But it's totally possible to keep the TV front and center and have a gorgeous home as well. Wood floors ideas laminate. 1. How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Above It for Christmas at Home Made Lovely My Classic Christmas Mantel with White and Red at Life is Better at Home How to Style Your Shelves for … Find amazing inspiration for decorating a mantel with a TV above it right here! How to Decorate a Mantel for Christmas at She Gave it a Go. Find amazing inspiration for decorating a mantel with a TV above it right here! Explore the beautiful tv over mantel photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design. My solution for this would be to place something with a low profile. You can read all about my fireplace painting adventure here and get the tutorial for how to make that fabulous chunky mantel for cheap right here.. And that white frame around the TV is my latest DIY project. Here are some tips for decorating your mantel for Christmas: Add a garland strand. So, today I’m sharing some ideas and inspiration to help you figure out how to decorate your mantel if you have a tv above it. Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas at Jennifer Maune. The two tall dog statues on both sides of the fireplace add symmetry to the design and give it some height. Make it blend in with the rest of the decorations. First of all, you need to keep scale and height in mind when decorating a mantel with a TV above it for Christmas. I like to keep these two spaces symmetrical because it gives it a really clean look. Many people like to hang their TV above their mantel for easy viewing. You don’t want to block anyone’s view of the screen for those … The other option is to leave the space between your mantel and TV untouched. Home; Popular; DIY; Food; Beauty; Health; DECORATING A MANTEL WITH A TV ABOVE. Scale is key: Pick items that fill the space and are relative to one another. Find amazing inspiration for decorating a mantel with a TV above it right here! Tips for decorating a mantel with a TV above it. Here’s an example of when I used a dough bowl: I added two antlers and a few greenery stems in the dough bowl. Fireplace mantel decorating ideas that eschew minimalism and pull out all the stops are fun but require a bit of strategy and know-how. I love doing smaller candles on the sill right below the TV. […] should decorate your mantle in layers. 1. ), How to Hang a Christmas Mantel Garland + Video, How to Decorate a Mantel | The Turquoise Home, How to Hide TV Cords Behind the Wall | The Turquoise Home, How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Above It Living Room Remodel Before and After | Diy Home Decor Crafts. Jan 21, 2013 - Explore Michelle Pryor's board "white mantel", followed by 161 people on Pinterest. How To Figure Out Mantel Decor With A TV: Pick just two or three colors for an intentional, curated look. Floors ideas inexpensive livingroom. « Favorite Planning Tools {Five Friday Faves: Episode 1}, Favorite Christmas Gifts {Five Friday Faves: Episode 2} ». The space between your TV and mantel is usually a pretty small space. You can really make a mantel look great by adding low decor under the TV and anchoring the sides with larger, taller decor. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel in your home, you know just how much fun it is to style that area, whether you want to decorate it for the holidays, to welcome a new season, or to use it as a spot to showcase your favorite art or collectibles. Today let’s make decorating a mantel easy and get a free printable guide sheet and checklist at the end of the post for creating a beautiful mantel every time! So the TV isn’t my favorite, but check out the change in the fireplace itself! I know it’s not everyone’s first choice for TV placement, but it’s still possible to have a beautifully decorated mantel even if your TV … Ideas for Decorating Around a TV over the Fireplace. But decorating the mantel is hard because it demands a big statement made on a shallow surface. It doesn’t take attention away from it, but it provides simple but ample decoration. How to Decorate A Fireplace Mantel With A TV Above. Kim from Tidbits & Twine recommends 3 layers, starting with your anchor and adding two additional layers in front of it. Build a Wooden Tray Like the One Under the TV HERE, 7+ Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ribbon {Sources & Ideas! How To Decorate a Christmas Mantel With a TV Above It. At the same time, stay away from small items- they just look like clutter. Log in, Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family {Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide}, Best Gifts for Elementary-Aged Boys (ages 6-12), Top 15 Kitchen Turquoise Gifts for the Cook, My Favorite Gifts to Give (… or get, wink! I have an atypical fireplace so my hearth space is a bit odd to work with. From a gadget-lover's perspective, this challenge is actually a great thing; however, those more concerned with aesthetics might not be as pleased. Everyone is putting their tv above their fireplace mantel these days and well, most people still usually want a mantel for a little decorating. Another thing that you can do is to do something really low. Hopefully you have found some ideas for decorating a Christmas mantel even if there is a TV above it…it is possible to make it look good! Idea #3: Add asymmetrical accessories to either side. As you can see on my mantel, I like to place taper candlesticks there. See more ideas about decor around tv, family room, home and living. I love it so much! This one simply has 2 symmetrical items on each side to somewhat “frame” it, but it is very simplistic. Page 3 of 6 . How to style a bookshelf: The no-fail way, Home office ideas for women: How to make a stylish and functional space, potted topiary plants or other types of potted plants, use decorative symmetry on either side of the TV, and don’t overwhelm the space with tons of small decorative trinkets, use less decor pieces that are larger and more statement-making, consider how much decor you have in the room and use less on your mantel if the room seems crowded/chaotic. Two great choices for decor for this spot are either a strand of garland or a skinny, elongated dough bowl. Decorating your mantel can be broken up into three main areas. Which begs the question: how do we decorate around a TV that's meant to be on display? One of the most asked questions I get is about decorating a mantel! Let's be friends! Overall, I prefer to keep a clean, simple look on my mantel. If you look back at my early mantel styling examples, you’ll see many mistakes. Placing a TV on the mantel or mounting it on the wall above the fireplace is a modern, stylish way to combine two focal points of a room. The setup above includes built-in shelves and cabinets that allow for some additional decor. I personally love the use of a narrow … In the winter, I plan to put a firewood basket there! Well, one way you can do is objects on either side of the TV. I have three different-sized taper candlesticks with white taper candles, on each side. }, My Traditional Christmas Kitchen (Decorating Ideas & Tips! In cases where the TV is your focal point, you can work with it by using the area next to the fireplace to decorate. There are five main spaces you have to decorate: the space between your mantel and TV, the spaces on either side of your TV, and the spaces at the bottom your mantel (on the floor or hearth). We are wrapping up a large set of home renovations. My mantel is pretty unique, as we had an off center fireplace to work around when designing and building the built ins. See more ideas about white mantel, antique mantel, creative garden decor. Click here to see ways to decorate a Christmas mantel with a TV above it. Keep everything short/low. DIY Home Decorate a mantel with tv above decorate a mantel with tv above decorating a mantel with television fall mantel decorating around the tv. About Marly I bet I have styled hundreds of mantels in my lifetime! The middle right under the TV and the two sides. Decorating Your Mantel . Jan 22, 2018 - Decorating a mantel with a TV above it can be a challenge. Start a Blog. Oak floors stain colors. Listed below are several ideas to help you utilize the space under and around your TV well, without having it look cluttered. Before you do so, make sure to check the temperature above the mantel with a fire going, test the viewing angle, and plan where wires and cables from the TV … Jul 11, 2018 - Explore Kim Byars's board "Decorating a mantel with tv above it" on Pinterest. Putting up trees on both sides of the fireplace will help to draw attention away from the TV. In this instance, two glass hurricane where paired with Luminara flameless candles on either side of the TV. Focus on the ends of the mantel. A Home Decor, DIY, Blogging, and Lifestyle Blog. How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV Above It for Christmas at Home Made Lovely. Make sure to see my most recent video about how to decorate a mantel! How to Decorate a Mantel with a Television. You have nothing above it, because you want to see the TV. Sometimes there’s just no getting around it and the best place to hang your TV is above the fireplace. Visit the post for more. Here are a few examples to prove it, starting with Justin and Cassity’s black painted brick fireplace and easy DIY wood mantel — the black made a huge difference to hide the TV and make the Christmas mantel decor pop.