Lower-income and non-white families are opting for the Toronto District School Board's online-only classes during the COVID-19 pandemic at a greater rate than white and wealthier families. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) said it recognizes parents or guardians may want to switch between in-person learning and virtual. read A teacher at one of the TDSB’s Model Schools for Inner Cities—a program created to support students in low-income communities —Radomsky is now in her 21st year of teaching. While more than 94 per cent of TDSB students — 56,000 — had been assigned a teacher since virtual school began Sept. 22, as of Friday, 6 per cent were still waiting. tcdsb virtual school Virtual focus group sessions: Students will be randomly selected (approximately 64 – split between 8 focus groups), to represent various regions within the TCDSB. But, … Curran-Lehman said she opted to switch her kids from virtual school to in-person before Wednesday’s 4 p.m. deadline “out of fear of them losing their spot in FI.” Please enter your user name and password to continue. Previously, some 60,000 TDSB students choose virtual school this fall — but a recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the province has led even more families to make the switch where it's offered. Please click here for a System Check before you login. TDSB says most high schools will make use of the hybrid model of in-class and virtual learning By Noor Javed Staff Reporter Thu., Nov. 12, 2020 timer 3 min. Last year, she was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition; but this year, despite her diagnosis and having asthma, Radomsky is teaching a class of 25 … Parent/guardian consent will be required to participate for those students under 18 years of age if selected for the virtual focus group. Melissa Radomsky is no stranger to difficult decisions. Thank you for visiting this website for online courses. The Toronto District School Board says an investigation is underway after anti-Black racist comments were made during a Zoom meeting. The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) says it is still working to get online instruction up and running following "an increase in newly registered students" to virtual school. Stoke Newington; Islington; WE’RE NOW OPEN; December 17, 2020 by .