A heavy woolen overcoating, napped and pressed down to resemble beaver fur.. Stay Tuned! It is primarily used in heirloom dresses, blouses, collars, and cuffs. This soft and lustrous oxford cotton has an ultra-fine basket weave. Debutante Stretch Satin is a high luster, polyester satin with stretch for form fitting special occasion dresses and outfits, including bridal gowns, bridesmaids and prom dresses. It is a decorative fabric with an intricately woven pattern. It’s lightweight, versatile, breathable, shape-retentive and easy-to-wash. A medium-weight, plain-weave fabric with a slightly ribbed texture that is known for its lustre. A fine soft silk fabric often used for linings. A fine smooth soft woolen fabric. Panama cloth A fabric which looks like silk but is not. Required fields are marked *. The pile is also firmly bound. 99. Twilled or corded fabric of cotton or worsted wool. Make a long flared skirt {Free Size} Sewing Pattern & Tutorial, How to fix holes in Jeans : 10 ways to repair ripped & torn jeans, Bag Materials : A list of 20 things you need to make bags, Braid Stitch: 10 beautiful stitches that look like braids, How to wash socks properly {Get clean and long lasting socks at the same time! It is the tightest knit and gives the smoothest surface. A heavy weight fabric with nap used to make overcoats. A thick blue woolen cloth with nap used to make overcoats and coats for sailors etc. Fabric that is not made by weaving, knitting, knotting, or crocheting. A woven fabric with a flat, napped surface finished to resemble suede. A double knit fabric with some stretch across the grain. It is used to make fabric called mechera used to make dresses suitable for warm climate.It is obtained from a plant grown in china. A fabric made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree. Known for being exceptionally soft and versatile. Organza A coarse woolen fabric ( green coloured) napped to resemble felt; used to cover gaming table and as liners and for craft projects. Founded in 1984, BestFabricStore.com is pleased to be the best online fabric store in the industry today. As part of a material blend, soft and light spandex ups the swimsuit's stretchiness; the more spandex in the suit, the more shape-hugging it is. Usually dyed and stiffened, but pliable, and mainly used in the production of hats. The wool usually has a heave shrinkage due to excessive wool grease; thus wool of this type is not worth as much in the grease as a similar wool from ewes or wethers. The épinglé velvet is distinguished by the fact that both loop pile and cut pile can be integrated into the same fabric; it dfferes from velvet in that it doesnot undergo the usual shearing process after weaving, A style of decorative fabric stitched with small cut out openings. it is usually thinner or lighter-weight than Interlock knit with less stretch making it appropriate for tops and fuller dresses. The yarn is wide and flat like a ribbon. Welcome to Spandex World, your best choice for high quality stretch fabrics! The pattern will be puffed or blistered and will be in high relief, and is made on a jacquard loom. A wrinkle resistent  fabric which is  92% nylon and 8% spandex. View our bottom weight & blouse fabric collection at Vogue Fabrics. Generally, fabrics take the name of the fiber used to manufacture it such as fabrics made out of 100% Cashmere Fibers is named as Cashmere Fabric. As a layman, you may get confused on hearing more specific names like Dupioni silk, Jersey knit, Tweed wool, polyester taffeta etc. Easily create crisp fitted dresses, skirts, trousers or blazers from a variety of materials that feature both two-way or four-way stretch. Oxford It is used to make summer clothes and curtains. A material composed of leather fibers and other substances, such as polyurethane, formed together to create the appearance of genuine leather. Everything You Want to Know About Liverpool Fabric. Donegal View our bottom weight & blouse fabric collection at Vogue Fabrics. A coarse fabric of silk mixed with wool or mohair and often stiffened with gum. This type of explanation is very rare. Rabbit hair The fabric’s long, interlaced yarns have no visible pattern, which creates a smooth, shiny surface. $9.99 / yard. It can be difficult to tell exactly what you’re buying, as online retailers may not list a full fiber content, weight, or stretch percentage, let alone whether the fabric has been designed to wick moisture. Woven fabrics are made from two pieces of yarn that are stretched out over a loom and woven together in both horizontal and vertical directions. A cotton velveteen, but the weft has longer floats, which when cut give a longer pile. Light weight soft and beautiful fabric made from fiber obtained from the pineapple leaf.It is very popular in philippines.