Where: Muskoka District Road 6, Washago, Ontario. According to Ontario Ghost Towns, this place was a was a small lumbering settlement on the Muskoka Colonization Road first settled around 1862. Ddeyell via Wikipedia. Said to be the most haunted place in Toronto, the mayor's ghost as well as other … If you want to make a ghost town "crawl" out of it, visit Miners Delight and Atlantic City: All three towns, collectively the Sweetwater Mining District, are within 10 miles of each other. Built around a sawmill operated by Thomas Cooper, this now-abandoned town near Washago was once a thriving community with a general store, cheese factory, blacksmith and school, amongst other things. It’s definitely very haunting to talk a stroll down this town’s sidewalks. Top Ontario Ghost Towns: See reviews and photos of ghost towns in Ontario, Canada on Tripadvisor. Berens River. Top Ontario Ghost Towns: See reviews and photos of ghost towns in Ontario, Canada on Tripadvisor. This ghost town was home to people who worked in a local gold mine, and when it shut down several decades ago, so too did the town. Where: Crooks’ Hollow Rd, Dundas, Ontario, The ghost town of Ball’s Falls is also now part of a conservation area and is known for its beautiful hikes and waterfalls. When the original buildings, industry and population fade, sometimes the only recognizable feature left is the town’s name. Wine and Culture in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ontario is sprinkled with ghost towns, places that started with big dreams that were ultimately dashed for one reason or another. And now the area is known to visitors for its nearby golf courses. Grafton Station was established in 1904 because of the Canadian Northern Railway. So to avoid trespassing, this spot is definitely a drive-thru and admire from afar type of visit. ONTARIO ABANDONED PLACES OAP Documenting Canada's Abandoned Structures. Vroomanton … The other businesses followed. It was quaint and quiet from the beginning. While some of these ghost towns are more for driving through and appreciating the history from afar, others you can really get out and explore the nitty-gritty of. Looking for a unique day trip? But today, they’re just a regular old farming town. They had multiple canning factories that brought in a lot of the area’s income. Although that would be funny, wouldn’t it? But that success was short-lived and the area pretty much went out of business in the 1950s. Back in the 1850s, Balaclava was centred around a sawmill that provided a ton of lumber to the surrounding areas. Load For the explorers at heart. Located outside Perth on the Tay River, this small milling community reached its peak in the late 19th century before many of the original mills shut down or were sold to larger companies. Once a thriving town, much of Balaclava looks like a ghost town now. It gets its name from James Crooks, who was the savvy businessman of the 1820s who brought most of the business to the area. Aultsville. A ghost town is a town that once had a considerable population, that has since dwindled in numbers causing some or all its business to close, either due to the rerouting of a highway , train tracks being pulled, or exhaustion of some natural resource . The Mackenzie House is the former residence of Toronto's first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie. Ghost towns in Ontario that we have visited if accessible. This website is dedicated to all those forgotten communities, which whether due to lousy planning, impossible dreams, or rotten luck, just didn't make it. Location: Brewster County. For as much as Niagara Falls is grand, brazen and chintzy, … Today, only a few remnants of the factories remain. Established: 1894. Oof. There’s not much info out there on why the cheese factory is not still running. … The origins of this ghost town come from a star-crossed love affair between the local butcher and a wealthy upper-class lady. Learn how to create your own. Perhaps its seasonal operations weren’t enough to keep it afloat. These types of places are most common in the northern part of the province, but there are a few within a manageable drive of Toronto.Variously spooky, sad, and beautiful, these towns and camps have stubbornly refused to be erased from history. It’s another town with a funny name! The area was once thriving with a hotel, a general store, a blacksmith, a wagon shop, and a post office. See more ideas about ghost towns, ontario, towns. Article content continued Star trails illuminate a ghost town in Galilee Sask. Now the township pretty much just has some private residences and a cemetery. 5 ghost towns to explore near Toronto City. 1. Why don’t you explore one of the many ghost towns near Toronto? Thomas and Emma Cooper were the newlyweds that established the area in the 1870s. Today small pieces still remain, but most have been turned into private property. ... a town near … Ontario’s very first ghost town is just outside the borders of modern-day Toronto in what is now Thornhill. The origins of this ghost town come from a star-crossed love … Over 600 ghost towns are scattered through Nevada tie directly to why the Silver State became the Silver State. A town does not need to be completely abandoned to become a ghost town. Either way, all the stands now is a sign commemorating the history and some farms and century homes. Here are some ghost towns and abandonments to explore near Toronto. Login; ... Toronto, Ontario 11 years ago. According to a study conducted by the Toronto & Ontario Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society: The historical reenactors aren’t the only soldiers who roam the fort today. We exist to help people navigate it all. Search through 99 abandoned places in Toronto. This ghost town feels just like stepping into a spooky Stephen King novel. Only this time the name actually does refer to what this community was all about. Join the conversation Only a few buildings remain of this now deserted town near Cayuga, but one of them is open to the public as a museum for those who like their explorations pre-packaged. The ruins of a sawmill, of later vintage than Matthias Moore's, lie on the west side of the town site. Discover abandoned buildings, ghost towns, industrials, farm houses, mansions, creepy places, and more You can still see the ruins of the sawmill and other signs of former life. Database of Canada abandoned building, ghost towns, industrial, farm houses, mansions, creepy places, and more. 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Top Ontario Ghost Towns: See reviews and photos of ghost towns in Ontario, Canada on Tripadvisor. But widening roads eventually caused the demise of the town. But sadly, that all only lasted a few decades. Ballycroy. -- RK Located on the main road, it was a bustling community in the mid 19th century. So without further adieu… Here are 10 ghost towns near Toronto that you can visit. And according to Ontario Abandoned Places , all that’s left is remains of an old mill on the western side of the town, at the end of a dead-end road, where the Moore cemetery is also located. You’ve heard of Evergreen Brickworks. Okay, you can stop snickering at the name now…. This tiny ghost town was established in 1840 and originally went by the name Thorpville. Bedford Mills. You can visit the rural community or take a trip through the nearby Cooper Falls Trail today. Because by the late 1900s, the town was almost entirely reduced to rubble. And although Crooks’ Hollow did not retain its original glory of a booming business township, today it is part of a conservation area just outside of Hamilton. This township was once a mill town named after the Armstrong family that lived there in 1822. Unsubscribe anytime or, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. So there was plenty going on here. Where: Ponsonby, Wellington County, Ontario. It's a bit of a hike to get to Balaclava (located just west of Renfrew), but the gorgeous old mill at the centre of the once-thriving community here is worth the trip. Kitsault Kitsaultwas established in the late 1970s as a mining town on the north coast of British Columbia. Hotels near (YYZ) Pearson Intl Airport; Hotels near (YTZ) Toronto Island Airport; Hotels near (YHM) Hamilton Airport; All things to do in Ontario; Sights & Landmarks in Ontario. You can unsubscribe anytime or. This small town was settled in the 1830s. Falkenburg's post office was closed in 1894 following the death of long time postmaster, Matthias Moore. It’s basically the same concept only Cheltenham had its heyday way back in the early 1900s. In its heyday in the late 1800s, Cheeseville was home to a bustling cheese factory. To order presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for ... Saskatchewan from Alberta 17 years ago as he drove past the ghost towns dotting Highway 13. But the restored mill still stands today. But once upon a time, Ball’s Falls was a mere 1200 acres of land that was awarded to John and George Ball by the British government for their loyalty during the war. Near Airports. Guide: 10 creepy & cool ghost towns near Toronto that you can visit, https://curiocity.com/toronto/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/primary-logo-blue.svg, https://curiocity.com/toronto/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/crooks.jpg, Here is a list of “quarantine concerts” you can catch online this week, Did you know? What remains today (a mill, general store, and school house) are all well preserved. Argentite. Today, tourism is its hot ticket, with many people hoping to explore these gorgeous grounds. This is the spot to explore if you want to check out an abandoned railway town. They quickly built a sawmill and a woolen mill in the area that used to provide the town with most of its business. Bradian North of Pemberton, within driving distance from Whistler, is the former mining town of Bradian. Balaclava: Located near Renfrew County. He was responsible for building five mills, a tannery, a distillery, two factories, a general store, an inn, and a ton of homes for the residents of the community. Ghost Towns in Ontario; Historic Sites in Ontario; Monuments & Statues in Ontario; Popular Ontario Categories. And for a while there it looked like the area could become a busy, bustling township. Ghost towns in Canada by province or territory This is a list of lists of ghost towns in Canada . Written by Derek Flack. They also had a sawmill and a brick factory. But they’ve all got one thing in common. Swords. This is a great one to visit when visiting cottage country in Muskoka. We help you get the most out of your city and focus on the easy-to-miss details that other outlets overlook. So why not check out the abandoned Cheltenham Brickworks? The Canadian province of Ontario has a significant number of ghost towns.These are most numerous in the Central Ontario and Northern Ontario regions, although a smaller number of ghost towns can be found throughout the province. The school lasted until 1938. And when the brickworks were shut down in the 1950s, this spot became the ghost town it is today. Based on their findings and testimony provided by staff, there is a ghost who inhabits the second floor of the blockhouse. When the mill was first opened, it had a boom of initial success. This spot was an early settlement area centered around a mill in the 1800s. Turn-of-the-century homes, a general store and farm stands roll by as the car takes a turn off the main drag and down a windy gravel road. The oldest pool of water on earth is in Ontario, This incredible Canadian theatre is the last of its kind in the world, Here are all of the reopening dates for GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada, Guide: Warm Up With 5 Hot Springs Near Toronto, Here are 8 of the best NYE cocktail kits available in Toronto, Canada to require negative COVID-19 tests from international air travellers, This French Chateau for sale in Toronto looks like a castle inside, The Toronto Public Library has released their list of the most borrowed books of 2020, Here are 8 of the best NYE takeout dinners available in Toronto. Or maybe road development in the area. But when that got shut down, the entire town slowly was abandoned. Whether you are looking for ghost towns near reno or ghost towns near vegas, you are sure to find plenty during your trip to Nevada. Vroomanton. Balaclava. And it actually never really had a big heyday. And nearby Armstrong Mills, you’ll find Ponsonby, Ontario. Folks are welcome to take a walk through the preserved nature and crumbling ruins of the area. Today, very little remains of the original town site. A classic ghost town that began in 1855 when it’s first saw mill was built and subsequently purchased by the Richards family in 1868 and then another owner The mill was active through to the latter part of the 19th century and chug along until 1967. Area: 11 mi² Population: 58 (2010) Fast facts: 1) Its name … “These are ghost town … And rumour has it that the town is slowly working on rebuilding itself. Answer 1 of 2: Recently I’ve been seeking out some of the old, abandoned towns in central and eastern Ontario and found some interesting stuff. COOPERS FALLS. Although it still retains its name, it’s lost a lot of its original glory. Benny. Staff. The... 3. On Traveling, Toronto and Ghost Towns I f the city of Toronto and I had a relationship status it would be, “it’s complicated.” November 11th, 2017 marked the 6th year anniversary of my move back to the west coast and yet, whenever I meet anyone new, one of the first things they always ask me is, “do you miss Toronto ?” It sprung up as a complete town, with s… Where: 14388 Mississauga Rd, Caledon, Ontario. Where: Armstrong Mills, Wellington County, Ontario. While McNab leaves much to the imagination, the village of Val-Jalbert, Que. Things fell apart when the railway arrived in the early 1890s. Our cities are ever-evolving and full of exciting, untapped potential. There are more Nevada ghost towns than populated towns. No, this spot is not named after a hair perm. Here are some ghost towns and abandonments to explore near Toronto. Eventually lumber in the area was depleted and the mill closed. Photo by Getty Images Not all ghost towns are dead zones. Known For: Lumber mill, close to Maple Train Station. Paris. Ontario’s countless mining towns are good examples of this fact. They’re all very interesting (and kinda spooky) abandoned spots with some pretty incredible stories. Cooper's falls is a hamlet on Black River in the Ramara Township near the village of Washago. A lot of this area is private property, so if you decide to go exploring do it as a drive-thru, and please don’t trespass in any of the buildings. The town was founded in the mid 19th century, but eventually faded when the supply of nearby timber was depleted. The town was actually part of early efforts to settle the region. You can check out the remains of the area with only a 45-minute drive from the city. This map was created by a user. Dissolved: 1966. Mackenzie House. Balvenie. Newfoundout is located 6 km north of Opeongo Road in Renfrew, Ontario. Terlingua. The church was destroyed in 1925 and their main school burned in a fire. London Insane Asylum London, Ontario 11 years ago. Newfoundout. Today it’s got a super creepy haunted feel. However, history has proved that not to be the case. Feb 18, 2016 - Explore John Gotti's board "Ghost Towns of Ontario", followed by 213 people on Pinterest. This one is for sale, so if you have some spare change lying around and are handy with a hammer, you can make this town home. However, a lot of the original area has since been demolished. My pick for the prettiest downtown area in Southern Ontario, Paris is defined by 19th century … With a curated slate of what matters in your city, Curiocity presents you with the most relevant local food, experiences, news, deals, and adventures. Directory and Interactive Maps of Ghost Towns across the Nation including address, hours, phone numbers, and website. In Millbridge, Ont., north of Belleville, many of the original buildings deserted in the 1920s when settlers left in search of better farmland — including a hotel, church and general store — are now private homes. Cooper’s Falls. The town was populated by... 2. Indiana's population was once over 300, but the community fell on hard times with the rise of the railway, which rendered canal shipping obsolete. Balls Falls.