I am 5”10; 163lb; boot 11 (thirtytwo). Thank you for your no BS reviews and recommendations. For what you’re looking for the 51 would be ideal. Doesn’t matter too much since I rode the custom so long with a set back sidecut. The Ride Superpig Snowboard 2021 is in stock now. I love the sounds of the superpig. I am thinking I want a little more float while still staying aggressive yet playful. And It looks like superpig is right what I want (a bit stiffer, stable, good in powder, good for carving), but unfortunately it’s highly unlikely I get to buy it where I live. If you really want to pop off a roller the K2 Party Platter would be the better option. Couldn’t pass it up! All mountain, jumps no rails, resort riding, drops. Most of those people saying that wanted a Warpig and didn’t realize the Superpig has a different camber profile. Hello! The Ride Superpig Snowboard huffs and puffs and charges the whole mountain with style and ferocity. How can someone ride that much and still look that bad? Thanks! Relevant but maybe not since I’m referencing the lady version of the warpig (Psychocandy). The thought of going to a tiny board that can still rip carves intrigues me. I feel the 54 might suit you better based on what you’re telling me. JUST DO IT! If you wanted to charge more and have a bit more stiffness underfoot that’s where bumping up to the 54 would come in. Angry..would you go with the Super Pig or Capita Asym? 54 should fit your 11.5. Hey Angry, And for what I’m looking for, would it just be smarter to go up to the 154 warpig instead? Is the sidecut centered on the sp? Ollies: HOLY SHIT! Sintered , I was looking at the Superpig, the Skunk Ape and the Stump Ape. Don't let the shape fool you this board will go anywhere and do anything. I’d get the small again unless you really want more surface area then the medium. I’m wondering if this would be good chocie for second board for such situation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The tail takes more effort due to the flex pattern so be prepared to work for it. I wouldn’t get the 58 at your specs. What’s your opinion on size? Much appreciated. Angry Snowboarder 14,189 views. Yo angry. I am 5’9 and 3/4 and weigh 150lbs. Hey Angry, The superpig caught my attention as an alternate board to my 2014 156 Rossi OneMagTek. I am looking for something a little more playful and started thinking about the Ride Pig family, especially the Superpig. thinking ill get warpig. I think from all my research, its either the Warpig, or Superpig for me. If you find yourself seeking out something big and bad, avoid the other pigs and take shelter with the SUPERPIG, because this board is built like a brick shithouse. Still, it did require quite some work and focus to get those pencil lines (I think partly due to the fact that I was in a lower weight range of the board). I am 5’4″ 160lbs, no gear. For what you’re looking for a 51 Superpig makes total sense. Don't let the shape fool you this board will go anywhere and do anything. Agreed, I’m thinking maybe the Capita Equalizer 138 at that point then. I’m super pumped about this board. But you have more tail to push off. I ordered the Ride Capo. This totally unique sidewall combines layers of Slimewalls® material and carbon strategically placed at the inserts out to the contact points in the tip and tail on a twin, and the back inserts to the contact points in the tail on a directional board. Is this a good second board that is totally different from Banana that will satisfy me when I want to charge down the groomer and do pow turns? Superpig 148? How come nobody talks about effective edge anymore? You can ride either size in it and not really have to worry. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and maintains speed in all conditions. Great recommendation – rode this through the spring, and loved it! I treat the mountain like a skatepark. Might be worth hiring a pow board in Japan and then picking up the Mercury for at home. Thanks for the time, I’ll be clicking your link. I’d say maybe go Superpig. In Stock - FREE 2-Day Shipping. Thanks for all the input! Thanks! Settled on ordering the Superpig in the end (trying to step out of that traditional freeride camber boards territory at least a little bit). My friends are into park so I’ll go in from time to time but I’m not great at it, I’ll hit small to medium jumps and side hits but tend to stay away from boxes. An alternative was the Ride LTD but probably the same issue with the ratchets. Thank you Avran! Thanks for all your answers, they already helped me a lot. Truly appreciate the help! Buckle up, bud, we're going snowboarding. This board is so much fun to get edge to edge, lay down in a euro, weave through the trees, butter until the cow gives up and ride those hidden powder spots! help ith board and size would be awsome One of you at angrysnowboarder recommended the Burton Clutch. Carbon-fueled and seriously powerful, the Ride Superpig Snowboard is the snow-rocket for aggressive riders who need a responsive and floaty lightning bolt to take on deep Ja-pow trees and Baker big mountain lines with power and purpose, with the guts to get down the groomers and back to the lift with ease. Mostly in groomers, some pow and rare park for me. 5’10 200lbs. You’re the man! If not the superpig, could you recommend another board with similar characteristics? worth it to also grab a party platter, or too much overlap? So there is a slightly softer nose that tapers back into being a stiffer tail. After I test rode my friend’s Nug I’ve always wanted something volume shifted like it. I’m looking to volume shift down from a 160cm. On top of all that, these babies are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding. $429.95 The Warpig will be an easier transition coming off a flying v. I mostly ride groomers and powder, and once in a while hit the park. Can these volume shifted boards really provide enough effective edge to drive a hard carve? I’m 5”11, 180 lbs, size 10 boot. Yes NSB is going to be better suited to what you want. I don’t ride park, but I still like trying butters and riding switch/side hits and such. angry snowboarder said it was medium flex but now I've heard people calling it super stiff I got this because on the ride website they have it listed as a park board. Thanks for the videos. Stone Finish . 151 or 154? Carbon Infused Glass provides extra pop. Thanks in advance. Ride Superpig Snowboard - Men's 158cm 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. 51 or 54. Have had a burton custom flying V for years and want to get something a little special for all mountain to it all board. I ride in Australia (ice city), any recommendation to add to the quiver. Powder . I was leaning towards the large and that confirms it. Size the SUPERPIG down 6 to 10 cm's from your standard size because of the innovative shape. Hey Angry I’m 6’7″ and 240lbs size 11boot I currently ride a nidecker platinum 165w. I’m debating between the medium 151 and large 154. Mostly ride at Mammoth but will be taking to Japan and Colorado. Finally going to be getting a new board and I was thinking of either this Superpig or the Niche Crux While I don’t think a more aggressive board would really be a problem, I’m mainly worried that I’m going to loose everything I liked about the warpig (playfulness/turn initiation/float in powder) by going for the more aggressive superpig. Can still swap to cartels if thats recommended? The Ride Superpig Snowboard is the tough big brother to the beloved and well-received Warpig but instead with a camber dominant profile. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls® smoothes the interaction with the snow, wood or metal surfaces you may ride on. The biggest they have is a 158, non-wide.My last boards have been 162w and 164w. I’m 45 and I honestly still rip, but am slowing down and a shorter board sounds fun. I guess I’m looking for a shorter board to make throwing it around easier as my reflexes are getting slower but I have the need to keep ripping it up, most importantly to inspire my 15 y/o son. The Ride Superpig is known for its versatility. The 2021 Bataleon Thunder Snowboard Review, The 2021 Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard Review, The 2021 Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard Review, The Top 5 All Mountain Freestyle Snowboards For 2020-2021. I was going through them for an all mountain freeride board. I guarantee im better then most of them and it drives me nuts. Add to Cart. My weight: 225 lbs This product is not available for purchase on our website, please head into your local shop to check out their availability. It’s almost like you’re needing 2 separate boards. You can load it up and it will snap and not just a little amount I mean you’re boosting to the moon. Bringing top-end materials together with the Warpig shape, the Superpig Snowboard from Ride is a responsive, aggressive spark plug of a board that's destined for all-terrain domination. hi angry Hey Angry, been pestering you over the last few weeks trying to decide between this, Party Platter and Salomon Dancehaul. Hello angry, I am at 6 feet height,175 lbs weight, 11 US size boots, what size Superpig do you recommend ? What size should I get. Get a super ride on the mountain with the Ride Superpig Snowboard. So can you please name a few similar boards, If there are any? Or can I actually progress further on this? The nose will press easier than the tail due to the rocker in it, but the tail holds a press well too. I’m 5’7″, 130lbs and have been riding a 149cm Gangplank the past few years. The Skunk Ape would work only as 170 and I’m not sure if I want to go bigger. Don't let the shape fool you this board will go anywhere and do anything. Superpig would be the most well balanced but be a bit lacking in the jumps and switch department due to the shaping which means the Warpig would be better. The SUPERPIG infuses high-end tech into our best-selling WARPIG shape for an elite all-mountain deck. 51 or 54? Yeah you do feel some chatter when you hit death chunder at full speed, but on a groomer or in soft pow it doesn’t have a lot of vibrations. I recon from your review that the Mountainpig is more aggressive than the Superpig, so I left it out for now. I’ve ridden standard all mountain boards my whole life. There’s a moderate amount of torsional flex which makes this board playful. Advanced rider mostly all mountain some small jumps and no park. So I was looking for (mostly on your YouTube channel) a perfect do-all-I-want-snowboard. Thanks in advanced.