That's too bad. Things like going to the micro card and facing them face in. I would've liked to see a more comprehensive AF comparison but that still seems elusive in general around DPR. [Originally published October 2020]. Pretty little thing. Fuji needs a tiny pancake zoom if it wants to win customer in this category. No ideal what Panasonic is doing for shorting/"Down sizing" the battery life. Vs the GM5 - no EVF, vs either: worse control points (no Customs), the inconvenience of mSD, worse build, etc. Of course if the face is too small, obstructed, or there simply is not enough light, this mode will occasionally fail. This can be seen as a great asset of the brand if you like that rendering. my guess is that the LX200 will use a cropped version of the Oly/Pany 20mp sensor. Still more interesting than Oly's latest E-PL tho, so it's likely to sell within existing system users. Does this seem like it would be good for vlogging? Back then they just called them self-portraits, taken with the self-timer feature. I find the overall speed of the camera in responding to changing settings is key to get the tool out of the way when taking photographs on the street with a lot of potentially fast changing conditions. Or just bring it back. This new global partnership will see the two companies work together to research and develop co-engineered imaging systems for Vivo smartphones, starting with the new X60 series. Still, there is kinda more pop in my A7 and vintage FD lenses but for traveling light any of these smaller Panasonics are winners :), Venice is magical ,,,, sounds like a good shooting experience,,,, light and quick and small but with the requisite image quality needed, so glad you didn't hold your phone at arms length like most tourists here in NYC do .... thought a greater percentage of europeans and asians sensibly use real cameras. I'm sure it's my fault because i know a writer of his caliber would never leave out an important detail like that. ", "....Panasonic's core customer for this camera is the casual user seeking a carry-everywhere-cam for documenting friends or family. Not sure about GF8 and it's too early for GF9. I often hit a wrong button to navigate the settings. The Ricoh GR is quite popular actually - amongst its target market- street photographers. We're glad you asked. Or an RX1. At this point it's very much a cheaper SL2, though its future looks bright, as you'll learn in our initial review. My Ricoh GR does the same. "I cannot see why a grip would make the camera larger, especially that a lens must be mounted to use the camera. My first camera had opening bellows and a tiny viewfinder you peered down into. The problem was the little GM-family was rather a pricey, premium pair of "pocket ILCs," and although we here at IR loved the little cameras, we eventually got the feeling that the GM cameras hadn't sold as well as Panasonic had hoped. Is it exactly the same sensor though? I guess I should have ended the sentence with ((((SARCASM)))). There is never going to be an GM7 and I never want a cam like this. Was there such a lens? And olympusminterface/ usability in those models vs panasonics is sub par. I am shooting GX80/85 on my holidays in Venice just now, mostly with mark II 14-140mm, and it really is an enjoyable experience. The app also allows you to control the camera remotely. There are also several 'beautifying' filters that can be applied to make your selfie sing, including a 'Soft Skin' and a 'Slimming Effect' filter. And if the shutter speed drops too low because of a lack of light, the camera will warn you that the shot might have blur due to camera shake. Or save $150 to get the Panasonic GF8 which is very much the same thing, but older GF8 has 70% more battery life than this newer GX850. While not without its faults, the GX850 is a terrific option for those looking for a small mirrorless camera that won't break the bank. I have the 14mm pancake plus 0.78x wide convertor, which is about 11mm (22mm eq.). But it is very opinionated one and quite far from natural. Together with excelent touchpad focus point selection, controls layout and ibis and it is a winner. And for any of those casual shooters who do dabble in RAW and find its XTRAN sensor tough, there's the cheaper X10 with its Bayer sensor. Certainly. Then the GM5 arrived a year later, adding an EVF, making the GM1 that much better. The GX85 12-32mm doesn't have a metal mount!Only a very rare lens in the whole camera markets has a metal mount. ;-) ) options. Nice classic look; maybe not everyone's taste but definitely mine. The GX850 has a lot in common with its most direct predecessor, the GF8, but one major improvement is the inclusion of 4K video capture (at 24/25/30p). Just barely. The Panasonic GX850 represents the merging of its 'beauty-oriented' GF-series and its ultra-small GM-series. ;). Interesting. Both of these latter options utilize 4K recording technology by taking a shot while stepping through a range of focus distances. by Jeremy Gray, William Brawley, Zig Weidelich and Dave Pardue That being said, I think there big choice of prime in m4/3 in particular in the 14-45mm range so any type of angle of view is nicely covered. While it has a similar rangefinder rectangular style, there are noticible differences. A Philadelphia-based remote pilot managed to accrue $182,000 in fines from the FAA. So far we are mostly getting stuff which boils down to better CPUs and better software algorithms. Those are massive advantages. Snug as a Bug in a Rug by Stevie Boy Blue, 3" 1.04M-dot touch LCD flips ups 180 degrees. Regarding storage media and battery life, it's good and bad news, in a way. If this lets them review more cameras it's better! By the way, the GF8 's kit lens has a metal mount. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX850 (known as the GX800 and GF9 in some regions) is the brand’s most compact interchangeable lens camera (as of Spring 2017) and uses the same 16MP Four Thirds sensor as several of its siblings. Slimming feature? I cannot help thinking that Panasonic missed an opportunity here - GM1/5 is fairly unique not just WRT size but also weight. The default exposure behavior in its full auto mode, which is called Intelligent Auto (iA), tends to be sensible: the camera tries to maintain a shutter speed that is one over the focal length or greater. The 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor has been updated, for example, and the camera adds 4K video capabilities. However, when I use my Canon 5D Mk3 with the EF 70-200 f/2.8 lens, I would definitely use the OVF. Or something like "They just took a GM1, changed housing and added 4K video". Oh and btw, I haven't read my GX8 manual... Because I haven't needed too. Both the 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 are marvellous on APS-C. Another camera without a viewfinder. 'The default exposure behavior in Intelligent Auto mode tends to be sensible', Leica SL2-S Review (Oh, how we like a Leica), What is lens breathing? Not sure if I'd upgrade from the GM1 unless you want 4k video, DFD focusing, or some other features of the 850/GF9. What if you start video in M mode? It is too bulky for casual users. it also has an AA filter which reduces resolution and a notch of DR/ISO. We are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see the prices. And the 850/GF9 lacks AA filter, so it'l be sharper. If not, some buyers might be drawn to this camera to "reduce the appearance of aging" UGH. It also has a great monochrome mode (complete with filters), which I often employ, and multiple aspect modes, all with three different "F" buttons for quick access to various menus. @Raist3d... think you missed the sarcasm... we really need a sarcasm button on here! Pricing and availability . I'll watch for deals on gf9. Basically, they were able to draw (IMO) from the Pentax Q and stuff a larger sensor in it. What a waste. with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. I find that I never use the EVF much on my LX100 for the same reason I can respond faster by just using the LCD. X-A1/2/3 is different story - the only Fuji I could use for landscape. So not to say it doesn't have its nice things but it's not an "automatic Choice"- it depends what you want to do and what your preferences are. Btw, many people complained about field sequential viewfinder on GX80 but I don't see any color tearing and the viewing experience was really pleasurable and image crisp and clear with no light leaks into it at all wearing my prescription glasses. The only improvement seems to be a slightly more powerful CPU needed to pull off 4K video. For every new less involved user won over there might be three others who are waiting for the next GM that might never come. Because it's much smaller. Face Detection is turned on by default out of the box (when using the iAuto mode) and is quite useful for documenting fellow human beings. Small without viewfinder is everywhere (and quite cheaper too). This allows you more space in your computer case. Or the GM-1. So the differentiator really is small with EVF/OVF. The UI is worse. For using lens has no OIS, I think the better choice is Oly PL8 as it has IBIS + 70% more battery life for very much the same price + Selfie possible too. These are the same specs as on the earlier GF7. If I was at Dpreview, I'd give it a Gold award. Claimed RAW buffer depth has improved however, from 7 frames to 15, while buffer depth with JPEGs is rated at over 100 frames. But it's my opinion, of course, since I don't need 4k at all, for example. Take a look at our samples gallery to find out. The 4K movie time limit on the LX100 is a more reasonable 15 minutes. Otherwise it is a great camera. I don't think IBIS could be incororated but it is not necessary..Such a GM7 with DFD would be something to remember as opposed to this hopeless failure of cam. And selling the GM line for $300 means they are losing $$$ on each unit sold. Any experienced photographer knows these limitations of his gear and also the work-arounds which often allow you to get the shot anyway. I have mid-sized kidney bag for GX80 and 14-140 combo and use only a wrist strap just in case somebody would bump into me and similarly when I carry it in my hand. The Nikon Z6 II builds on the well-rounded stills and video features of its predecessor, with the addition of dual processors, two card slots and the option to add a full battery grip. The 4K is not just 4k Video, but it gives you in-camera photo macro stacking also. But that by itself points to a problem no? Only true UWA or long telephotos prime are lacking. And if no face is detected, the camera defaults to its 49-point area mode, which tends to focus on the nearest or most central object. @OlyPent just because you find UI arguments tedious it doesn't make them wrong arguments. The earlier GM sensors were not very good compared to the more recent 16MP offerings by Panasonic. The above image was processed through Adobe Camera Raw and 'pops' significantly more than the out of camera JPEG (shot in 'Standard' profile). Thanks for pointing it out! Buy Seasonic FOCUS GX-850, 850W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-850FX. These options are fun to try, but mostly pretty silly. GM1 was revolutionary with its combination of tiny dimensions and respectable image quality, in 2013. By default, when you flip the screen up, the camera uses a 3 sec timer before a photo is taken, and a countdown is displayed to prepare you for the decisive moment (this can be switched off). Is it really necessary pandering to the selfie crowd? See gallery, Panasonic is combining its 'beauty'-oriented GF line of interchangeable lens cameras with the compact GM line in the Lumix GX850. You're in really good hands up to ISO 1600, with tons of fine detail and excellent colors throughout. Are they really going to not just use their horrible phone cameras and use this to take those vulgar self-portraits? Well the two cameras feel very different and the menus are only partial overlap and the function buttons are in difficult places and I could go on. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The GX850 also offers 4K Photo and panorama features while in "selfie" mode. In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing over $2500 and recommended the best. But for the record- Olymous penf and omd em5 can focus well. I'd almost take a GF7/8 over a GX850, same flip screen, no 4K, but at least I can keep using standard sized SD cards. Nothing really to write home about. The Lumix GX850 is a useful little interchangeable lens Micro4/3 camera. Review SeaSonic Electronics GX-850 Plastic flanges are more likely to break than metal ones. There you can generate a local Wi-Fi network and connect your smart device. As long as the grip does not protrude out more than the thinnest lens, it is OK.The only reason that I can think of is to make the camera looks "better/stylish" without a grip. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. DPR did not mention that 4K movie is limited to FIVE minutes, and if the ambient temperature is high, it would be even less. Our latest test scene is designed to simulate both daylight and low light shooting. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seasonic Focus GX-850, 850W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-850FX. Currently there are (only?) For entry-level gear we generally try to offer a more concise treatment, and this format is more focused on the typical use-cases for a purchaser than (say) a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II review would be. So the only real difference is the modularity. Enjoy Extended Returns thru Feb 01, 2021! I like these small cameras. Olympus' 9-18mm is pretty small when collapsed and does have AF, I think it's also shortest at its long end... Pricey and has a lock button that could bother some tho. As an only camera, it has too many limitations. Yes, you don't get the quality of the GR but that, I think, is the problem with reviewers and critics, they miss the point, it's a fun sized package that can produce the goods! Or The NEX-5. would be very interested in a camera such as this if it was waterproof - for around the swimming pool, beach, lake etc.. Why can't camera manufactures make a descent waterproof camera - (not for deep sea diving where pressure and neoprene gloves might be involved) Just a simple camera for around water. So, "No grip" is copying LEICA M. for almost 70 years since first LEICA M. LEICA never changed the design/look, as well as all M have "No grip": So what's the use? I think "a forgettable camera" sums it up nicely and it is spot on. Having this second body has given me photo ops with my lenses when my GX85 was set up for macro and overall I'm OK with it but just barely. In this article – the first of two – professional optics geek Roger Cicala explains all. Saying that, I have no issues with Panasonic's UI either and agree that it is cleaner a bit. The best high-end camera costing more than $2000 should have plenty of resolution, exceptional build quality, good 4K video capture and top-notch autofocus for advanced and professional users. I'll freely admit I couldn't be convinced to try a GM1 until it was on clearance at $300, but having had it for a couple years you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands. But the reason I won't go below APS-C is that I want shallow depth of field with a normal lens. Both of these are adjusted via sliders ranging from 0-10. Perhaps the m4/3 version could use a modest aperture and a little software correction to make it small? Furthermore, these much smaller, thinner microSD cards are more easily misplaced than the larger SD cards. Does it sound like a more intuitive interface than Olympus? Panasonic is one of the few manufacturers that manages to keep colors from muting too badly as ISO rises, and GX850 owners will benefit from this as ISO rises. Give me this mount and sensor with the user interface and build quality of a Pentax Q and you've got a new costumer. Plus, they are cheaper than high-end smartphones. Even better. However, despite the newer processor, the GX850 still offers the same ISO range as its predecessor -- 200-25,600, with an extendable low ISO of 100. Working from the inside out, the heart of the Lumix GX850 is centered around an updated 16-megapixel Four Thirds Live MOS sensor. See the Performance page for our lab test results. The menu is a pain, everything is mixed up in an unintelligible way. I used to own a Nikon APS-C D5100, but compared with a weight of the bag carrying that camera and all its lenses, this was a huge winner for me. Actually I like the way to put the spec in the last page because usually I don't Read the specs page. is large and expansive. However, unlike the GM5, the GX850 does not have a built-in EVF; it's LCD-only, like the GF7. In general, we found default JPEG color can be a tad washed out and skin tones can also occasionally look a little off. It seems to me light is not leaking into it from any direction at all wearing glasses and it offers really crisp and pleasurable view. All nice and well. Great for street photography. The GF6 had one dial + exposure compensation (/e-zoom) lever, I'd like to see them push that way again. Not just under 30s. Since I am more likely to change lenses on my GX85 than on my GM5, I took the 12-32mm lens (with a metal mount) that came on my GM5 and put it on my GX85, and vice versa. At least Panasonic keeps trying new things with the GF quasi GM line, the PEN-L has been as stagnant as a swamp. No time limit on 4K video recording (according to Imaging Resource) GX850, on the other hand, is limited to only 5 minutes! Everything else has plastic mounts! The GF line is still quite popular in East Asia. This camera is in a lot of ways directed at the vacation market, where do you go on vacation the beach, the pool or the lake - summer is not to be in some air conditioned dehumidified coffee shop. I agree, I personally wouldn't be so happy switching from GM1, the difference in IQ would probably be negligible. Farewell, GM series. All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses. The GM5's dial+button & EVF are a little more enthusiast geared tho, you can even make the same case for the GM1 despite a lack of EVF... At least you get Custom positions on the mode dial instead of art filters and such. Japanese publication AERAdot has reported that Nikon is ceasing camera production at its Sendai ‘Mother’ Factory and moving operations to its Thai factories as a cost-saving measure. Seasonic Focus GX-550, 550W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-550FX. It is possible all the controls on this camera are shown in the two pictures of the body.. top panel and back. Surely not because of size but the "look". Perhaps I am more technically minded but I never had problems with Olympus UI, otherwise, I always enjoyed that it offers greater customizability over Panasonic. Unless the one I bought has a defect? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Hard to get a positive context with that :-). Home / Tech News / Featured Tech Reviews / Seasonic PRIME 850W Gold PSU Review Seasonic PRIME 850W Gold PSU Review Allan 'Zardon' Campbell June 6, 2017 Featured Tech Reviews , Power Supplies , Reviews This has become a much more common practice for both high-end cameras and now for more entry-level ones as well. What would the Sony a7S III look like if it were a cinema camera? If so, your first step should be to enable Sony's 'real-time' autofocus tracking. They just don't understand viewfinders. No EVF; No hot shoe, Short 4K clip limit; MicroSD card slot, Poor battery life. For those interested in working with the RAW files involved, click these links to visit each camera's respective sample image thumbnail page... Print quality and image quality are similar but not identical, because what you see on a print isn't always the same as what you see on the screen. We tested every Instax model on the market and picked our favorite two. This pocketable MFT camera now offers 4K video recording (at Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution) at both 24p and 30p frame rates (PAL models can shoot 24p, 25p and 30p), though continuous sustained recording time is limited to just five minutes due to heat constraints brought on by the tiny body size. (I can do rubber chicken in Photoshop.) Nikon's new Z 50mm F1.2 S is a fast, versatile prime lens for the full-frame Z-series. Seems to me there must still be a market for this kind of camera. A small (tho not quite as small) Fuji/Sony body (a5100?) Camera and all lenses are so light, don't miss my rebel and lenses. I have been carrying a GM5 with me for some years now next to my large FF set (for several reasons like, back-up, silence in use, inconspicuousness, etc.). The camera you mentioned that is in a no mans land (gx850) is actually more capable than the gm1 or even gm5. well... it became a very important factor. Nikon Z6 II vs Canon EOS R6 - which is best for you? With a capacity of 850 watts, this is suitable for a setup with a very high-end processor and video card. Though the GX850 is Panasonic's most entry-level camera, this segment of the mirrorless market has a lot of strong contenders to choose from. Dale's favorite camera this year is one of the most interesting and distinctive mirrorless ILCs on the market - the ultra-traditional, rangefinder-styled Fujifilm X-Pro 3. However, if the camera senses subject movement in iA mode, it will automatically increase the shutter speed, at the expense of ISO sensitivity. I thought too much time was devoted to teaching us how to shoot sports with the camera, while I missed not having some detailed product photos as well as the size comparison photo against similar models. Mobile phones killed the cheap compact camera and this camera is not going to change their minds. Here we present crops from our laboratory Still Life target comparing the Panasonic GX850's image quality to its predecessor's, the GF7, as well as against several competing entry-level mirrorless models at similar price points: the Canon EOS M100, Fuji X-A3, Olympus E-PL8 and Sony A5100. It's fine to try this format. Straw man alert: the target market for this camera has probably NEVER held a DSLR aka old man equipment. The GF7, which I bought for $300, still gets used quite a bit because of the size, weight, and cost. You can still buy GF7 and GF8 cameras quite readily. I've moved from Olympus to Panasonic (GM5, G85) because of this. What you gain from the filter removal is sharper per-pixel detail; in other words, sharper photos, especially when you look closely. Check out some initial samples from this little coat-pocketable wonder. Seems worth it. In some cases, it outclasses the GM5 (though the GM5 keeps the EVF). Now that is how it should be done. I can even go up to 6400 ISOs and get good results (usually it takes some RAW post-processing, but if the exposure is ok noise will be controlled). Consider an instant camera! It's not like most phones (outside of LG's) really go that wide either, they're usually around 24-30mm EFL, used to lean towards 30mm more but they've been going wider and wider. But this Panasonic does way better AF. This is my eight Panasonic and this one gets me lost. @OlyPent - an intuitive interface has nothing to do with the manual. Hi Barney- I like the format. With panorama mode, you can capture wide selfie shots with groups of people or of large scene backgrounds. Clicking any crop will take you to a carrier page where you can click once again to access the full resolution image as delivered straight from the camera. And using the tilt screen and shooting from low down attracts much less attention than using a viewfinder, or holding the camera out in front to see a fixed screen. 02/01/2017: First Shots On the flip side, you run a greater risk of generating moiré and other aliasing artifacts such as false colors and jagged-looked edges. And firmware version 1.1 adds a few additional 'Beauty Retouch' effects that can be applied in post. It doesn't respond as fast as this one. Since this 'lifestyle' camera buyer is likely to use the camera for a range of different types of photography, we're going to see how it performs in a range of situations. This camera is no different in that regard, or is he saying gf9 jpegs are below average??? @Treeshade: I'm reminded of the Pentax-DA 15mm f/4 Limited, which is one of the smallest modern ultra-wides you'll see for APS-C and does use a modest aperture to get there... but it seems from most users' reviews that another compromise in the design is on corner sharpness (possibly due to field curvature), which can't be corrected in software. For most consumers a camera with really GREAT color rendition (incl. Buy SeaSonic Electronics FOCUS GX Series 850W 80 Plus Gold Modular ATX Power Supply featuring 850W Single +12V Rail, 120mm Cooling Fan, Intel ATX12V, 6 x PCIe 8/6-Pin Connectors, 10 x SATA Connectors, 5 x 4-Pin Peripheral Connectors, Flat, Modular Cables. I mean. I thought they had been superseded. Sorry, don't have it on hand, just remember reading about it. I don't think Panasonic should cheapen its products like that -- especially since it originally was available with a metal mount. The first time you connect you'll need to pull up Wi-Fi in the main menu, located at the bottom of page 1 in the 'wrench menu,' and select 'Wi-Fi Function.' BTW, While Panasonic re-badgeds its camera to LEICA, Panasonic removes grip. They also tend to look oversharpened and flat for some kind of photos where it would look smooth and 3D like with other jpeg engines (or using RAW). The GX850 wheel is better than the GM1's. Four pages ? The penf cdaf options are a different story. Let's now dive into the nuts and bolts of the GX850, shall we? The GX85 is not really a very cheap entry level camera. It's time to announce the winners of the first round of voting! So "sales disappoint" and we have disappointment that the GM line has gone. With the introduction of 2015's GF7 (and subsequent GF8 in 2016, which did not see a US release) -- a camera that was more or less similarly sized to the GM5 though much less expensive -- the writing was perhaps already on the wall for the premium GM line. I suppose the GM line must have had disappointing sales, because surely you don't scrap a product line that is commercially successful? 05/22/2017: Field Test Although the device bears a resemblance to DJI Ronin-style gimbals, it's a different kind of device altogether. Paired with its pancake kit lens -- a 12-32mm optic (35mm equivalent focal length of 24-64mm) -- you can easily slip the GX850 into your jacket pocket; an impressive achievement for an ILC. Buy another M43.". Even the gm5 without dfd focuses faster , can track some and has more usability / precise options for focusing (pin point focus)- and can focus into lower light than penf or omd em5 mkII.