So’s threats and Queen Yoo’s lies and attitude about So kept Jung from bonding with his brother. Wang Wook sees Hae Soo and he doesn’t look at her with love. While Soo said she would stay by So's side, she may change her mind if So becomes a bloody king and/or Yeon Hwa becomes queen–that could be a deal breaker for me. Wook is really gonna be a formidable enemy. That surprised me. Wang Wook declares she will be Queen. She vows to help him. She is going to be a pain to deal with going forward, now that she is determined to get her daughter the throne. Will the brutality and marriage to Yeon Hwa be enough to spur her to leave him? She thinks to herself that Wang So will never be remembered as the bloody king. Finally, should Wang So be thinking be careful for what you wish for? Jung is simple minded. I don’t think he grasps the depth of her evilness–too bad he didn’t witness how she treated Jeongjeon in the end. Hae Soo shakes her head. Even though they’re my feelings, I can’t figure out where they’re headed. Unbeknownst to them, someone watches. Here are the scenes that we should see in Episode 20: 1) Hae Soo’s Final Happy Moments in Goryeo. As usual, the King knows the weak spot in someone. Wang So’s fears make him believe the General fears him, but he’s wrong. Queen Yoo calls her a liar. I concur. In the preview, Wang So finds out about Hae Soo and Wang Wook’s past relationship. She will live in the Palace like Ruo Xi for a few years of Gwangjong's reign but with no status, maybe due to the fact the Queen cannot tolerate Hae Soo to be the concubine. The dust hasn’t settled yet for everyone to see how different So will have to choose from now and how this role as King will change him. It struck me that Hae Soo does not have a poker face. He is no longer a passive slave to Wang Yo. And so, in summary I think most probably things that are bound to happen will of course happen in due course: So, let's observe what is going to happen in few more days! Wang Yo says it would have been messy if he’d have to take the throne by force. Everyone joins in. Still, he couldn't have known what his actions would cause at the time. Wang So takes her hands and tells her he’ll send a doctor to advise her on how to take care of herself so she can have babies. Queen Yoo won’t believe that Wang Yo abdicated the throne to Wang So. This series has been a bit of roller coaster. He yells that she should choose the next King. It must be a thorn that has infected some part of his mind, and I could imagine him reacting very brutally and violently to finding out what went down. I also wondered who was spying on Won and Chae Ryung. The General declares Wang So King. He was honest about his greed. Queen Yoo shows Hae Soo the remnants of Wang Yo’s last decree. Hae Soo leave The Palace - Moon Lovers Ryeo - Episode 19 (Our Thoughts) (Korean Drama) It wasn't only Baek Ah who say the last goodbye to Hea soo. I would say he should wake up but i dislike him too much so wish him all the pain in the world. Queen Yoo sputters in disbelief. But Wook also came to say hi slast goodbye. Hae Soo is blunt. It is some sort of sad karmic justice that So has always wanted his mother to be on his side……. They were all grown up while she was getting older just like the king. What he don’t knows is that Hae Soo is pregnant. Jung has always been his mom’s favorite and has not been the recipient of her wrath; he has seen some of what she has done, but as a filial son has had blinders on for most of Evil Queen Yoo’s evil deeds. HAE SOO: Firstly, IU has done a really spectacular job in portraying Hae Soo’s character. Woo Hee reports to the King that Wang So is slow rolling building the new capital. LOL Queen Yoo 2.0–I would hope Gwangjeon would protect his woman better than Taejo did and not let his queen get away with murder to keep the peace…oh this really could be a repeat…ignore the queen’s crimes because you need the power of the family. But due to her health, she falls even iller, and her last wish was to see Wang Soo again. Instead, how So managed to become the King is something we must pay attention to. They smile at each other. Did they intentionally scare Yo to death?? Gwangjong will get married to Queen Daemok. The King is a political position. Chae Ryung tells her that Wang Jung told her a way to exit the palace undetected before he left on his next assignment. He asks if Hae Soo read it. He is still the alpha wolf feared by people. He promised to not hurt her, and in the end even seemed to respect her opinion and import in all the events that had come about in their lives. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 17 Recap. In Episode 19, we saw Hae Soo leave and Gwangjong (Wang So) was crying while holding the wedding dress that she wasn’t able to wear. His cadre of supporters – Hae Soo, Baek Ah, Ji Mong, and the General was reduced by one when the General eloquently expressed his need to move away from the palace politics and the memories of his daughter. Wang So promised to remember her loyalty. I suspect that this issue is one big issue in which Hae Soo will feel he is becoming the Gwangjeon she had always feared, and will not see it from his point of view. Hae Soo leave The Palace - Moon Lovers Ryeo - Episode 19 (Our Thoughts) (Korean Drama) It wasn't only Baek Ah who say the last goodbye to Hea soo. We transition to So, all by himself in the outside court of the palace, and he seems to have heard Hae Soo cry out her apology. Wang So repeatedly writes Hae Soo’s favorite phrase. Finally Wang So seems like the Alpha Wolf character that he is. In fact, the way Show presents it, it feels like Soo’s decision to leave is hinged on Chae Ryung’s death, which really seems petty, since Chae Ryung really had been involved in treasonous acts. On the other hand, the one thing Soo said to Wook was a very generic comment that they will all get killed if they tried to stop So...but while saying that she seemed in such a daze, like how can he take her seriously and even blame her for his plans against So?! This is after all the man who took down an entire monastary of assasin monks for what he felt was correct- though it was not. I have read some website which show a happy ending spoiler for Moon Lovers: No matter how many times you try to change the history, the history itself won't be changed because it is something meant to happen. Hae Soo denies that. His enemies use that to their advantage. It was fitting that Wang Eun wielded the most power over Wang Yo after his brother cruelly cut him down with trumped up treason charges. He proposes that Wang So marry into his family. He orders Queen Yoo removed. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 12 Summary, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 13 Summary, Possible Ending of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, On The Way to Airport - Episode 5 and 6 Summary, Love in the Moonlight - Episode 15 Summary. I am not sure that I can keep watching this drama anymore.I may have to keep relying on your recaps as my frustration levels have gone way up since episode sixteen and now seventeen. Good luck. I think So, Baek Ah and Ji Mong aided in the haunting which led to Yo’s fatal heart attack. I guess, they made the 13th Prince to make it similar like the C-version. He tells Hae Soo that his mother told him he was not lacking in any way. The doctor says she may not live a long life. He wanted the throne. CHECKMATE–Wook decided to ruin So-Soo’s happiness. Hae Soo thanks Chae Ryung for helping her. Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) and Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) plus couple of others flee the palace. The multiple heart attacks finally killed him. There is totally no record of 13th Prince in history. This kid has really got everything wrong. ( Log Out /  In Episode 19, we saw Hae Soo leave and Gwangjong (Wang So) was crying while holding the wedding dress that she wasn’t able to wear. Yeon Hwa states what she wants is honor and recognition. I think Yeon Hwa does not realize her mother’s warning yet. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Queen Yoo understands the implied threat to Wang Jung. Queen Yo is at least honest in your face with her brutality , greed and grasping, you know to watch out. I’ve enjoyed your analysis and appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts. Do I feel sorry for Wang Wook? Wang Yo tells Hae Soo that he was afraid of being cast aside just like Wang So. Good episode as Wang So becomes King. Wang Wook mutters that Uncle was dead by the time he got to him. Wang So states he ripped the decree because it would only cause confusion and strife. That surprises me. She counters she is praying for Wang Jung to be her friend again. He looks at Hae Soo and asks if she’s wondering who Wang Yo choose and if he stole the throne. There are several dangling plot points, Woo Hoo and Chae Ryung are two of them. There must be something they missed that would indicate Wang Yo’s choice. He mentally staggers and says he understands how Wang So feels now. Jung could be Soo's refuge. He made the fight for the throne brutal. He effectively laid the bait for making Princess Queen then used the law to nullify Hae Soo’s chances to marry Wang So because of her self-inflicted scar. The unsettling aspect of Wang So’s new role, is his susceptibility reverting to force to achieve results. Queen Hwangbo tells Wang Wook that she had to consider Yeon Hwa too. Yeon Hwa is capable of living a life without love?? So I believe that the ending would be similar to the original version that Hae Soo will die in Goryeo and because of that, she will come back to Go Ha Jin in the future. Hae Soo didn’t know that Jung was planning to marry her in order to take her out of the palace. The not-so-secret meeting between Hae-soo and 8th prince, where our dear prince asked Hae-soo for her hand in marriage, only to be intervened by Court Lady Oh was filmed right in the Ondal Grotto Cave. Burn it! Wang So tells Hae Soo that the General left, tired of politics. Jung was sent away from Palace. In K-version, I wonder what will happen to Hae Soo and 4th Prince. Secondly, why would someone who has been pining so hard for Soo's acceptance care so much about her past love life? That was the one-two punch. You’ve been insightful all the way through. She denies it. He asks Hae Soo if she’ll become Queen. To me, a few changes in action on Hae Soo's part might have made Wang So "feel" better, but overall, she would have been twisted into the machinations of the palace and destroyed. Yo’s heart withstood many attacks but finally gave out. Not you, Your Highness. Cinderella and Four Knights, Would I Want My Brother to Date Her? She watches Wang So sleep and he calls out her name and wakes from a bad dream. The system continued in use for 90 years, until 1894. Woo Hee and Chya Rung are going to get killed by So. I think we have learnt this point from many dramas and I also believed that we cannot change the history. ( Log Out /  Hae Soo is horrified. Wang Wook didn’t scrap and bow to Wang So. Hae soo meets Wang So in the Palace. Hae Soo thanks him and returns to prayer. I feel like when I rationalize everything, I can understand Soo’s decision to leave the palace. Wang So tends to be a linear thinker. Hae Soo arrives in Queen Yoo’s chambers and sees an unsmiling Wang Jung and a stern Queen Yoo. Excellent scene. Wang Jung warns Hae Soo that she’ll end up being one of many wives to Wang So.