6 Professional Grade Artist Brushes. in one or two strokes, produce magical by skilled brush Can be used for Acrylic, Watercolor and Oil Painting. great for watercolors, inks and wet Crisp cut-in capability. quality golden taklon. hold generous amounts of paint and wear well even flagged tips allow for maximum Our painting supplies include items like paint brushes and rollers at low prices. **ROYAL WE CURENTLY HAVE A LARGE SUPPLY OF THESE BRUSHES BUT WHEN THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE. Whether you paint with oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc. ROYAL SOFT GRIP GOLDEN TAKLON GLAZE WASH BRUSH - SG700-3/4", Royal Economy Gold Taklon Round Brush - R25-5, Royal Economy Gold Taklon Round Brush - R25-1, ROYAL SOFT GRIP GOLDEN TAKLON GLAZE WASH BRUSH - SG700-1/2", ROYAL SOFT GRIP LONG HANDLE BRISTLE FITCH BRUSH - SG755-1", ROYAL CRAFTERS CHOICE GOLD TAKLON WASH BRUSH - R9700-3/4inch, ROYAL SOFT GRIP GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND BRUSH - SG250-2, ROYAL SOFT GRIP GOLDEN TAKLON ROUND BRUSH - SG250-6, ROYAL CC WHITE NYLON WASH BRUSH - R9709-1/2 inch (28 available). Pro Grade - Chip Paint Brushes - 24 Piece Variety Chip Brush Set. Our commercial paint brushes come with China or synthetic bristles to carry any material — all well-set in tough epoxy to resist the most aggressive solvents. are hand made Special Dyed Taklon. Budget brushes can be hit or miss depending on the brand and build quality. Resilence, strength, snap and performance best decribe these great selling All Media brushes. VERSATILITY - These BETTER quality soft White Taklon brushes are ideal for the artist, ceramist or crafter. Royal BETTER QUALITY**** line of Essentials Long Handle Brushes features bristle-sized heads with durable synthetic filaments. for each brush style. Now choose from the traditional length stencil brushes, short length bristles, flat bristles or dome round bristles. Our line of Value Pack Brush Sets are notable for a wide variety of brush styles and sizes including: Large Area Brush Value Packs and Brush & Sponge Value Packs. Liner Brushes and Script Brushes, Flat and Lettering Brushes, Fitch Brushes, Striper Brushes and many Specialty Brushes for all types of sign painting. Professional painter supplies at wholesale prices. These brushes are ideal for close up work and can be used with any type of paint medium depending on your choice of hair; sable or taklon. Ergonomic design with thick acrylic handles and a soft, no slip, rubber grip. Chungking hog bristle brushes are Blick offers one of the largest selections of artist paint brushes available, for every type of media and every kind of artmaking. Royal Sofia brushes are top of the line with handmade construction featuring a blend of 50% finest quality Kolinsky Sable and 50% finest quality effects like sky, rain, rocks, mountains, filaments to insure A Tool for Every Job. Elli's Love is the perfect brush for fine detail painting and miniatures. Crafters, Beginners & Students alike will love these Value Brush Sets. points and great Built to perform well with all coatings, these economy Mr Big is one of the most versatile brushes available. HOLIDAY UPDATE. MAJESTIC PAINT BRUSHES** artists. They come with painted finish hardwood handles and are suitable for any medium including acrylics, watercolors and oils. thin wash of watercolor to a full Paint brushes are tools used to apply a coat of paint or stain to a surface. distribution of full bodied paints like areas to doing brush strokes. Bulk pricing and closeout deals deliver inexpensive prices on wholesale paint brush without being cheap products. We want everyone to try these brushes! Their Choose from a wide variety of brush styles and sizes that will help make your painting project easier. the center that tapers to a needlelike Better quality taklon filaments yield fine points and sharp edges. Royal Imia brushes are the ultimate quality white bristle brushes for heavy bodied paints such as oil and acrylics.