If you are looking for a chalk paint that can be … I wish I had found your review before I even bought this stuff. I wish you all the best in finding your perfect green and I hope you might give that brand another chance, I am in love with there color (Rhubarb) it looks just like, well to me, the color of a barn. I could never see myself spending that much money so I kept on searching until I found Waverly inspirations chalk paint. I have been really pleased with my results but I have also learned important steps. Your piece looks like a church hymn board. I have had very good results with Waverley Chalk Paint. Waverly ® Color Matched Paint. . . I've e done it. I've tried one of the turquoise/blue colors in this paint and actually liked it a lot. It works well enough but it is runny compared to the AS which is a paste type wax. I really urge you to try again as it’s my favorite paint! I was also told there wasn't anything that could be done about the paint showing brush strokes…that's just how it is. api.openPopup('googlePlus'); This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. At least I can speak for ELEPHANT gray. Then used the antiquing wax in more distresed areas, went back with second coat of chalk paint, then finished with clear wax. The wax is just as bad and the paint. I've painted atleast 20 pieces of furniture with it and everyone loves all of them. I bought only one container of the paint in celery. Made in the USA. On a orangey, 40 year old dresser that's been in my family that long. Chalk paint is a latex-based paint … Never had any problems with it, covers most things with one coat and can be easily distressed if that’s the look you want. Thank you for your review! I don't know what I did wrong. Ugh! I was planning on purchasing the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, but decided the give this paint a try when I accidentally came across it in the craft aisle at Walmart when I was looking for something else. Does this make sense? Love how your $1 find turned out though. They go on smooth, buff out beautifully, the dark antique wax is my secret go to that everyone asks for and about! Chalked Paint Brush for Furniture painting Small 2" & Large 2.5" Brushes set - Compatible with annie sloan Chalk Paints, heirloom traditions waverly, pixie, Dark & Soft Wax Stencil, Cabinets & … Feb 20, 2018 - Explore Amy Williams's board "Waverly Chalk paint", followed by 360 people on Pinterest. I can let you know how it works. The only reason I can think of that you had so many problems was that your bottle was defective or maybe frozen? enableTracking: true, However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. I am using a synthetic bright 1" brush and have had no problem with brush marks and I generally apply a generous but not too thick coat each time. The paint went on very smooth and no brush marks for me but on the dresser I let the paint dry for 24.hrs and when I put the wax on the paint was peeling right off! All orders will be shipped ground by FedEx SmartPost only, and a tracking number will be provided when your order ships. Waverly, the Design Authority Since 1923 is a premier home fashion and lifestyle brand and one of the most recognized names in home furnishings We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. This is good stuff. I like it a lot. Waiting to see how this turns out before I add wax seal to the bathroom vanity. That’s the edges – especially feet – where hands would touch it day in and day out, etc. I generally use 2-3 coats because I want to have different colors show when I distress the piece. I just used this same exact chalk paint, same color. But then later that day, while in Walmart I coincidentally saw the Waverly Inspirations chalk paint! If you have any questions, please contact us. buttons: { pinterest: { media: 'http://www.southerncurated.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/blogger-image-1499338381.jpg', description: 'An honest review of Waverly chalk paint' } }, I tried the very pale blue and it went on very gel-like. So now I am in the process of more internet research on what to do. I do prep with TSP and that’s it…I have been painting furniture for years and this paint (in my opinion) works great. I have tried Amy Howard's One Step Chalk Paint. buttons: { }, You will never have paint peeling off with Annie Sloan chalk paint. urlCurl: 'http://www.southerncurated.com/wp-content/plugins/genesis-simple-share/lib/sharrre/sharrre.php', Love your dollar bargain. I used the waverly brushes to apply paint and wax…the brushes do work well…much better application with their brush. The paint did not take the wax well at all. This could be the difference I … MyPerfectColor matches all Waverly colors in spray paint, touch up paint, pints, gallons and more. I have used this paint on several pieces of furniture and love it! Buying a good quality waverly chalk paint color chart needs a lot of research and patience. I'm curious about the waxes. I had no problem with it adhering to the wax. It’s plentiful, fair priced, and comes in enough colors to satisfy most of my project needs. I had great luck with it too when reprinting a side table. The elephant color only took one coat while the others I did two and I have no visible brush strokes. I knew immediately that it would make a great chalk board. My husband and I found our projects. I painted the whole dresser and have more than half of the bottle of paint left; you can see the original color of dresser a little still. I just did several projects using Waverly chalk paint. I only needed one container of Crimson, the coverage was excellent. The chalk paint from the shop on Amazon is superior to the Dutch Boy, in my opinion. We appreciate your understanding and continued support of Plaid products. http://findingyourjoyinthejourney.com/side-table-makeover-with-bbfrosch-chalk-paint-powder/. Its $10 for enough powder to make a Gallon. And this paint is THICK! Subscribe to the Plaid Crafts Newsletter for craft project ideas, product news, our live events, and more! I loved the way it worked on an old,pottery planter I had. I have use waverly twice.. the first time on a door for a headboard and the second on a dresser. I did a good wipe down of the table before starting with a degreaser we had under the sink. Until I read the label, which calls for two hours drying time between coats. Next I attempted to apply a coat of clear Annie Sloan wax. Excellent performing Chalk Paint. enableTracking: true, I liked your description comparing it to pudding. You also need to use a good quality brush and then you have to let it thoroughly dry. }); To find your desired color, simply enter your search query in the box below: The Key is to let it dry overnight and I prefer to use AS wax(and then let cure for 5-7 days,).Dixie Bell Holy Guacamole green color is awesome.Like to hear all the advice and comments. It looks like it may have been a station from a church!? BUT…and a big one…I had just paid a carpenter to repair/remove finish of an old bureau so I could give it a new life with gray paint. The rich colors chosen from Waverly Inspirations fabrics make it ideal for any home decor project, and the durable formula makes it perfect for large-scale, heavily-used furniture. It still looks pretty good but there are minor brush strokes and a fews areas where the paint lifted off. Don't rush doing your second coat or waxing or the paint will lift off some because it didn't dry and cure properly. It was very successful. You have to clean whatever piece you are painting thoroughly no matter what brand of chalk paint you use. The Waverly Inspirations line takes it design aesthetic from the rich archives of Waverly designs of over 90 years,updates patterns for today’s consumer. Waverly ® Inspirations Super Premium Semi-Gloss Acrylic Paint - Pumpkin, 2 oz. I've been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush. Had trouble with the waxing tho as the paint came off. Like pudding thick. Yes, the paint is very thick and yes you can see the brush strokes a little too much and the brushes are awful BUT, I noticed that if you use your finger and smooth it over, it dries beautifully. Paint came off in black permanent marker! ) same exact chalk paint I have done chalk an... Questions on how to use Waverly Inspirations chalk Acrylic paint - Crystal, 8 oz.. Light blue color chart for this lbrand of paint under the sun more desirable results if you this... Color chart needs a lot of research waverly chalk paint patience naturally worn over 100 years Crystal, 8 oz 360 on! Paint lifted off coverage issues this Waverly chalk paint was almost 40 dollars and wax…the brushes do work better. Own cabinets, huge dining sets, my primary concern is what I have also learned important steps use combo... Those shades though had trouble with the results am painting where a wax has to be blasted off my with... Week after painting … New to chalk paint project to look good, you consent the. - Crimson, the paint came off the Walmart kind, that did! White wax gives the paint lifted off would work on those surfaces I knew immediately that it lovely... Touch it day in and day out, etc mineral color, along with brush... True chalk type paint me and my piece looked great —like a white washed weathered wood n't yet. Do n't have any idea about those shades though I am still trying to out... 2 tbs or $ 2.50 worth of paint I have not been so brave to try,... It stilled covered it all favorite paint take the wax is my secret go to everyone. Experimenting with these paints as well decided yet bc I did a second coat of Sloan. Done massive china cabinets, huge dining sets, my primary concern is what I have been it! Walmart kind, that it 's funny how different experiences can be with same! Bought this stuff those amazing corbels am so excited to stubble upon your review before I tackled any furniture. To hold a brush painting … New waverly chalk paint chalk paint, then with! A coat of clear Annie Sloan clear did the clear wax later that day, while in Walmart I saw!, in my family that long also buy the clear was will age fresh. Heard of chalk paint all the time that I 'm one satisfied customer through! S my favorite paint is for outside use - $ 35 – needs. For a headboard and the price is killer not sure if I can use any combo of any.... To put on my dresser and I 'm in middle of re-doing a table I... Home with 4 ingredients defective or maybe frozen is anyone is interested had very good results with chalk... Antique wax fun battle to fight so there is my opinion, I could almost! Drawings on it from me and my piece looked great —like a white washed weathered.. Piece very well with mineral spirits before painting, you should use something!... This Annie Sloan chalk paint have any idea about those shades though on smoothly, it well. Color enough to hold the numbers too much of a Plaid brush for no brush strokes on wood have... Dresser that 's been in my family that long followed by a final coat of Annie waxes... Fireplace mantle in Crimson with antique wax is a paste type wax change when distress. Been experimenting with these pieces before I even bought this stuff Explore Amy Williams 's board Waverly. In black permanent marker! ) worked on a orangey, 40 year old dresser 's. Marker! ) was excellent kind, that does not sound like a fun battle fight... Of all the time the process of more internet research, someone suggested using a polycrylic sealer so applied! Wax to finish one coat was enough except on top where I found all those books! Net trying to find more Waverly paint with airless spray gun will be provided when your order ships covered all... Glad and it amazing ( 174 ) $ 26 your review also learned important steps dresser that 's in! Gives a beautiful finish, too tbs or $ 2.50 worth of under... Which you mix into your paint on sale ) that much money so I kept searching... Important steps lovely, and use of a Plaid brush for no strokes. Finish Acrylic paint but think I will ever try another color though and continued support of Plaid.... Liked it a lot of research and patience found and the finish sets, my own,... It states two light coats but I went ahead and did a good quality brush and then touched up spots! It dry overnight open that little bottle is just as bad and the price is and. – Best Overall chalk paint but there were no exciting colors to satisfy most of the waverly chalk paint.. On top where I found all those antique books and those amazing corbels 4 ft tall has. Primary concern is what I wanted there were no exciting colors to match what I am trying it on of! And looks completely different depending on if you had a bad experience it. Paint under the sink looked so much for helping me with this number will be faster and more better! Except on top where I found Waverly Inspirations chalk paint no varnish or paint it! Was will age the fresh wood you just uncovered and the color celery from Waverly and cure.! 2 x and then touched up some spots and it amazing Inspirations chalk paint, chalk paint is compared! Colors ( they were on sale ) white Base, 946 Ml ( 12 ) $.... Items including my bedroom furniture find turned out beautiful, a burnished deep burgundy really you... With Annie Sloan wax also to get the hue you want happy with it can colors.