I was super excited to try it for the second time so I bought a quart of Valspar Foxtrot (a shade of ivory) to paint this large dresser and two nightstands … You won’t need more than a quart, unless you have an entire house full of furniture to glaze . Apply a layer of clear wax. … and start rubbing the furniture wax into your piece in a circular motion. Check out this video tutorial for applying dark wax and distressing. I love to distress, & I found it very easy to distress using this paint. But over any chalk paint, there are other great alternatives to wax. If you are applying Glaze on top of paint, you’ll need to put down a layer of Top Coat sealer first. Valspar offers a wide variety of colors for their chalky finish paint. It’s an antique & it had a glossy stained wood finish. Make sure to let it dry completely before putting on the next coat. Jul 29, 2018 - Explore Emily Tansley's board "Antique wax" on Pinterest. Dark wax antiquing is something that requires practice. There were no paint fumes to worry about, so painting inside her home during the holiday season was safe and enjoyable. Hi and thank you for the post. It was a bit streaky, but I really loved it. My favorites are Her … Valspar chalky finish paint is a durable, decorative paint that’s velvety to the touch and matte in sheen. Large flat areas such as the tops of … But for those surfaces that will get a fair amount of use such as the top of a living room table, you’d do well to seal it with two or three layers of wax. You will find that the more ornate your piece is the easier it is to achieve an authentic look. I originally had these cabinets painted in a dark gray, although they don’t look too dark here. I have had my cabinets painted for 3.5 years with wax and I have never had anything get caught in the wax you can’t even tell they’ve been waxed they’re so soft. After painting and sealing your piece, wait until it is completely dry before applying dark wax. Things only get caught in wax if it is not buffed off properly or too much wax is applied. You can get away with applying one coat of wax on surfaces that won’t get much traffic – think the legs of a bar stool. I decided to use it right over the stain. I thought it looked great. I really like the Valspar wax, as well. When I shared my Antiquing Wax tutorial, a reader asked if you can repaint over a waxed surface. ???? You can find the story HERE. Apply wax around any decorative … I sanded with 220 grit sand paper before and after my final coat for a nice smooth finish. They were pretty beat up, and well loved. Protect Walls. When I apply this stuff I try to make sure I don't brush it back and forth too many times in the same spot. Valspar chalk paint in Trousseau Blue with Dark Stain Antiquing wax in creases. Oil paint is also stinker, in that you can’t really eat and sleep in the same area as the paint fumes. As you can see below, the antiquing wax starts coming off right away. You can also begin using the piece of furniture as soon as the wax is dry to the touch. May 25, 2019 - Explore Cindy's board "Diy painting" on Pinterest. For coloured waxes, let the product sit for maybe a minute or so. For this project I decided to use Valspar Chalky Finish Paint in Kid Gloves, Antiquing Wax, and Sealing Wax. For a surface that’ll receive a lot of use, be a little more gentle to the surface for the first few weeks to ensure the … You apply it with a brush and wipe it off with a lint-free cloth. (As I had never seal waxed anything before, this was weird and definitely something to get used to. If you want a more polished finish, sand to distress before you add the clear wax to protect the finish. That’s the best part of it anyway. Use a soft wax to seal the paint after it has dried. If you are antiquing large flat surfaces you will want to create some crevices and texture with your paint finish for the wax to settle in. a 29 fl oz can of “Valspar Chalky Finish Paint” in “Trousseau Blue”. While the wax won’t be fully cured for another month, it’s okay to screw back in any new or original hardware after 24 hours of drying time. Depending on the sealer you used, drying time may vary between 2 to 12 hours. Jan 14, 2012 - I have had numerous contacts about glaze, so I thought it might be nice to pass the information on to all of you. I’m hoping not. STEP 2: Apply the Top Coat Sealer. Use painters' tape to protect … Oil paint is more durable than latex, but not by much. The first step in distressing and antiquing kitchen cabinets is clean them well. I couldn’t find any examples so I had to just wing it. Nothing a little chalk paint and creativity couldn’t fix! Let the wax cure for 24 hours before reinserting the hardware. It was a very dark desk to begin with and a really light white paint. I actually didn’t do any tutorials for these pieces but do give what I used for each makeover. Reply. That being said, practice makes perfect and I got the hang of using the wax as time went on. Bunch it up in … After your second coat of chalk paint has dried you will apply your antiquing wax. I do a clear coat on everything (except for wax) just to give it the extra protection. While doing a little research I realized you use it over paint to give it a lived in look, some say a sun faded look. Dec 18, 2018 - Before and after. She could just begin painting directly onto the antique cabinet after a thorough cleaning of the old piece. Before you wax off, let the wax sit for a little bit of time. You’ll mix 4 parts glaze with 1 part paint. See more ideas about diy painting, antiquing glaze, valspar antiquing glaze. For clear wax, let sit for about 5 minutes so that you get better adhesion. See more ideas about paint furniture, painted furniture, antique wax. (I was fearful this wouldn’t be enough paint, but I actually had more than enough paint leftover)! If you paint over wax that is “wet” (even though wax isn’t really wet) or hasn’t had time to cure, the chance of the paint resisting or reacting to the wax is … Before & after furniture transformations are my favorite. Create one of four unique finishes with our two protective waxes and 40 tintable paint colors. My favorite colors in this line are Her Dainties, which we used on our dining room table, and Beaded Reticule, which we used on my daughter’s antique dresser. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe cabinet faces with a damp rag to remove the surface dirt. Once you have all the glaze on, let it dry. They looked too flat, so I added a dark brown wax. I used Valspar's Antiquing Wax to distress/warm up by piece. UPDATE: VALSPAR CHALK PAINT REVIEW. You can apply light layers of dark wax around edges and grooves to achieve a distressed look. There are two different schools of thought of whether to wax before distressing (and after) or to distress first, then wax. It solved my problem and I got a beautiful and durable finish with a super easy to use paint. However, I tried both methods with this project (waxed first on the table, distressed first on the chairs), and I … The key to waxing cabinets is to set the wax in sunlight and when it gets a little softer wax away it glides ways and easier to buff off. Buffalo Check Dresser Makeover Before and After. The longer the wax sits on the surface, the more the pigment will soak in and “stain” your piece. Even if you elect to do a dark wax on your project, you will still want to apply a coat or two of clear wax before applying the dark wax. April Hyde on September 10, 2016 at 2:26 am . This was my first project…and I will say that after completing my other two projects with the Limewash Glaze, I found it to be much easier than the Antiquing Wax. Once I had … Hi Tammy, General Finishes Flat Out Flat is actually … In my post, the Best Clear Coat for Furniture, I discuss the best clear coats and which give you the look of wax without the cost and hassle. Dip your dark wax brush lightly into the dark wax. Starting on one side take enough on your brush and … Valspar chalky finish paint brings endless possibilities to your next project. What Colors Does Valspar Chalk Paint Come In? This isn’t an exact science. a can of “Valspar Sealing Wax”. I chose to paint it a very very very LIGHT … Use any BEHR Decorative Wax after lightly sanding down edges and raised panels for a multi-dimensional look Antique look Achieve a unique, antique finish using BEHR white or dark antique wax BEHR Chalk Decorative Paint Dries to a smooth, velvety, matte finish BEHR Chalk Decorative Aerosol Paint Available in a curated spray collection for easy application BEHR Decorative Clear Wax Offers an added layer of … Other common brands are Valspar, Dutch Boy and Martha Stewart. If you want a more rustic looking piece – sand to distress after the clear wax protection coat. You would wipe it on – leave it on for a few minutes then wipe it off. Valspar makes an antiquing stain/glaze that I use all the time. Do like Rachel Ray and just dump some in. So, just a nice collection of fun before & after furniture photos. Before I show you the latest, let’s start at the beginning. Oil paint will take 10-12 hrs between coats. These before & after furniture pieces are some of the early makeovers here on the blog. And it turns out this has been in our family for years, which always makes me happy. One question the GF Flat out Flat is oil based I was wondering if you’ve experienced any yellowing effect to the paint. Practice first on ornate picture frames until you are more confident with your skill. Lightly sand the areas that you want to distress. I choose the Theater Wrap paint color with the Antiquing Wax for the finish. If you read my last post “The Tuxedo Hutch” , you know that I found out about a new Furniture Paint by Valspar and immediately fell in love with it. The darker … Apply clear wax over to protect and bring out the patina. On the outer edge, smaller pieces and decorative spots, I applied the was directly onto the desk. I also highly recommend using Behr wax … I didn’t distress any of the middle area that wouldn’t normally get wear and tear. Like you … It gives it a velvety finish with a slight sheen. With wax there is a learning curve, the process takes a while, it requires a special wax brush and the wax is pretty expensive. I loved distressing the edges, where paint would naturally be worn down. It’s easy to distress afterwards, and both the Antiquing and Sealing Wax goes on easily and smoothly and dries to a lovely sheen … It’s easy to apply and looks great. Now you may see on the can of the antiquing wax, that it doesn't say to necessarily paint it on, but that's just how I do it and it's always worked out fine for me. There are plenty of laytex paints that are formulated to mimic oil-based paints durability, and dry in 1-2 hours! Every piece of furniture that is painted … This baby is old and heavy. I didn’t realize you could mix the paint with any color, so I just used the white base by itself. Time to remove some your wax from your painted piece. So when I saw my cousin selling an antique oak pedestal table at her yard sale last weekend, I knew the time had come! Let the cabinets dry completely before moving on to the next step. Let the cabinets dry completely before moving on to the next step. I dipped by brush in the wax and smudged it on the lid to get the brush covered well each time- avoiding globs and drips. For the larger middle flat … I liked the change. Furniture Making Furniture Makeover Diy Furniture Chalky Paint Dining Chairs Dining Table Do It Yourself Projects Old Antiques Antique … It will darken the paint a bit giving the painted finish an aged look. Third Coat: In some of the areas I had to do a fourth coat. Hey Y’all, It’s been a while since we’ve shown you a BIG furniture transformation! I’ve heard great things about this paint, so I thought I’d give it a spin, and I’m glad I did- I really like it! While I was in Lowe’s I stumbled on Valspar’s Limewash Glaze. We thought we might as well come back with a BANG!! Continue adding furniture wax to your rag and rub it into your piece until you are satisfied with the look. Shop valspar white limewash glaze (16-fl oz) in the decorative finishes section of Lowes.com I love their sealing wax. There you will find the perfect clear coat for your furniture project. It goes on smooth, covers well, and dries to a beautiful finish. Much more durable. I used the Behr chalk paint white base color, & I didn’t prep the surface. Antiquing Kitchen Cabinets: Make Them Squeaky Clean First. I wanted a dark brown glaze, so I used a mixture of black and brown latex paint that we had leftover. I found this set of Dressers on Marketplace ($40 for the Pair) WHAT A STEAL! I have heard a lot of people say you can’t paint over wax, but I’ve painted over wax numerous times, so let’s throw the “can’t” word out the window. HOW TO APPLY DARK WAX. I applied 2 coats & it came out beautiful! For the antique look that wax provides I now use glazes. No brush or foam roller strokes whatsoever. They also offer an antiquing was if you’d like to give your piece an aged look! I vote wax all … You can see just how different the color looks when you add wax. Here’s the after with a little DIY paint job: You guys, I adore how this … Step 2: Wax Off! You can also distress the wood before or after applying the wax or glaze with medium grit sandpaper. I’m sure you’ll be … Reply. Annie Sloan herself recommends applying at least one layer of wax first before distressing because the paint is very chalky and can produce a lot of dust when sanding. Please check out my video below for a more in depth look!. Valspar Sealing Wax is the perfect finish for your project! T on September 9, 2016 at 11:08 pm . Here’s the before: This is exactly what I envisioned for our breakfast nook all along: an antique, claw foot table. The crazy thing that I have noticed about buying glaze is that To buff the wax, use your lint-free cloth.