesis 3:15, God promised that the offspring of the woman would one day crush the head of the serpent. OLD TESTAMENT A. SPECIAL TOPIC: AMEN I. In seven pages this paper analyzes the Old Testament's Book of Jonah in terms of its symbolism. Selecting a topic, therefore, necessitates the student stay within a narrow enough framework to analyze the subject with the necessary degree of research and attention to make valid conclusions. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, Contemporary interpretations of the Bible, The role of the Roman empire in crafting the Bible, The gnostic texts and their relationship to the English Bible, Civil rights and the Bible: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X’s speeches, Biblical translations and conflict with science, The treatment of other religions in the Bible, The Bible in cinema: The Passion of Christ and The 10 Commandments, Biblical interpretations and its influence on the Palestine and Israel conflict, Geographical explorations of the Old Testament flood, The treatment of Satan in the Bible versus The Divine Comedy or Faust, Exploration of the holy trinity in the Bible, The role of miracles in the New Testament, Biblical allegory in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, Contemporary issues in the United States and the Bible, The treatment of Egypt in the Old Testament. Consideration of Biblical Theology in the Old Testament. Biblical studies are interdisciplinary in nature and can be explored from historical, psychological, cultural, spiritual, archaeological, literary and sociological perspective in addition to mixes of these approaches. ... You have found the "BEST" Term Paper site on the Planet! ... Four excerpts from this text are discussed in a paper consisting of five pages. Thus, through this paper, I will discuss the relevance of missions within the Old Testament and the New Testament, how the nature of God relates to missions, some key themes of the theology of missions and how mission theology relates to missionary, church leaders and lay people not in fulltime ministry. The staff at are equally as comfortable approaching Biblical studies from a purely Christian perspective as they are examining the topic from a purely objective historical perspective. 3. In five pages this research paper discusses how the concepts of kingship and kings were presented in the Old Testament. Access and download complete Theology papers, Theology project topics, seminar topics, thesis, assignments, dissertations etc. Click for more great research paper topics listed by discipline, Apocalyptic prophets in the Old Testament, Gospel Inconsistencies in the perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Moses and the promised land: Explorations of punishment in the Old Testament, An exploration of the Historical Jesus Christ, Comparing historical evidence to Biblical analysis of events, Genesis: The origin of man and the use of allegory in the Bible, Perspectives of time in the Old Testament: Literal or metaphorical, How marriage is treated in the Old Testament, Symmetry and asymmetry between the Old and New Testament, The Bible and C.S. For Christians, the Old Testament is a lead into the New Testament, which chronicles the life and times of Jesus Christ. Plagiarism is unethical and, in some cases, illegal. Moses and the promised land: Explorations of punishment in the Old Testament; An exploration of the Historical Jesus Christ; Comparing historical evidence to Biblical analysis of events; Genesis: The origin of man and the use of allegory in the Bible; Perspectives of time in the Old Testament: Literal or metaphorical; An analysis of gender roles in the Bible In nine pages this paper analyzes how the Old Testament influenced the New Testament's Book of Hebrews. Presented to Dr. Fowler of . Learning from example is one of the most powerful ways to learn. Interpretations of the work have been impacting on modern society, law, interactions with foreign cultures and the evolution of Western civilization as a whole. This collection compiles classic studies on a variety of areas within Old Testament theology, providing contributions from skillful late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century scholars including Hermann Gunkel, E. W. Hengstenberg, and A. ... A 5 page research paper that addresses the topic of salvation as it is addressed in the Old Testament. The first chapters of Genesis depict God as disappointedor “grieved” by human wickedness, suggesting that the humans, ratherthan God, are responsible for human evil (Genesis 6:6).Later books, s… What are some of the signs or symbols of God’s covenant with humankind? uses cookies to enhance the browsing experience and provide additional functionality. These prophesies and intimations about the Messiah start with the first book of the Bible and there are many references to the coming of a Messiah in the earlier books of the Old Testament… The best articles from Christianity Today on Old Testament. 5. Handbook of Religion. Apocalyptic prophets in the Old Testament. While the new covenant revealed in the New Testament is accompanied by new principles for leading a Christian life, many of the principles revealed in the Old Testament are applicable even today. ), and show how N.T. 6. Bible is a term that is derived by way of Latin and French, from the Greek Biblia (book), which itself is a translation from the Hebrew sepharim (Seymour-Smith, 1998). The history and tradition of the predictions of a Messiah can be found in many passage of the Old Testament. Biblical Studies Research Topics. They deal with: 1. The last 12 books entitled the Minor Prophets are pages usually skipped over. Compare and contrast Moses and David as national and religious leaders of Israel. With a broad range of inquiry possible for Biblical studies, the student needs to select the proper foundation on which to explore their topic. In five pages this paper contrasts and compares Antigone by Sophocles with the biblical literature of the Old Testament. Portions of the work are also prominent in the Islamic faith as well. Thus, through this paper, I will discuss the relevance of missions within the Old Testament and the New Testament, how the nature of God relates to missions, some key themes of the theology of missions and how mission theology relates to missionary, church leaders and lay people not in fulltime ministry. For example, a student studying to be a pastor  or Church leader would be examining the Bible from a Christian and spiritual perspective. Judgment, wrath, anger, gloom, and doom, all are just a few of the words that come to mind when one thinks about the Old Testament. Biblical allegory in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Read more Accept. Many Biblical authors write about worship and the various ways believers worship God in the Bible. Purchasing a model paper is an excellent, legal way to learn how to write your own papers. 40:2; 73:18; Jer. Idolatry, social injustice, and religious ritualism seem to be a theme throughout the last twelve books of the Old Testament. Research Papers/Topics in Theology Evaluation of the Old Testament Prophetism and Biblical Paradigm of the Schools of the Prophets This paper discusses the prophetic ministry and the order of training employed at the time of the Old Testament. The term is defined along with its origins. B. Davidson.Contributors expound on topics within Christology, angelology, the history of the Old Covenant, the use of Assyriology, and much more. 2 (2016) Article 1. The Old Testament and the New Testament as a single book, the English Holy Bible, has been present in Western thought since the Elizabethan times (Seymour-Smith, 1998). A Research Paper . Two Views of Theology Short essay contrasting theology seen as absolute truth and theology understood as testimony conditioned by time and place. From Adam and Eve’s first disobedient actin the garden, each biblical book affirms that human evil is theinevitable result of human disobedience, not of God’s malice orneglect. Whether divinely inspired or a source of ancient history and cultural reflection, Biblical studies are important in the context of human history in addition to the spiritual foundation of one of the largest religions in the world.